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Are you heading out on a night out with your friends and want to look the part? Or do you have a big birthday bash planned and want to make it a night to remember? Long gone are the days of dressing up solo, as tonight, you’re teaming up with your best mates in one of our best group costume ideas.

From one of the biggest ever games on Nintendo, Super Mario, to your favourite characters from Star Wars, and even as a piece of exotic fruit, we’ve plenty of group costume ideas to get you excited. Check out our full and comprehensive guide to the best group costume ideas below for some inspiration!


90s video game obsession

For the 90s kids at the back, you’ll remember how many hours you used to play Super Mario. One of you in the group can take on the role of Mario, whilst the others team up as his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, Waluigi, Wario, Yoshi and the rest of the gang. Work together to make it through to the next level! It’s a great group costume idea for groups of both guys and girls.

Super Mario Costumes


Colour me in!

It’s time to put down your phone and get colouring in with our array of crayon costumes! Relive the old days where you’d spend ages colouring in that book. It’s random, stands out from the crowd and each of your friends can dress as a different colour crayon.

Crayon Costumes


Let’s rock n roll

Are you and the boys looking to transform into one of the world’s most iconic bands? Relive the good ol’ days as Lennon, Star, McCartney, and Harrison, either for a stag do, or night out on the town. Watch how your costumes will all ‘come together’ as one.

The Beatles Costumes


American grub

Who doesn’t love a good burger and skin-on fries for a quick bite to eat? If you’re constantly thinking about food and have a stomach bigger than your eyes, then grab your friends and team up as the best fast-food group at the upcoming food festival. Mmmmmm…

Fast Food Costumes


Dorothy and friends

Wizard of Oz may be an oldie, but it’s sure a good’un and one that’s worth dressing up for! You’ll walk hand in hand down the yellow brick road as all the main characters; Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. Get the entire gang involved and recreate these iconic movie looks!

 Wizard of Oz Costumes


Life’s a circus

If you fancy being high up in the air and perhaps showing off to the other clowns out there, then the circus is your playground! Become the next Zac Efron for the guys, or Zendaya for the girls, as you dress up as skilled circus performers. O if you prefer clowning around, then why not add that into the mix too, especially for Halloween!

 Circus Performer Costumes


Stop traffic

Whilst traffic cones might seem like a random costume to wear, they’re fun and will get people talking. Become an important part of roadworks as you block off roads for your friends (and make them laugh at the same time). One cone isn’t enough, so get your friends involved!

Traffic Cones Costumes


Mexican fiesta

It’s time to add a bit of colour into your life with a hint of spice, as Mexican night is fast approaching. Dress up as a mariachi band, a taco, or celebrate the lives of those who have passed away in a Day of The Dead costume. This is a top choice group costume idea for around the world parties, hen parties and stag dos.

Mexican Costumes


A whole new world

Are you and your friends a lover of Eurovision? Do you have an upcoming fancy dress party with friends from all over the world? If so, then it’s time for an around the world themed costume. Show off your country to others with a hilariously stereotypical costume.

 Around The World Costumes


Hygiene friends

It might seem a bit disgusting, and no one likes to discuss their daily habits in the bathroom, but one thing for sure is that our hygiene friends sure make a good group costume idea. Team up with your friends for a birthday party or stag do and be that constant reminder to everyone that they need to clean up after themselves.

Funny Costumes

The creepy family

If you and your friends don’t know which characters to go as for Halloween, then look no further than this petrifying family. Don’t get on the wrong side of Morticia, as she has the power to scare the life out of you. Gomez, Wednesday and Cousin Itt aren’t as scary, but they sure know how to cause a stir on Halloween!

 The Addams Family Costumes


Cheers to that!

This group costume idea is one for the lad out there on a stag do, or a boozy night out with school friends. Beer is a great beverage to have… it’s cheap, it’s tasty and you can have many at once! Get the gang together as a hilarious spin on some of the best beer brands out there.

Alcohol drink costumes

Rick and Morty

Are you and your mates a bit crazy at times? Whilst you might not be there yet with making new gadgets, you can still recreate the look of the iconic characters, Rick and Morty. This increasingly popular adult cartoon is the way to go if you and your friends are big fans of the series.

 Rick and Morty Costume


Star Wars heroes

For those of you heading to a space themed party, dressing up as characters from the legendary Star Wars movies is the right way to go! Whether you decide to go as Princess Leia, a Jedi, or even Yoda, you’ll make an unstoppable team. Better watch out for another group dressed as Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers!

