Womens 50s Costumes & Fancy Dress

The 1950’s was an age of rock ‘n’ roll, baby booming and the classic American high school style brought alight by movies such as Grease. It’s an era that ages young and old have made glamorous and it makes a brilliant fancy dress party theme. If you’ve been invited to a fifties party or you’re hosting your own, get party-ready with our cool collection of womens 50s costumes! For the iconic college 50s appearance from the movie ‘Grease’, check out our Beauty School Drop-out Outfit. It’s cute, a soft shade of pink and it radiates true fifties style. Alternatively, how about a classic Varsity Cheerleader Costume or vibrant Polka Dot Dress 50s Outfit? The theme is ideal for celebrating a Hen-Do with your girls, a themed house party, night out, and even a high school reunion! Dressing in womens 50s fancy dress has a wide range of applications and it’s one of our favourite themes to date. Accessorise your outfit with a 50s style wig and then combine it with your favourite pearl necklace and neckerchief to perfect the look. If you’re attending the party with your partner or as part of a group, check out full collection of 1950s costumes here.