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If you’re looking for inspiration for you and a loved one or a friend, look no further than this mammoth guide. Whether you’re looking for a couples costume for a hen or stag night out, a Birthday party, a festival or carnival, for Halloween, or even for World Book Day, we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled an epic list of 50 of the best couples costumes to help you get inspiration, no matter the occasion. Get your pen and paper at the ready, as you’ll want to jot down some ideas!


Peter Pan

The first idea on our list is one for those who are fans of the Disney classic, Peter Pan. Peter often finds himself lost within his own little world and can doubt himself from time to time. Get your best pal to join in on the fun, as you dress up as Peter and his shadow. It’s a unique couples fancy dress idea that no-one else with think of. If you’re the shadow, be sure to follow Peter wherever he goes…

 peter pan and his shadow costume

Tea & Biscuit

Who doesn’t love a nice cuppa in the morning, paired with a digestive biscuit or two? This ultimate British duo goes hand in hand, and one can’t be without the other. It’s a fun couples costume idea for an Around The World themed party, a BBQ party or any British themed event. Just be sure not to dunk your biscuit in for too long. No-one likes a soggy digestive!

tea and biscuit couples costume

Beans & Toast

Following on with the British theme, one of the most popular lunches has to be beans & toast. It’s quick, delicious, and full of protein. Butter your toast, add a bit of cheese or Branston pickle and you’re all set for a traditional, British meal. *Chef’s kiss*

beans & toast couples costume

Pizza & Hotdog

Weekends are all about quick and easy meal options. The Americans do fast food best, with their large portions and generous toppings. Nothing can beat it! A slice of pizza and a hotdog make the perfect fast-food choice. Team up with a friend who likes both and head to that food and drinks party in style. Don’t forget your own takeaway at the end of the night. Food eating food is a funny sight to see!

pizza slice and hotdog couples costume

Gin & Tonic

For your next night out on the town, opt for a classic, refreshing drink of Gin & Tonic. It’s a low in calorie drink with a light taste and it’s matched perfectly with a can of tonic water. The Gin & Tonic costume is a fun and creative idea for a food & drink themed party or birthday night out.

adult gin & tonic 2 in 1 costume

Fox & The Fox Hunter

The next costume on our list of couples fancy dress ideas is one for the party animals out there that want a fun drinking activity. If you’re heading out on a stag do and want to have a cool theme, what better than the Fox & Fox Hunter? Hide away from the Fox Hunter, but be warned – if you get caught, you’ll need to down a drink or two!

fox and the fox hunter costume

Sumo & Ballerina

How about waddling into the party wearing an inflatable costume with your best mate? Inflatable costumes are a lot of fun to wear and you're guaranteed to have all eyes on you at the party. Afterall, is there a better team than a sumo wrestler and a ballerina? We think not…

sumo and ballerina inflatable couples costume

Condom & Donor

If you’re looking for a slightly distasteful and rude couples costume idea for you and your mate, this is the choice for you. Great for stag parties, festivals and carnival events, it’ll make others lost for words. Safety first, as always!

donor and condom packet costume

Top Gun (Mav & Goose)

‘Sorry Goose, but it’s time to buzz the tower.’

There’s no better duo than Maverick and Goose from the iconic movie, Top Gun. From enemies to best mates, we love seeing their friendship blossom throughout the film. It’s a couples fancy dress idea for those that want to look suave. Add a pair of aviator shades and you'll make your grand entrance. To the skies we go!

 top gun costumes costume

Slinky dog

One of the cutest animals we all know and love has to be Slinky dog, from the all-round family favourite movie, Toy Story. Slinky is always getting tangled wherever he goes, no thanks to his extra-long body. It’s a unique costume choice for couples who don’t mind being stuck together…well, for at least a few hours!

slinky dog costume


Sorry, David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, your time is up. Baywatch has to be one of the most recognised TV programmes of the late 80s and early 90s. Swimsuits, swimming trunks and bikini’s absolutely everywhere (but who’s complaining?). You and your friend or partner can recreate the slow-motion, heart-racing theme for an upcoming summer party.

 baywatch costumes

We Love The 80s

Bright colours, wacky patterns, shell suits and leotards pretty much sum up the 80s decade. If you’re an 80s kid and fancy teaming up with a friend or partner for an 80s themed night out, you couldn't find a better couples fancy dress idea than this duo. Add some leg warmers, a headband and a curly afro wig and show off those moves!