 Star Wars Costumes


Star Wars bad guys

Talking of Darth Vader, he’s evil, cunning and knows the dark side of the force. He wouldn’t be able to do it all without the help of his right-hand men; the Stormtroopers. If you and your group are feeling a little bit vengeful and want to take on the good guys, then this is the group costume idea for you. Why not dress the group leader as Darth Vader and everyone else as Stormtroopers?

 Star Wars Costumes


An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

Whilst it’s nice to have the odd fry up every now and again, we need to look after our bodies, and what better way than to encourage others by dressing up as a big bowl of fruit with your mates? It’s the perfect group costume idea for festivals and nights out! Completely random, but brilliant!

 Fruit Costumes


Star Trek

If you and your friends are fans of the retro series, Star Trek, then why not transform into your favourite characters for your next sci-fi themed or space themed party? It’s time for you to put your differences aside and work together to defeat Nero once and for all. Hurry, time’s ticking!

 Star Trek Costumes



Cops and convicts

It’s the good guy’s vs the bad guys, as half of the group take on the role of hunting down criminals, and the other half become the bad guys. Can you escape the labyrinth of bars without going noticed? This is a great group costume idea for hen and stag parties, or cops and convict themed night outs.

 Cops and Robbers Costumes


It’s time for a jungle adventure!

Have you ever fancied becoming the next Jungle Jane? Or even a jeep safari tour guide? On this trip, you’ll see some magnificent animals, from elephants and giraffes, to slippery snakes and much more. Suit up as a safari group and see what animals you can find on your night out. Bonus points if you accessorise with soft toys!

 Safari Costumes


300 Spartans

It’s time to head back in time to Ancient Greece and don your Greek Spartan toga. Show others what you and your mates are truly made of as you become the legendary Spartan warrior. You may not attract a group of 300, every Spartan counts as 10!

 Spartan costumes

Romans rule the world!

Everyone sure loves a toga party… What better way than to do it like the Greeks and Romans did than creating your own toga look? This quick and easy idea is great for groups of friends on a budget. Simply wrap a toga around your body, dangle some grapes and wear and leaf crown.

 Roman Costumes


Greek Gods and Goddesses

Are you and your friends looking for an epic group costume that’ll have others bowing at your feet? Transform into powerful Greek gods and goddesses of myth and legend. Move over, Zena and Hercules! Which ancient Greek god best fits your personality?

 Greek costumes


Walk like an Egyptian

Have you always wondered what it’d be like to become an ancient treasure? Whether you’re heading to the tombs, the pyramids, or even just an Egyptian themed party, gather your friends together and ooze in gold. Pharaohs and mummies are big hit for the guys, whilst Cleopatra is a top choice for the ladies.

 Egyptian costumes


Howdy, partner!

The next group costume idea on our list is for those who sure love a good barn dance. We hope you’ve been practicing those cowboy and cowgirl moves! Grab a partner in one hand, and a whisky bourbon in the other as you parade into the Western themed party. Yeeee-ha!

 Cowboy and cowgirl costumes


Open wide!

Medic, medic! Everyone party needs a doctor or nurse on hand in case someone has a bit too much booze. Are you the knight in shining armour? Dress up in scrubs and have fun giving pretend diagnosis to everyone you meet.

 Nurse costumes


It’s time to slide down that pole, folks!

To all the gents out there who are off on a stag do, or even a festival, it’s time for you to do a better job than Bridget Jones, and slide down that Fireman’s pole, winning all the attention of the ladies! You’ll be setting the town alight wearing next to nothing, that’s for sure!

 Fireman costumes


Exotic paradise

It’s time to greet everyone at the party by saying, ‘aloha.’ Give off happy vibes as you rock up to the party wearing a smart Hawaiian themed suit, or a flower lei and grass skirt for the girls. This group costume idea is perfect for summer events. Beach party anyone?

 Hawaiian costumes


Noble kings and queens

Head back into time and transform into a noble king or queen, ruler of the kingdom and conquer of land. This particular theme is perfect for banquet or medieval themed parties.

 Knight and princesses costumes


Aaaargh, me hearties!

Who doesn’t love a good pirate theming? You and your friends will do Captain Jack Sparrow proud as you become your own band of misfits. From cunning pirates, to wenches, undead scallywags and characters from Peter Pan – the options are endless!

