Witch Costumes | Witch Fancy Dress

Witches are mystical sorcerers that practice spells and magic. Tales of witchcraft date to over 100 BC and the image of hag-faced cackling beings stirring a cauldron have been adapted throughout the ages. The character appearance has lived on for centuries, being transformed into horror movies, historical documentaries and popular TV series depicting friendly schools for witches. However you want to perceive the theme, we have witch costumes to suit you here on Joke.co.uk! From wicked witches and pagan sorcerers to more alluring outfits, we have both womens and kids witch fancy dress with a style to suit you! Witch fancy dress is most popular for Halloween and you'll find fellow sorcerers in parties, clubs and streets wherever you go! It's a costume that can be both quick and easy or intricately detailed and impressive - the choice is yours and we have options to suit all budgets. For ladies that want a seductive look, our Bewitching Babe Ladies Witch Costume is calling your name. Our Pagan Witch Robe bears the style of modern occultists, whilst a Salem Witch Outfit will give you a super-creepy appearance based on the historic Salem Witch Trials period. We also have kids witch costumes for girls of all ages; this Child's Wicked Witch Outfit is a favourite of ours! Once you've chosen your costume, accessorise with a broomstick, mini cauldron, smoky make-up and a tall pointy hat. There's no excuse not to get magical this All Hallows' Eve!