80s couples costume

Barbie & Ken

‘Hi Barbie, Hi Ken!’

We’re bringing back the perfect dolls from the 80s and 90s. Ever since the Barbie movie was released in 2023, everyone’s been on a pink craze. Whether your partner likes pink or not, get them involved and skate your way down the boulevard, just like Barbie and Ken.

barbie and ken roller skate couples costume

Super Mario & Luigi

The two Italian brothers, Mario and Luigi love to have fun in Mario World. They spend their days collecting gold coins, jumping over Goomba’s and winning challenges. They make a great pair! If you have a best friend that shares the same passion for video games as you, what better duo to dress up as for an 80s themed party?

super mario and luigi couples costume


The next couples costume idea on our list is one for those who love a good dance, a refreshing beer and a pair of skin-tight lederhosen. Oktoberfest is a huge celebration that happens yearly every September and October in Germany. Locals gather together dressed in their best costumes with a beer in hand, and enjoy a night of singing, dancing and party mayhem. Get in the spirit of the iconic annual event with a Bavarian costume.

oktoberfest couples costume


Anyone fancy a pint? Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world. It’s tasty, ice cold and more affordable than an Instagramable cocktail that costs over £15. Whether you’re a fan of draft, IPA, stout or golden ale, this couples fancy dress costume idea will have partygoers’ mouth’s watering.

beer couples costume

1920s Flapper Girl and Gangster

Shimmy your way down to that dancefloor as the ultimate 1920s classy duo. The 20s-decade oozes in class, style and a lot of glamour. If you’re fan of the Brummy TV series, Peaky Blinders, you’ll have the chance to become Tommy Shelby’s double, alongside your very own glitz and glam, Flapper Girl. Add an accessory or two and light up that dancefloor!

1920s flapper girl and gangster

Toga & Gladiator

Next up on our list of couples costume ideas is one for the strong and mighty. Ideal for Greek nights, around the world themed parties and even carnival events, our toga and gladiator duo are ready for action. Put on a pair of gladiator sandals, gold bling and a leaf garland for an authentic finish.

gladiator couples costume

Grease Lightening

One of the most recognised and best musicals of all time has to be Grease. From caterpillar to butterfly, we see Sandy’s epic transformation at the very end of the movie…and yes, we’re talking about those leather pants! Grab your partner and become the iconic Sandy and Danny duo.

grease couples costume

Mad Hatters

You really are as mad as a hatter! The crazy, and slightly eccentric character from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is the king of tea parties. He's recognised for his odd sense of humour, his very tall and oversized top hat, and his unique demeanour. If you have a friend that’s just as mad as you, this is the perfect couples fancy dress idea for you!

mad hatter couples costume

Alice & The Mad Hatter

Sweet and innocent Alice is desperate to flee from her mundane life with her father. Luckily for her, she falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in Wonderland. Not only that, but she gets to meet the Mad Hatter. This costume idea is perfect for fans of Alice in Wonderland, or for those after a fairytale inspirated duo costume.

the mad hatter and alice couples costume

The Ringmaster & Ringleader

‘It’s showtime!’

It’s no secret that Zac Efron and Zendaya would make a great couple, and that’s why we can’t get enough of the movie, The Greatest Showman. Get your friend or your partner involved, dress up as the ringmaster and the ringleader and get ready for the greatest show on Earth.

the ringmasters couples costume


A couples costume theme idea, which is perfect for hen dos and stag nights, is a pair of cunning convicts. Escape from jail and run free on the streets, but watch out for the police, as they’re after you tonight. Just be sure not to leave each other behind…This one is for the rebellions couples out there that want to have a wild ride, for one night only.

