The Muppets Costumes

A TV hit in the ‘70s and ‘80s, The Muppet Show has captured today’s youths on the big screen in their fun and hilarious movie sequels. Jim Henson's characters are so exceptionally popular, there's no way we could not supply all of the best ones as great licensed costumes, which is why we've assembled this terrific range for you here. Perfect for adults and kids alike, you can stride into a Miss Piggy costume to be the diva with French lingo, become the wild-haired monster drummer in a Muppets Animal costume, jump in a Fozzie Bear costume to make jokes that are not funny, or leap into a Kermit Costume to be the muppets most well-known character. This gang are hilarious and pleasure to spend time with, so we know you have some favourite moments that are worth imitating to get the crowd laughing and evoking wonderful memories. Get your friends together and dress up in these Muppet costumes for some childish fun.

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