Teletubbies Costumes

Eh-oh! Over the hills and far away, the Teletubbies come to play - right here in our Tubbytronic Superdome of official Teletubbies Costumes. Whether you’re a 90’s baby or a daddy or mummy, there’s no denying your love for the cute and friendly characters with TVs in their tummies. Based on the much-loved kids' television series, we have vibrant, eye-catching Teletubbies onesies for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. These fun-filled adults Teletubbies costumes comprise of four jumpsuits in red, yellow, green, and purple, each with mittens, shoe covers, and a unique headpiece featuring the vertical, curly, triangular, and circle antennas of these fantastic four. Our Teletubbies fancy dress outfits are a superb choice for funny costume ideas,  preparing you for dancing and singing your heart out at the party, just like they do in Teletubbyland. This collection is great for Teletubbies mascot costumes and 90’s fancy dress, and to wear at a range of occasions, such as TV parties, festivals, and the World Darts Championships. The more Teletubbies the better, so get the whole gang and go as a famous group of four with each person as a different character in these Teletubbies group costume. With our next day delivery, your Teletubby costume will arrive when the sun baby pops up.