Werewolf Costumes

Here you will find more werewolves than a Twilight movie, a Teen Wolf episode and Underworld Rise of the Lycans film night combined. Our Werewolf Costumes are the furriest things since the abominable snowman. Folklore states that a werewolf is a human that was either born or bitten by another werewolf, thus turning into a werewolf every full moon. These children of the moon are far from tame pets, but monstrous creatures that hunt until their blood-thirst is sated. We have the best Halloween werewolf costumes on the market. From our Big Bad Wolf costume to our Full Moon Madness outfit. Not to mention our utterly ferocious Werewolf faces, like our Blood Moon Ani-motion mask. We have men's, women's and children's werewolf costumes, perfect for some family fun this Halloween. But beware, don't get scratched by one of these lupine creatures, you could find yourself actually growing claws every full moon!