Werewolf Costumes

Here you'll find more Werewolf costumes here than a Twilight movie, Terry Pratchett novel and Michael J Fox film put together! Typically your every day human being until a full moon kicks in, werewolves are cursed shape-shifters that have appeared in myths and legends over hundreds of years. Similar to witches, werewolves were apparently hunted in medieval times and blamed for many unexplained murders. Werewolf stories of yesteryear seem to have fallen off the radar, except in Hollywood and at Halloween, where there remains a keen fondness for these humans with excessive body-hair. A werewolf costume is a fang-tastic way to draw attention in a crowded room, so if you fancy something a little different from your traditional ghost and ghouls then why not check out these werewolf fancy dress costumes this howl-o-ween!