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Usually, nights out would consist of a bit of pre-drinking with your friends and putting your best shirt on for the men, and a fancy bodycon dress for the ladies. Why not go out with a bang and team up with your mates to pull out all the stops for your night out? We’ve assembled a wide range of fancy dress ideas for a night out, to suit both guys and girls. Rock up to the party as a duo, group, or sport the solo fancy dress look. Normal clothes for a night out are so 2020…


Mens fancy dress ideas for a night out

Hand Sanitiser

Tonight, we present you with the world’s most memorable costume of 2020 and 2021, the hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser has never been so popular, with the whole world stocking up on larger bottles and smaller bottles to carry on the go. No wonder a lot of shop shelves have run empty! This Hand Sanitiser costume is a great way to spice up the dance floor and give your mates a good laugh.

Hand Sanitiser Costume

Toilet roll

Another key purchase for many, especially in 2020, was toilet roll. We still have no idea why shop shelves ran out of toilet paper; thinking that an upset stomach was a side effect of Covid-19, who knew?! If you’re looking for a costume idea for a night out to make not just your friends laugh, but others in the bar, then this toilet roll costume is the one for you!

Toilet Roll Costume

Pub golf

Look like you’re going out to play a spot of golf, dressed head to toe in some snazzy golfing gear. What others don’t know is that you’re heading straight to the pub! Pub golf is a great activity for those that want a messy night and bit of fun. Can you down a pint in one? Visit your favourite bars and pubs, whilst dressed up as keen golfers for the night! Dress up in matching pairs

Mens Purple Pub Golf Costume

Mens Black Pub Golf Costume

Mens Orange Pub Golf Costume

The Hangover Alan

One of the funniest ‘night out’ themed movies of all time has to be The Hangover. It’s oh so fitting for a night out with your pals, where you all just get drunk and might lose a friend or too throughout the evening. If you’ve got a stag do planned, you can team up with your friends as Alan from The Hangover, or even for a night out on the town! You’ll need to be careful of the baby and be sure not to wake him up! And stay away from any tigers…

Mens Alan Hangover Stag Costume

Fox hunter

Let’s face it, we can all get a bit tired after sitting around drinking all afternoon, into the hours of the evening, so why not add a bit of fun to it? Dress half of your friend group as foxes and the other half as fox hunters. Then proceed to get chased around town in a giant game of pub hide and seek! It’s an epic pub game with your friends and makes an excellent fancy dress idea for a night out.

Fox Costume

Mens Fox Hunter Costume

Super Mario

Go back in time and revisit the moments where you were glued to your Nintendo playing the most memorable game of the 90s, Super Mario. You can dress up as Super Mario himself and even get your mates involved to go as Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi and Princess Peach. Step back in time and relive the 90s in style in our retro Super Mario costume! This is a night out costume idea that everyone will recognise.

Mens Super Mario Costume

Mexican fiesta

Mexico is home to some delicious food and an incredible culture, so why not celebrate this wonderful country as a Mexican man? Ponchos may be a thing of the past, but Mexican’s sure know how to pull off a good one! It’s a great costume for any night out that calls for lots of tequila. Dress up in traditional suits, accessorise with sombrero’s or go all out with some of these all-in-one Mexican costumes…

Adult Rainbow Mexican Poncho Costume

Below Deck Sailor

As seen on Bravo TV, Below Deck is a reality series about crew members working on super yachts, looking after wealthy guests. I mean, a £200,000 stay for a few nights is nothing, right? Become part of the crew and join the captain on his mission for those tips in a quirky sailor costume. The reality TV has a huge following and popularity – sailor’s are so ‘in’.

Mens White Sailor Costume

A pint of beer

You’ll be drinking plenty of it, so why not dress up as man’s most favourite brew? It’s a cool costume to dress up as for your night out if you want a solo idea. No half-pints allowed!

