Suicide Squad Costumes

Think you’re badass enough to impersonate the Suicide Squad gang? We dare you to transform into DC’s dangerous villains in our bold collection of Suicide Squad Costumes. With these convicts on the loose, you and your crew can break out your wicked side and throw the crowd into a panic. Whether you admire the Suicide Squad's outfits in the movie or in other DC comics and films, you'll always be a part of the Suicide Squad. Bad guys can take a pick from the killer clown, deadly hit-man, or metahuman in our range of Deadshot costumes, Killer Croc costumes, and Joker costumes made to intimidate all those around. The naughtiest girls can take on the persona of Joker’s lover and partner in crime in our Harley Quinn costumes - just don’t forget her hammer. From Joker’s purple trench coat to Harley’s red-and-blue bomber jacket and sparkly short combo, our costumes include Joker makeup, Deadshot and Killer Croc masks, a Harley Quinn wig, and weapons to make you look criminally insane in the membrane. These Suicide Squad fancy dress costumes are great options for comic cons, Halloween, and movie fancy dress too, so if you’re crazy enough to wear these costumes, pick one now. Oh, and try not to start a riot!