Werewolf Costumes & Fancy Dress

Werewolves are mythical creatures that are said to be human during the hours of sunlight, evolving into a wolf being when the sun goes down. The stories of werewolves have been passed on for centuries and many modern TV series and movies are based on these fierce but intriguing characters. Twilight, Teen Wolf and Underworld Rise of the Lycans all showcase werewolves in a different light! Whatever look you're going for, we have werewolf costumes in a variety of styles and sizes for both adults and kids. We also have detailed wolf masks for a simple but frightening appearance that is sure to terrify your party guests! Which creature will you evolve into when the sun sets? Men's wolf costumes include this ferocious Madness Werewolf Outfit or the classic varsity look from Teen Wolf. Ladies have seductive wolf options such as this Sexy Wolf Woman Outfit, or a simple but edgy Moonlight Howlin' Costume. Children will prefer the much more adorable style of our Kid's Wolf Costume. Accessorise your outfit with wolf gloves, masks, fur and face paint and charge out into the forest howling at the moon! Werewolf fancy dress costumes continue to be a great Halloween dress-up idea and you'll find exactly what you need here at Joke.co.uk!