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Roll up, roll up, it’s that time of the year where you send your best mate off on one last blow-out before he gets wed. What better way than to send him off than a huge party with the whole crew? Here at Joke, we have the most outrageous, unique and sometimes rude costumes perfect for a stag do. From fruity lube, to Freddie Mercury and male brides, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to embarrass the groom. Whether you’re heading off to Prague, Budapest, or staying in your hometown, check out some of the best stag do costumes in this guide, then get ready for the occasion. We’re sure, he’ll be overjoyed with your choices!


Do you want to break free?

We’re starting off our list of the best stag do costume ideas with an absolute cracker. He’s cool and almost too cool for school. If you want to transform into one of the most iconic rock stars of all time, then open up them wings and break free at your next stag party!

mens Freddie Mercury Break Free Costume

Howdy, partner

It’s time to put on your cowboy boots and grab a partner! Does your mate love a bit of country music or Dolly Parton. With this male version of the country legend, he’s going to get some laughs as he parades through the bar… Bring along a mic and get him up on stage. Yee-haaaaa!


mens queen of country stag do costume


Caution: Slippery floor

It’s always good to have those wet floor signs wherever you go, as you don’t want any accidents happening! It has a slightly naughty meaning that’s guaranteed to have other stag goers laughing their heads off! It’s also a sure-fire way to embarrass the groom.

wet floor sign costume 

Don’t look down!

The next costume on our stag do costume ideas guide is a slightly cheeky one. If you’re after something a bit daring (for the groom of course), then why not go all out with this number? They might even get a little surprise when they look down…

you are what you eat costume 

It’s time to go hunting

We all know that legendary game, ‘Fox and the fox hunters.’ It’s a typical pub crawl game that’s designed to get everyone as drunk as possible! Allow the groom to lead the way on his very own stag do, as all his chums get their ‘fox on’  for the night.

fox and the fox hunters costume


Cheers bro

Let’s face it, we all love a good pint, especially when it’s icy cold on a hot summer’s day. You’ll all be downing pints at the stag party, so why not also become a pint too? You’ll constantly remind everyone to never be with an empty glass!


Adult pint of draught beer stag do costume idea


The Slippery, the better

If you’re looking to spice things up for the big day, or just fancy providing others with pure entertainment and the slippery factor, then this is it! Just don’t be a boring vanilla; opt for something a little more adventurous…

Lube Costume

Help is on its way, dear

We’re throwing it back to the 90’s with the most eccentric, loving and slightly mad nanny of all time! She might not be a good cook and loves to make a bit of a mess in the kitchen, but everyone still loves her. Does your best mate have a knack for impersonating an older lady? Well they soon will! It’s one of our favourite stag do costume ideas.


Mens Scottish Nanny stag do fancy dress costume


It’s time to grow up

Do you still feel like a little boy at heart, even at the age of 30+? It’s time to grow up and become a real man…and look after your friends, relatives, or even your next-door neighbour’s baby, to prove that point. Make sure to leave the baby at home on your stag do though. Alan from The Hangover is a stag-do legend and you will be too! Anyone fancy taming Mike Tyson’s pet tiger?


mens alan the hangover stag costume


‘I’m the only gay in the village!’

Do you remember that hilarious comedy series on BBC with Matt Lucas and David Walliams? They make a right pair in this comedy sketch and it can be quite rude and naughty at times. Become the Welsh lad, Daffyd and show others how to rock the skin-tight suit that everyone recognises.

Daffyd thomas little britain costume

Will you marry me?

The next costume on our ultimate stag do costume ideas guide is one for those grooms out there who fantasise about wearing a dress… And not just any dress, but a fake wedding dress. Practice walking down the aisle (aka dance floor) with your best man and see how it feels. Bonus points if you add a bouquet of flowers.

male bride stag costume

Open wide

If you’re looking to completely embarrass the groom and get some well overdue payback, watch him make a complete a** of himself in this glorious costume. It’s big, crude and definitely rude. Question is… will he be brave enough to wear it?


