Womens World Book Day Costumes

In an increasingly digital world, there’s no better opportunity to join the kids and show your appreciation for the world of books and the life-long pleasures of reading. We have plenty of female characters for World Book Day you can play, and it’s down to you to make the kids believe in the greatest stories of all time. You can have the kids in stitches while you sing and dance in one of our Mary Poppins costumes or take them on a brave adventure in a Dorothy outfit. Better yet, what would your little dwarf be without Snow White, or your Cinderella without a Fairy Godmother? Our costumes give you the chance to forget all of your troubles for the day and bond with your child through stories, learning, and dress up play. So, let your hair down and see the world through their eyes in a ladies World Book Day Costume.

If you or your kid’s storybook idol is a male just skip on to our Mens World Book Day Costumes.