Shoes and Boots

A pair of costume shoes is often the main feature of an outfit, especially when dressing up as certain characters and figures. Whether you’re going to the party like a Roman gladiator or gangster from the 1920s, the right shoes will make your costume more authentic. We have fancy dress shoes and boots for both adults and kids, including a selection of comfy heels, slippers, and sandals. How will Dorothy get home without her sparkly red shoes? For your audience to get a big kick out the circus show, you need a pair of clumsy clown shoes. During the festive season, our elf shoes fly off the shelves while our sexy pink Go-Go boots are a top favourite for ‘70s costumes all year round. This collection of fancy dress shoes provide a comfortable fit and are long-lasting, and will compliment your Halloween, World Book Day, Christmas, and theme party outfits. We also have some fancy dress costumes that come with boot covers to throw on over your normal shoes to give the perfect finishing touch. Why get a costume without going the full way! View our full range of Shoes and Boots and get stepping with your favourite pair.