Womens Funny Fancy Dress Costumes

Dressing up to create barrels of laughs and have a great time with friends is what we’re all about! From wild and wacky outfits and accessories to hilarious costumes with bad taste, we have womens funny fancy dress costumes that are sure to make you smile, if not chuckle as you shop. Browse our full collection of womens funny costumes here on Joke.co.uk and get party ready! They’re popular for hen parties, nights out, student parties, charity events and any other occasion that calls for humour. Impress your friends or the kids and choose whatever outfit inspires you! Will you be a completely random giant banana, quirky pigeon or something a little ruder? Some of our favourite funny ladies costumes include this Sister Act Nuns Robe, inspired by Whoopi Goldberg’s appearance in the movie. There’s also the classic Katy Perry Cupcake Costume, Peeled Banana Dress and outfits inspired by alcoholic drinks, foods, movies and even crayon brands! If you’re attending the party with your partner or a group of friends, check out the rest of our funny costume range here. Have fun picking out a funny womens fancy dress outfit and rock up to the party in style!