V for Vendetta Costumes

Become V, as portrayed by Hugo Weaving in the 2006 V for Vendetta movie, directed by the Wachowksis and based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. Embrace the story of the anarchist freedom fighter on his battle against fascist forces, with our V for Vendetta Costumes, wigs, masks and kits. The Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta mask, now a potent modern cultural symbol, is the perfect accessory for any costume if you want to get yourself recognised immediately, and can also be worn on its own. If you want to don the full V appearance, check out our authentic V for Vendetta Costume. The character is an iconic symbol that will be recognised by all and it's a great choice for a fancy dress party, night out, masquerade ball, or you want a cool Halloween costume. It's also a popular choice for music festivals, with many EDM fans collectively wearing the Guy Fawkes mask. View all of our V for Vendetta fancy dress here on Joke.co.uk.