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The creepiest time of the year has finally arrived! It’s time to find your sexy side this Halloween, wearing something alluring yet right on theme. With our collection of sexy Halloween costume ideas, everyone is going to see you coming when you parade into the party venue or arrive for your night out!

After all, Halloween isn’t just about looking as terrifying as possible; it’s about looking your best and feeling your best. Add a dash of cuteness to your look this spook season. Whether you opt for a classic witch costume, dress up as a cute cat, or fancy reliving your childhood as Alice or Little Red Riding Hood (with a twist), we have no shortage of ideas. Read on for a list of sexy Halloween costume ideas… 👻


I’ll cast a spell on you

We’re starting off our list with a classic Halloween costume theme that never gets old. Find your inner Sabrina The Teenage Witch and practice your best spells; conjure up a wicked mix in your cauldron and fly high up in the sky with your broomstick. Witches don’t always need to be scary and repulsive; they can be sexy too. So go on… show all the other witches how to really be wicked!

Sorceress of darkness costume

Thirsty vampires

Have you been waiting all year for October to arrive? You can finally feast away on some tasty blood this Halloween as you become a seductive vampiress. Vampires are a sexy Halloween costume idea for those that want a traditional character to dress as. You can even team up with your partner as the ultimate Mr and Mrs Vampire duo! Just be careful of the garlic that others will leave out on Halloween night… Oh wait, no-one will be able to resist you in this number…


vampire costumes


The sexy nun

If you don’t have a religious side, but fancy looking cute this Halloween, then be sure to practice what you preach and become the sexiest and the most rebellious nun ever known to man. Show all the other nuns how it’s done. Add a dash of red blood on the costume if you really want to take this look to the next level. Not all nuns are innocent on October 31st

Sexy nun costume 

Red riding hood gone bad

It’s time for you to relive your childhood, but with an added twist this Halloween. Head to woods and make your way to grandma with some tasty treats. No need to worry about the Big Bad Wolf, as he’s no match for this super sexy and seductive outfit! Go on and show him who’s boss this! This is a sexy Halloween costume idea that’ll make you feel like an innocent fairy-tale character – Not! Why not ask your partner or a friend to dress up as the Big Bad Wolf?

Red riding hood costumes

Sexy feline

The next costume on our list of sexy Halloween costume ideas for women is an old one, but a good one. Dressing up as a sexy cat, or cat woman will make you feel like a million dollars. The suit alone will transform you into a new woman! Catsuits have long been a symbol of beauty, perfectly showing off your female form. And that’s exactly what this costume idea does! Team it up with some cute make-up for a quick and easy Halloween outfit.

Sexy feline costumes

Mrs Vorhees

We all remember the terrifying Jason Vorhees from the iconic horror movie, Friday 13th. Jason doesn’t play games, which makes him an excellent character for those that aspire to be bad. His other half, Mrs Vorhees on the hand may not look as scary, but she can sure cause a fright or two! Team up with your partner as Mr and Mrs Vorhees and cause trouble down at camp this Halloween.

Mrs Vorhees Halloween costumes

Bloody nurses

It’s time to take to the theatre stage and carry out a medical emergency this October. What the patient won’t realise is that as soon as they’re in the theatre with you, there’s no getting out! Get ready to show off your skills as a naughty nurse this Halloween! If you’re looking for a more subtle look, you can also dress up as a sexy nurse without the red blood.

Womens Evil Nurse Costume

Take to the circus stage

Have you been dying for a role alongside the handsome Zac Efron? It’s time for Zendaya to retire and for you to take centre stage! When we initially think of the circus, we imagine scary clowns and wicked jesters. Add a spin to the classic Halloween circus theme and you may even find your Greatest Showman! A ring mistress is a unique sexy Halloween costume idea that others won’t think of.

Ringmistress costumes

An angel that fell from heaven

We’ve all heard of angels. They’re sweet, heavenly and represent all things good in the world. But what about Fallen Angels or Arch Angels? They’re angels that have gone bad and were expelled from Heaven, losing their bright white and goldy appearance for a darker look. Sounds great for Halloween, right? Fallen Angels is a sexy Halloween costume idea for those that have a bad side they want to unleash.

