Zorro Fancy Dress Costumes

Zorro is a Californian vigilante that dresses in black and saves the people from the tyrannical ruling of officials and other villains in the late 1700's. The Zorro movie series featured Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and has been a popular dressing up theme since it was released! Become the hero of the people yourself with our authentic collection of Zorro fancy dress costumes for adults and kids. Dress in our Deluxe Zorro Costume for the original look that is sure to impress and accessorise with a sword before riding into the party on horseback. We also have a Deluxe Zorro Outfit for Children. Ladies can portray Catherine Zeta-Jones' passionate Spanish character persona with our Spanish Cantina Gal Costume. If you'd prefer to create your own Zorro costume, we have plenty of masks and accessories to re-create the iconic hero appearance. Zorro inspired movie costumes make excellent ideas for couples' fancy dress or going to the party solo, and birthdays, Halloween, nights out, festivals and many more occasions give you the perfect occasion to dress up!