Viking Costumes & Fancy Dress

Charge into battle as one of history's most fierce and feared warriors. The Viking people of Scandinavia are known worldwide as being powerful seafarers between the eighth and eleventh centuries, and you can become a Viking yourself with our vast collection of Viking costumes for men, women and children. Amazon's 'Vikings' TV Series has boosted the themes popularity and you'll find Nordic parties popping up at birthdays, Halloween parties, festivals and other themed events. You can even use our Viking outfits for historical re-enactments! Men can transform into a brave Nordic soldier with our Warrior Viking Costume, whilst women will fit right in as a Vixen with our Viking Lady Costume. We also have Vikings fancy dress for kids; check out our girls and boys outfits. And don't forget to accessorise! Viking helmets, swords, shields, axes and beards will give you a look that's destined to impress!