Scream Costumes

In our Scream Costumes, we have a range of Scream mask designs that bring the same level of horror as Ghostface himself, from the original Ghostface mask to a zombie version for a spine-chilling effect and a gory one to look like you’ve just slaughtered one of your many victims. All you need to complete this psychopathic look is your Scream knife to create the bloodiest crime scenes and scare the living daylights out of your friends this coming Halloween. These costumes can also be worn at a film party to look like an iconic character while bringing a blood-curdling vibe to the atmosphere. With an iconic appearance that's perfectly suited to the spookiest night of the year, these really scary Scream costumes and Halloween masks are a top pick for scary fancy dress. Get prepared for your killing spree in our Scream costumes for Halloween.