Scooby-Doo Costumes & Fancy Dress

Scooby Doobie Doo, where are you? Well, he is to be found right here, in our Scooby Doo costumes and Fancy Dress range, along with all his other Mystery Tour Bus crew. Solve puzzles, pull the masks off the villains (Yikes!) and chow down on Scooby Snacks; these costumes are great for adults of all ages! For an authentic Scooby-Doo outfit, check out our Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume. Ladies will like our vibrant Velma Costume or adorable Daphne Costume, and we also have Fred and Shaggy for the rest of the guys. With character costumes available for all of the crew, it makes an excellent group fancy dress idea for Halloween, a themed birthday party or even a family event! You'll have fun dressing up as the most loved team of investigators from the 60's up until today. Browse our full collection of Scooby Doo fancy dress here on