Running Fancy Dress | Marathon Costumes

Running a marathon, half marathon or even a small fun run for charity is an amazing thing to do and we applaud your efforts! Being a fun event that everyone can participate in, running fancy dress is a common trend to get all of the supporters behind you, have a laugh with friends and generally enjoy running through streets and towns dressed as something completely random! Marathon fancy dress can be anything you wish for, from giant pieces of fruit to crayons, dinosaurs and themed Morphsuits. Popular costumes include this Giant Banana Outfit, showcasing wild and wacky bright yellow colours for the race. Or how about dressing your group in quirky Penguin Costumes? You’ll look hilarious waddling the marathon route. A Ladies 80’s Workout Outfit and Mens 80’s Jumpsuit are some of our favourite running costumes, and you can’t go wrong with any of our superhero outfits. You are potentially saving lives after all! Run like the wind in marathon fancy dress and get ready for the race with us! You may also wish to use a running fancy dress theme for sports team socials, athletics events and your own themed party.