Robin Hood Costumes & Maid Marion Costumes

Robin Hood is the legendary English outlaw whose story has lived on through English Folklore. This skilled archer and bandit made it his duty to steal from the rich and give to the poor, helping out the local people and giving the Sheriff of Nottingham a hard time. Everyone knows Robin Hood’s heroic story and its been adapted into more recent movies and TV series. Become the famous outlaw yourself with our wide collection of Robin Hood Costumes. We also have a regal range of Maid Marion costumes, Robin’s sophisticated lover. Dressing as both Robin and Maid Marion makes a great couples’ fancy dress idea for a themed party! For the iconic look shown in the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves movie, check out our Thief Prince Costume. Boys will be a big fan of our traditional Kid’s Robin Hood Outfit, whilst little girls can dress in a Child’s Renaissance Dress to become Maid Marion. For ladies that want something a little stand-out and sensual, look no further than this eye-catching Thief of Hearts Outfit. Accessorise with a Robin Hood hat and bow and arrow and you’ll be ready to hit the party! Find all of our Robin Hood fancy dress here on