 Pirate costumes


Game of Thrones

Do you and your buddies want to become characters from the infamous series, Game of Thrones? It’s time for you to team up and represent the cast of the feuding families. Shotgun Jon Snow!

 Game of thrones costumes


The Avengers

Avengers, assemble! Put together your own superhero crew of friends and hit up the superhero party in coordination. The Avengers team is ever growing and this group costume idea suits all sizes. Stick with the original Avengers heroes or introduce new members of the crew, such as Black Panther. Shotgun Iron Man!

 The Avengers costumes


The good and the bad of Gotham city

Calling all superheroes of Gotham city… the city is in danger, and we need your help. Batman and Robin are sure to save the day, but you better watch out for The Joker and Harley Quinn. If you’re a fan of the DC Comic universe over Marvel, this group costume idea is for you.

 Marvel superhero costumes


Disney Princesses

Are you and the girls heading to Disneyland? Maybe you have a Disney themed party coming up? Become a true Disney princess and make your dreams come true as you transform into a real-life Cinderella, Belle or Sleeping Beauty. Have you ever seen a Disney Princess on a hen-do? You have now!

Disney princess costumes

Disney villains

No Disney movie would be without its twists and turns, and evil villains of course. Cruella De Vil will have you hiding behind closed doors and Captain Hook will ensure you walk the plank. Stand out from the crowd as the more devious characters of the Disney universe!

Disney villain costumes


Let’s fly high in the sky

All aboard the venga airways, well, not exactly, but you’ll be taking on the roles of the pilot and his cabin crew as you passengers have a smooth flight. It makes a great costume theme idea for hen parties and stag dos!

 Cabin crew costumes

I’ve found myself a cheerleader…

Guys, have you ever wanted to show off in front of that cute girl at school as you play a perfect game of football? Girls, have you ever wanted to shake your pom poms in the air as you cheer on the squad? Jocks and cheerleaders make an excellent high school themed party, so go on, drive that team spirit!

 cheerleader and jock costumes


Left, right, left, right

If you and your friends are heading to an army themed party, or fancy becoming the soldiers from Disney Pixar’s movie, Toy Story, then it’s time to put on your game face on and show off the guns! Green army soldiers is a group costume classic. You’ll need plenty of body paint!

 Toy story costumes


Under the sea

It’s time to find out if life is truly better under the sea… Well, these creatures certainly think so! Whether you’re dressed as a tropical fish, Ariel, or a shark ready to attack, they make a great group costume idea for any under the sea themed party.

 under the sea costumes


Let’s solve that mystery, gang

Gather the gang and get inside the mystery van, as you put your heads together to find clues to solve mysteries. Five of you? Perfect! As there’s a costume for each of you! The question is, who’s eaten all the Scooby snacks?

 Scooby doo costumes


The king of chocolate

There’s only one place in the world where you can over-indulge in wonderful chocolate…. at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! Team up as Willy Wonka himself and his orange helpers for World Book Day, hen and stag do’s, or general nights out.

 willy wonka costumes



This one is for all you girls out there who are off on a hen night, or fancy reliving your younger childhood days as a Brownie. Practice your best promise with the rest of the girl gang and gather up as many badges as you can. To take this group costume idea to the next level, create lots of group activities and challenges. Pub treasure hunt anyone?

 brownies costume


Toy Story

Fancy becoming Andy’s best friend? There’s a lot of competition with Woody, Buzz, Jessie and even Slinky. Gather your friends together and recreate your very own Toy Story gang for your next Disney themed party. Just watch out for the Evil Emperor Zurg!

 Toy story costumes


Hanging out in the Stone Age

Let’s take it back to the stone ages and relive very fond memories of the all-round family favourite cartoon, The Flintstones. It makes a great group costume idea for groups of couples. It’s also perfect for a 1960’s themed party.

the flintstones costumes

Hold tight, as you’re in for a long ride!

Everyone loves a good rollercoaster, and it’s even more fun with friends. Sit back in the seat as you brace yourself for a terrifyingly steep descent. Hold your hands up in the air and scream if you wanna go faster! The tricky part of this costume is moving in the same direction! 😊

 roller-coaster group costume


The wild, wild west

A super popular yet simple group fancy dress idea is a costume classic. Grab a partner and head down to the barn for a rootin’ tootin’ Western party! Cowboys, cowgirls and Native American warriors provide plenty of costume inspiration. It can be as simple or complex as you like!