Mens Pint of Beer Costume

Toga guy

Its always a bit risky dressing up in togas for a night out; it might fall down, or something might slip when you’ve had a bit too much to drink. Either way, toga costumes make a great costume for any night out. When you’re dressed up in a toga, you know you’re in for a heavy, long night! It’s extremely easy too! Simply slip on the white robe and you’re ready to roll. No need to worry about ironing your favourite shirt and jeans.

Men's Deluxe Classic Toga

Womens fancy dress ideas for a night out

The Spice Girls

There are five girls that will be able to spice up your night out. Yes, you’re right, we’re talking about the 90s girl band, The Spice Girls! Known for their platforms, vibrant outfits and catchy pop songs, every girl wants to be them. Head to your night out dressed as Ginger, Baby, Sporty, Posh or Scary Spice and get your friends involved. A solo Spice Girl just doesn’t same the same effect.

Geri Halliwell Spice Girls Costume

Baby Spice Costume

Sporty Spice Costume
Scary Spice Costume
Posh Spice Costume


80s disco chick

The 1980s brought us a lot of style, sass and colour! Known for brightly coloured jackets, shorts and colourful hair, any 80s outfit would brighten up your day. The 80s disco chic look is a perfect outfit idea for a night out; either for a bar crawl, or a hen do with your girlfriends. Grab your skates and make a run to the nearest cocktail bar!

80s Skater Girl CostumeNurse

Nurses make a great costume idea for any occasion, whether that’s a night out on the town with your friends for someone’s birthday, or for a hen do. It’s fun, flirty and fabulous! Don’t be surprised if you get somebody’s pulse racing in a naughty nurse costume. This one’s for girls that want something a little more alluring for the dance floor.

Sexy Nurse Betty Costume


Look like you’ve just escaped from an episode of ‘Orange is the New Black’ with a convict costume. You’ll need to disguise yourself really well to get away from the cops, or even better, get your girlfriends to dress up the same, so no one will know who the real criminal is! It’s a great fancy dress idea for a night out on the town or a hen do. Bring along a cheeky pair of handcuffs to cause some mischief in the bars.

Adult Orange Convict Costume

Safari ranger

Audition for the next David Attenborough documentary, or look like you’re about to head out on a safari adventure! You’ve hired a truck, you’ve got your camera to snap pics of the wildlife, and now you’ve got your Safari ranger costume sorted. Even though you’re unlikely to see any wildlife on your night out, you can pretend! Team up with your friends as if you’re going on a safari adventure in Africa!

Womens Safari Costume

Watermelon costume

Ideal for those summer nights, now you can dress up as the most refreshing and tasty summer fruit, a watermelon! Parade into town as this giant piece of juicy fruit and recruit your friends to dress as other pieces of foodie items. You’ll make the perfect fruit bowl! This is a night out fancy dress idea that’s silly, funny and completely random.

Adults Watermelon Costume

Top gun

Look like you’ve just stepped out of an action movie when you suit up as a Top Gun pilot. If you’re a thrill-seeker, then a Top Gun costume is perfect for you. It’s perfect for a military themed night out where you don’t want the standard soldier camouflage. Everyone loves a girl in uniform and a Top Gun aviator couldn’t be a better combination of smart, sophisticated and sexy.

Ladies Top Gun Deluxe Costume

Toga party

It’s time to grab your best fitted sheet and get cutting and stitching for your next toga party! Add some gold trimmings to make your dress look extra glamorous and you’re all set for your night out. Alternatively, go for an all-in-one toga costume that looks like you’ve haven’t just rolled out of bed. 😊 Toga parties are not for the faint hearted, so if you have a big night of drinking ahead, then go all out and dress up like they did in the Greek-Roman times! It’s classy and super easy to do!

Adult Womens Roman Toga Costume

That concludes our list of fancy dress ideas for a night out. No matter if you’re planning on heading to a few bars with friends or have a hen or stag do coming up, there’s always an excuse to dress up! Check out our full collection of adult costume ideas here for more inspiration. 


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