orange convict couple costume


Ooargh me hearties! Pirates are known for their greedy nature, determination to find treasure, and for being a little mischievous at times. Deck the galley and scrub well, before the captain gives you a good booting! Dressing up as a pirate is a classic costume idea. It can be very budget friendly, too!

pirates couples costume

Birds Eye & Fish Finger

Next up on our list of 50 of the best couples costume ideas is none the other than good ol’ Captain Birdseye. Fancy something quick and easy for lunch that’s high in omega 3? Make yourself a crispy fish finger sandwich and smother on that tomato ketchup. You'll be instantly recognisable as the captain and his fish finger friend.

birds eye and fish finger couples costume

Where’s Wally

Somebody pass me a magnifying glass, as there’s a certain duo who are extremely difficult to find! Where’s Wally is recognised for his red and white striped attire and his black framed glasses, and now it's your time to become the iconic character. Dress up as Wally and Wenda and cause headaches all around at the party. This one is for couples that want to blend in to the party crowd.

wheres wally couples costume

Colonel & Chicken Drumstick

When we think of fast food, fried chicken may spring to mind. It’s juicy, crunch, oily and makes a great cheat meal for a Friday night. The man, the myth, the legend, Colonel Sanders is an absolute genius! If you have an American themed party to attend, a food and drinks party or even a stag do, this couples fancy dress idea is spot on!

chicken drumstick and colonel saunders couples costume


The next costume idea is one for the adventurers out there. Get suited and booted with your best buddy, put on your safari hat and keep your binoculars to hand in case you spot any wild animals. A safari themed party is always fun, and you’ll definitely look the part. Add some wild animals soft toys to complete your look.

 safari couples costume

Harley Quinn & The Joker

Hahaha! There’s a pair of mischievous Gotham City villains who thrive on wrecking the streets that Batman worked so hard to fix. Harley Quinn and The Joker are known for their wicked ways, wacky outfit choices and eccentric personalities. Show others at the party who’s boss!

harley quinn and the joker couples costume

Oompa Loompas

This next idea is one for those who adore chocolate. Willy Wonka’s cheeky Oompa Loompas will do anything to sneak away some of his freshly made chocolate bars... Get yourself and your friend or partner down to the chocolate factory and make dreams become a reality, especially for Charlie Bucket and his family. Practice the theme song, paint yourself orange and march into the party.

oompa loompa couples costume

Brownies & Scouts

Make your promise and team up with the others to make a flowerpot or a cake. You'll even get to go on exciting adventures away! If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, and fancy reminiscing the days where life was so stress free and fun, become the lead Brownie and lead Scout for the day.

 brownie and scout couples costume

Harry Potter

The boy who lived, Harry Potter, is one of the world’s most famous characters in the world of books and films. He’s ready to face the Dark Lord head on and finally destroy all those horcruxes he created. Wands at the ready, as you might be encountering Snape sooner than you think! This outfit choice is a top choice for fans of the books or films.

 harry potter couples costume

Superman & Supergirl

One of the most iconic superheroes of all time is Superman. He’s good looking, strong, and is recognised for his iconic blue and red suit. Alongside Supergirl, they’re on a mission to save Planet Earth and bring down the evil supervillain Lex Luthor. Can they do it? We think so!

superman and supergirl couples costume

The Perfect Pair

Are you willing to go all out for a stag party? Fancy causing a trail of laughter as you parade through the bar? Become the centre of attention and dress up as your own private parts at the party. It’s fun, rude and we can guarantee everyone will be on the floor laughing their heads off!

penis and vagina couples costume


If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, you’ll remember the good ol’ days spending hours on end colouring in. With an array of different colours, Crayola crayons bought us so much joy and happiness. Relive your childhood with your best mate as a pair of walking, talking, colouring-in crayons.

green crayon couples costume

Mary Poppins & Bert

Not everything in the world has to be boring and complicated. The magical nanny from Disney’s epic movie, Mary Poppins, is loved by all. She's a calm character that radiates optimism and hope. If you fancy a sing-a-long with your friend or partner, become the happiest singing duo alive at an upcoming movie themed party. It's a couples costume idea for couples that love their musicals.