Womens Fallen Angel Costume 

The dark ballerina

 Are you ready to turn to the dark side? Get ready for a battle with you vs you this Halloween and watch your dreams turn into a horrible reality at your important ballet show. Once a sweet and innocent performer soon unleashes their inner dark side. You've gotta do what you've gotta do to be the best dancer. It's a perfect costume idea for Halloween, so get your ballet shoes on and get ready for the great batte! 


womens seductive swan costume


Dark Alice in Wonderland

It’s time for you to step out of the rabbit hole and venture into a new, darker world this Halloween. From innocent Alice to a more mature, cunning Alice. You’ll be in charge of Wonderland and not even the Queen of Hearts will be able to take you this time! If you’re heading to a Halloween party with friends, get them involved and dress up as other characters from the Disney classic! Sexy versions, of course.

Dark Alice in Wonderland costume 

Why does it feel so good to be bad?

Continuing with the theme of Alice in Wonderland, we’re moving on to the Queen of the story, The Queen of Hearts. She’s bossy, she’s rude and she sure loves a game of croquet. This time, she’s looking sexier and sultrier, so let’s see if the cards end up falling over when they catch an eye of her new outfit…

Womens Queen of Hearts Costume

Unleash the devil within

‘Better the devil you know.’ Devils are opposite to angels, and they sure love to cause a bit of trouble every now and again, especially for Halloween! Pop on your devil ears, a tail, grab your trident and show off your red hot side. Sure, devils are extremely common, but you’re going to stand out from the rows of red outfits with one of these numbers.


Devil costumes

Disco divas

All girls love a little black dress, no matter what the occasion! It complements your figure, looks stylish for any occasion and accentuates all the right places. For Halloween your LBD is going to need a make-over! If you’re heading to a party this October and want a simple yet sexy outfit, then look no further! Add some classy accessories and some make-up, then you’re all set.

Womens sequin Halloween dresses

Rattle your bones

Another typical Halloween costume that never grows old is the skeleton. It’s a simple look that can be created in an instant. However, don’t be fooled into thinking skeletons are boring; they can be very sexy too! It’s a fuss-free look great for those who are looking for a cost effective, easy-to-wear outfit for spook season, but still want to achieve the full cuteness factor.

womens skeleton jumpsuit costume

Ghost busting gals

Are you feeling brave this Halloween? If so, then it’s time to join the Ghostbusters and exterminate the supernatural, once and for all. You’re going to need to look the part to carry out the job well though, and a short little dress will go a long way! It’s time to put on your detective hat and help the gang…but be careful though, as the ghosts can be anywhere! This is a great sexy Halloween costume idea for groups of friends that want coordinated outfits.


Ghostbusters costumes


Let’s play

The next costume on our list of sexy Halloween costume ideas for women is a scary one. If you’ve ever seen the Halloween horror film, Chucky, then you’d have probably lost a few hours of sleep after afterwards. Chucky’s other half, Mrs Chucky is just as bad and gets up to the same tricks. She somehow still managed to look sexy at the same; how does she do it?!

womens chucky costume


The Halloween bride

We’re almost coming to the end of our list of sexy women’s Halloween costumes, but before we do, let’s walk down the aisle and surprise the party guests this Halloween. It won’t be like a traditional wedding; far from it! Pair this gorgeous bridal dress with some fishnet stockings and gloves for a sensual, stand out look.

Halloween bride costumes

A creepy Oktoberfest celebration

Hand’s up if you love everything about Oktoberfest? The costumes, the dancing, the beer, the tradition. What’s not to love? Add a dash of horror and style to your look for Halloween and become a sexy beer maiden this October.

Womens Oktoberfest Halloween costume

That’s it! We’ve made it to the end of our list of sexy Halloween costume ideas for women. No matter what your plans are, we’re sure you’ll find an outfit that’s the perfect blend of eye-catching and trendy. If you weren’t able to find what you were looking for, then be sure to check out our full range of sexy Halloween costumes here.

Halloween costumesWomens halloween costumes

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