Toga Fancy Dress Costumes

Toga's are flowing garments that cover the body and wrap over the shoulder. Traditionally white in colour, these stylish robes originated in Ancient Rome and were commonly worn by scholars, socialites and even the emperor himself! Togas were so popular they expanded into the Ancient Greek world and are commonly associated with the Greek gods and goddesses. We have a variety of toga fancy dress costumes for men and women, both Greek and Roman in design. Toga parties are very popular for special birthdays, party celebrations, student nights and many more occasions! They're quick, easy and cheap costume ideas and the whole party with look like Roman royalty with drinks in hand. For the iconic Toga look, check out our men's toga costume. We also have a women's toga dress in the same style so you can combine them both and head to the party as a couple! For toga's that will make you stand out and ooze a wow factor, our Roman Senator Outfit and Women's Roman Beauty Costume are ideal! We also have kids toga outfits so you can get the whole family involved. Whatever fancy dress you decide on, you'll have plenty of cost-effective options on Perfect the Greek or Roman appearance with a signature Green Leaf Headband!