Warrior Costumes

Become a skilled combatant from any era with our detailed collection of warrior costumes from popular movies and historic events. You'll be ready for battle in no time! Warrior fancy dress is excellent for themed fancy dress parties where you have to look fierce and powerful. Whether it's an ancient Japanese theme and you want to be a Samurai or you're trekking back in time to the days of Roman Gladiators and Greek Spartans, we have something to suit you. Choose from karate costumes, ninja's, noble knights, barbarians, Indian braves, Zulu's and many more ideas. Men can show of their muscles whilst looking authentic at the same time with our Zulu Warrior Outfit. It's simple but effective! Add some paint and fake tattoo's and you'll be ready in no time. There's also a Scottish Highlander Outfit, inspired by the William Wallace character in the Braveheart movie. For ladies, how about a Women's Roman Gladiator or the coolest ninja around, Kill Bill? Accessorise your warrior costume with fake swords, shields, spears, axes and other items of war to complete the ferocious fighter appearance.