Adult bum hole stag do costume


You’re such a boob

Do you know someone amongst your circle of friends who always acts a bit silly? Why not prove a point and dress him up in something that matches his personality? Let’s just hope he doesn’t make a t** out of himself at the party.

adult inflatable big tit costume

Colour me in

Another popular stag costume for the entire group are the infamous crayons that we all loved using to colour-in, back in the day. Blues, reds, greens, yellows, you name it! Gather the whole squad together and paint the town red!

crayon fancy dress costumes


Bare all

This next stag do costume idea on our list is for those who stand proud and fancy showing off all that work in the gym! It’s a little daring and will sure have people staring, but why not have all eyes on you, as it is your stag do? Get the groom suited up in a colourful mankini whether he wants to show off those guns or not!

Borat mankini thong swimsuit

Pamela, who?

It’s time to move over, Pamela Anderson, as there’s a new girl in town, but with a slightly naughty twist. Transform yourself or a mate into a female lifeguard who hasn’t popped down to the local beauty salon in a while…

mens anita waxing costume

Power me up

Do you want to make your groom stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of the bar? A giant, inflatable vibrator should do the trick! Suit him up in this stag do costume and he’ll never going to forgive you. In fact, his face will match the colour of the costume, as he cries in embarrassment.

mens inflatable vibrator stag costume

Get your aim in the game

Another great stag do costume that never gets old is the one and only golfer. You don’t have to be Tiger woods for a game of pub golf, but you’re under pressure in a different way. The loser drinks more! This stag do outfit idea is ideal for a group of friends that want to dress up for a game of pub golf.

pub golf stag do fancy dress


Traffic up ahead

It might seem like a weird costume to wear for a stag party, but almost anything goes, so why not? Help the flow of traffic and prevent accidents as you take the vital role of a traffic cone. Involve the entire party and bring order on the roads once and for all! It may seem strange, but once you’re out exploring the bars as a crew of cones, you’ll soon realise how fun it can be. First round of drinks on cone 1!

mens road cone costume

Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut

Who can say no to a massive bucket of fried chicken? It’s especially great after a night out with the lads on a stag do. Transform into the founder of this ‘oh so tender yet so crispy’ chicken at the party. How about dressing the groom as the colonel and the rest of the group as pieces of chicken?

kfc fancy dress costume


Retro 80’s lads

Back in the 80s, tracksuits were accepted in society, and no-one bat an eyelid, but these days, that stand-out style will really make you stand out. Go worry and care-free, becoming an 80’s dude. It’s a top stag do costume idea if the groom was ‘born in the 80’s’, or if you just love a bit of retro dance music. Stag do’s and disco balls go hand-in-hand.


Adult 1980s shell suit scouser costume


All the way to the floor, dear

The next costume on our ultimate stag do outfit ideas guide is slightly disturbing, but oh so funny at the same time. It’s time to undo your blouse and show off your new party trick… whoever touches the ground without bending their knees first, wins!

adult groping granny costume

Clean up after yourself

It goes without saying the importance of cleaning up after yourself. You’d clean up after your dog, wouldn’t you? Be the party reminder to do such a simple task, as you never know what could happen after a few drinks!


toilet roll stag do costume idea


Blood can’t catch me

The final costume on our ultimate stag do guide is definitely not a tame one, and isn’t for the faint hearted. For all you squeamish stag do goers out there, look away! Yes it’s a natural thing, but no one wants to see it! Get in everyone’s faces as a magnificent display of the time of the month…

mens bloody tampon costume 

So, there you have it, our ultimate stag do costume ideas guide, showcasing some hilariously brilliant outfits for your next stag do. Whoever you decide to dress up as, be sure to give your best mate the proudest send-off he’s ever had. We hope he looks as ridiculous as you had imagined!

If you weren’t able to find any stag do costume inspiration above, then be sure to check out our full range of stag do costumes here. We have hundreds more for this glorious occasion!

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