80s costumes is one of the hottest party themes right now and you’ll have plenty of fun bringing back those vibrant colours and styles we all know and love! Think brightly coloured jumpsuits, big hair, disco music and Hollywood Hall of Fame 80’s movies…



Bust out those energetic ‘Jazzercise’ moves in true 80’s style by dressing in bright neon 80’s workout gear. The decade birthed fun fitness classes and colourful, tight clothing and it’s time to bring it back! 80’s workout costumes are great for guys and girls, and especially fitness-fanatic couples! Get those hips shaking to your favourite 80’s dance tunes and turn up the volume!




Full-body and brightly coloured shell-suits were arguably one of the most iconic fashion trends of the 80’s and brands are trying to bring them back today. Noted for their neon shades and full-body coverage, they were often accompanied with a mullet or afro hair-do and used for everything from leisurely walks in the park to a day at the roller disco. Bring back one of the best 80’s costume ideas around and get suited up yourself. Booyah!




Cast your mind back to an age where TV’s were almost the size of your house, a clear picture was a rarity and colour television made its way into everyone’s living room. The era also saw the rise of one of the UK’s most beloved TV programs – Only Fools and Horses. Dress as Del Boy and his brother Rodney and rock up to the party seeing what you can flog. These old faces are a great costume for brothers or friends.




The 70’s and 80’s were the golden age for Swedish pop band Abba and they took the globe by storm! Classics such as ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’, ‘Super Trooper’ and ‘Dancing Queen’ are tunes that will get everyone onto the dance floor and are guaranteed to be played at your 80’s fancy dress party. Be the band that revolutionised music of the era and dress you and your friends up as Abba. Super Trooper style 80’s costumes are available in a variety of styles. 




Suit up pilot, you’re about to embark on a mission across enemy lines as two of the best air force commandoes in the navy – Goose and Maverick. Top Gun was released in the late 80’s and marked itself as a Hollywood classic ever since. Top Gun costume overalls are easy to wear and you can dress your whole squad with the US pilot appearance. With a new Top Gun movie released in 2020, you’ll also be ahead of the trend!




Bill Murray led the original Ghostbusters in 1984 to create a Hollywood movie that would go down in history. The Ghostbusters remains one of the top costume ideas for groups of four at Halloween and can be used for literally any occasion! Don a retro Ghostbuster outfit, grab your friends and go exterminate some creatures of the supernatural!




Recent times may have more superhero movies and TV series that you can count, however you can’t forget about the golden oldies of the 80’s! There were actually some top-rated superhero movies in this decade and comic book stories were more popular than ever! He-Man, She-Ra and classic comic versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all make great 80’s superhero fancy dress ideas. Go old-school on your superhero party.




If you fancy some truly authentic 80’s fashion and not a particular 80’s movie or theme, there are plenty of colourful, stylish and stand-out 80’s costume ideas to choose from. Skater Girl, Valley Girl, Punk and Retro disco were all big fashion hits during the decade and you’ll fit in perfectly at an 80’s party with any 80’s fashion-wear.




Like many of the trends in the 80’s, music and fashion was a key influencer that made the era so memorable. Raves and discos were enjoyed best by dressing up in neon leg warmers, head bands, glow-sticks and other edgy accessories and then partying the night away! Re-create this stand-out look yourself and accessorise to your heart’s content. It’s a cheap but effective 80’s costume idea that can be used at parties or festivals.




Similar to the Miami scene of parties, extravagance and crime, the streets of America hosted gangsters and pimps, running riot on the streets of major cities. Pimps of the 80’s opted for a wild and wacky style of leopard print shirts, hats with feathers, canes and colourful 3-piece suits. Stand out from the crowd with a group of pimp friends and each choose a different coloured suit. A popular party theme is ‘pimps and hoes’ and you’ll have no problem finding inspiration.




80’s music is one of the most recognisable music eras’ ever and it was the true birth of dance and disco music. 80’s clubs and bars today still play the dance classics and you’ll be the perfect fit for the dance floor with a costume from this category. Choose from Adam Ant, Madonna, Freddie Mercury or Tina Turner and practice your best 80’s anthem. Karaoke anyone? 




The world-famous Wheres Wally puzzle book was released in 1987 and has continued to hit record sales every year since. Everyone will be familiar with finding mischievous Wally from a crowd in the books, and now you can re-recreate his fun, nerdy appearance in bars, parties, charity events, marathons and any other reason to dress up! A group of ‘Wally’s’ is a particularly hilarious sight, so be sure to get your friends involved!




For those looking for a next-level-cool 80’s fancy dress idea, the pioneering rappers and Hip-Hop artists of the 80’s are the way to go. Legends such as MC Hammer, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Eazy-E and Ice T were the original ‘Gangsta’ rappers and Hip-Hop music producers that have left a legacy of beats. Known for wearing big gold chains, baggy clothing and reverse baseball caps, the Hip-Hop look will fit in perfectly at an 80’s party. Get ready to spit some bars and do that gangsta’ thang!



Now we’ve inspired you with some groovy 80’s costume ideas, now all there’s left to do is whip out those old records and practice dancing to your favourite dance floor fillers. Whether you’re going for the musical 80’s theme or want an outfit based on a cartoon or movie, there’s plenty to choose from and they can be used again and again.

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