Stag Costumes

Here at Joke, we have one of the biggest and best selections of stag do fancy dress available. Not only do we have some traditional stag outfits such as pimp suits and superheroes, but we also have a hilarious collection of original ideas that’ll make your stag night stand out. We know you guys are looking to get smashed, so our Alan Hangover Stag Costume is perfect to recreate the madness of this film. For the cheeky ones, you’d get a right kick out of our offensive and rude stag do costumes. Think inflatable penises, blow-up boobs, bums, vibrators, the whole shebang. Better yet, why not go below the belt and embarrass yourselves to the max with our daring Ninja Sanitary Towel, Condom, or Borat Mankini Costumes. If you and your boys don’t need awful stag costumes to make a scene, our popular Banana, Fish Finger, and Captain Birdseye will do the job. We have beer bottles, Power Rangers, Baywatch, and Bavarian Lederhosen suits that will make cool group costumes too.