mary poppins and bert couples costume


Have you ever wanted to go to space? You might not be able to achieve your dreams right now, but you can certainly look the part. Pretend you’re taking on the next mission to space with your co-pilot, aka friend or partner. All mission systems go for lift off in 3,2,1...

astronaut couples costume

Flight Crew

Next up on our list of 50 of the best couples costume ideas is one for the keen travellers out there. Take charge of the plane and head out on a new adventure to a country you haven't visited before. Afterall, you know what they say about a man or woman in uniform…

pilot and air hostess couples costume

The Tiger King

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series, The Tiger King, you’ll absolutely love our Tiger King duo costume idea. Become Joe’s identical twin brother as you transform into the eccentric zoo keeper. Team up with a pet tiger and bring back the king of exotic animals.

tiger king couples costume

McDonald & KFC Colonel

When we think of two of the biggest names in the fast-food industry, McDonalds and KFC spring to mind. They took the market by storm, and they continue to be a hit this very day. Thank you very much, Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders, you heroes! Dress as the iconic duo for an upcoming night out.

 colonel and mcdonald couples costume

Chicken Drumstick & Fish Finger

Whilst we’re on the topic of food, a great couples fancy dress costume idea for those who are looking to increase their protein intake is the legendary chicken drumstick and the fish finger. Whilst they may not be eaten together on the same plate, they’re great meal choices for anyone who’s looking for a quick and easy dinner. It’s all about balance…

chicken drumstick and fish finger couples costume

Fred & Wilma Flintstone

Head back to the stone age and become the most popular couple in Bedrock. Fred and Wilma Flintstone are known for their kind nature, and they adore their best friends, Barney and Betty. Hop in the Flintmobile with your loved one and head to your 60s, 70s or 80s themed party.

fred and wilma flintstone couples costume

American Footballers

‘First down, first down, on our way to a touchdown!’

American football is the biggest and most popular sport in the US. Are you a big fan yourself? Train alongside your best bud day in, day out and get drafted to the NFL. Become the next Patrick Mahomes and Justin Jefferson!

american football couples costume


Are you ready to walk like an Egyptian? Jet back 5000 years in history to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Their legend and creations have lived on for thousands of years, and yours will too when you suit up in a classic Egyptian costume. Become the mighty pharaoh king, or rule over the kingdom as the beautiful Cleopatra.

adult unisex ancient egyptian costume

Halloween couples fancy dress ideas

Morticia & Gomez

The queen of darkness, Morticia, and the king of the castle, Gomez, are iconic characters on the Halloween scene. They head up the Addams Family and keep everything in order when things turn kooky and spooky. Try out this epic duo look with your partner for an upcoming Halloween party.

morticia and gomez addams couples costume

The Plague Doctors

It’s the 17th century and everyone has been ridden by the deadly plague. Get ready to operate on that table and become the scariest and most terrifying doctor any patient has ever seen! Join forces with your co-worker and cure all at the party. Plague Doctor's are a trending couples costume idea for those that want something extra creepy.

plague doctors couples costume

The Evil Jesters

Entertain the crowd this Halloween with your wicked ways and unique personality. Tell your best jokes to the audience, as they howl the night away laughing to their hearts content. You never want to get on the wrong side of a jester, or in this case, two jesters…

jesters couples costume


Show your teeth and feast on some tasty neck this Halloween as a dark vampire. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, you’ll be out hunting for your next prey. Join forces with your lover and find yourselves a delicious human meal. Vampires are a classic Halloween couples fancy dress idea, popular every single year.

vampire couples costume

Wednesday & Cousin Itt

Last on our list of 50 of the best couples costume ideas guide is another fan favourite from the popular show, The Addams Family. Wednesday is Morticia and Gomez Addams’ daughter. She’s dark, devious and loves to be alone. Wednesday gets on well with Cousin Itt, and they sure do make a great team.

wednesday addams and cousin itt couples costume


We’ve come to the end of our epic list of couples fancy dress costume ideas for adults. We hope you managed to gain some inspiration, and you now know what to dress as for an upcoming party or event.

Be sure to check out our full range of couples costumes in our online store here. We have options for every occasion you can think of!


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