Shrek Costumes

With our swamp-tastic Shrek Costumes, you can transform into the big, green Ogre or any one of his wonderful companions. The hilarious tales of the ogre known as Shrek has captured hearts across the globe, reuniting us with our favourite characters from a selection of classic fairy tales. Here at Jokers' Masquerade, we offer a wide range of Shrek costumes for adults and kids to recreate these wonderful movies adapted from William Steig’s storybook. Our collection includes an assortment of characters, ranging from the beautiful Princess Fiona to the loveable Gingerbread Man, and Shrek himself. For couples, the Shrek and Fiona costumes are a top pick, and they come with a plaited orange wig, long green dress, tartan trousers, a Shrek mask with Shrek ears, and more. The official Shrek fancy dress range has been used for parties, plays, and even marriage ceremonies. With Shrek outfits for all budgets and sizes, there’s no need to look Far Far Away. Just pick your favourite Shrek costume right here!