 American indian costumes


Down the rabbit hole

It’s time for a little adventure with Alice and friends, as you and the gang head down the rabbit hole in search of a more interesting life. Meet The Mad Hatter and stop for tea and see the Cheshire Cat hanging upside down on the branch, but be sure to avoid the queen of hearts along the way. This wacky and whimsical group costume idea is ideal for tea parties or birthday celebrations.

 alice in wonderland costumes


It’s time to save lives

Sorry David and Pamela, it’s time for you to move over, as there are new lifeguards in town! Do you have a Baywatch themed party coming up, or fancy showing off some flesh at your next hen or stag do? Then this is the way to go. Get practicing that slow-mo run down the beach!

 baywatch costumes


Gangsters and showgirls

Put your best foot forward as you get all dolled up like they did in the twenties. Flapper dresses are great for the ladies, and a smart pinstriped suit is ideal for the gangsters out there. Partner up and show off your other half at your 1920’s themed party.

 1920s costumes


Pimpin’ it real

Another great group costume idea is one for the boys.. Show off your true inner pimp waltz around the party with your shades on. 90’s party, anyone? Pimp outfits come in a variety of jazzy colours, making them great for groups.

 pimp costumes


An Oktoberfest celebration

It’s that time of the year again where copious amounts of beer are consumed. It’s all about tight lederhosen for the men and Bavarian dresses for the ladies. Go and get merry as you celebrate Oktoberfest. Prost!

Oktoberfest costumes

80s bangers

Find the brightest coloured tights and leg warmers you can find, and anything vibrant for that matter, as it’s time for you to transform into an 80’s music sensation. Grab a mic and show off your eccentric side. The 80’s and parties go hand in hand, so dress up for the occasion.

 1980s costumes


Rock stars

If you’re looking to show off your epic guitar skills and knee sliding, then now’s the time to do so! Reveal your inner Slade or Slash as you transform into their look-a-like at your next 80’s themed party. Let’s rock on!

 rockstar costumes


Welcome to Hogwarts

We hope you’ve been practicing those complicated spells (and pronouncing them correctly, unlike Ron!) For all you Harry Potter fans out there, this makes a magical group costume idea for Harry Potter themed parties or World Book Day. There are so many characters to dress as, you can get really creative with this one.

 Harry potter costumes

Papa and his smurfs

Even though you’re dressed in blue, that doesn’t mean you’ll be feeling blue. Either way, painting yourself and becoming a Smurf can be fun for the whole group. It makes a great stag idea, but is also good for groups on a night out. It’s time to get ‘smurfiiiin’!

 the smurfs costumes

Oh you dummy!

Does one of your friends get a bit bruised and battered on a night out? These crash test dummies are a perfect costume idea for those who are a bit on the clumsy side. So go on and throw some shapes on the dance floor! Robot dance, anyone?

crash test dummy costumes


Ghost hunters

Do you believe in ghosts? If not, then you best start believing! Grab your friends as you take on the role of Ghostbuster, pretending to stumble upon the supernatural and waving your exterminator gun around. This group costume idea is great for Halloween nights out.

 ghostbusters costumes

Hole in one

Another popular group costume idea that goes hand-in-hand with the ultimate pub golf experience, is to dress up as golfers. Drink each other under the table in several different drinking games and keep a score of the night’s shenanigans.

 pub golf costumes

90’s groove

This is one for all you 90’s kids out there. Remember the good times, where cheesy pop songs were cool? Re-live this jazzy decade with your fellow 90’s buddies, dressing as Britney, Kylie or The Black Eyed Peas. Get ready to party the night away like you did in ’95.


1990s costumes


The Lord of The Rings

Hello, my precious! Frodo has a huge task on his hands, as he becomes the bearer of the legendary ring and is asked to destroy it. Gather the whole crew as you help Frodo in his journey to get rid of the ring, once and for all! This will be a hugely popular group costume idea with the launch of Amazon’s new series.


lord of the rings costume


Day of The Dead parade

The final group costume idea on our list is the world-famous celebration of the deceased, otherwise known as ‘Día de los Muertos.’ Get all the friends together and celebrate this wonderful occasion for in November. You’ll need to practice your make-up skills to really pull this one off.


day of the dead costumes


We’ve finally made it to the end of our ultimate group costume ideas guide! We hope you’ve managed to find an awesome costume for you and your friends, for your next themed night out. Be sure to check out the rest of our group costumes. Mix and match characters to form the ultimate squad. We’re constantly adding to our collection so check back soon for more ideas.











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