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Hello, and welcome to our enchanting guide of Alice in Wonderland costume ideas! This Tim Burton favourite is an all-round family classic that’ll make us fall in love with some of the characters all over the again (apart from the evil Queen of Hearts, of course!) Join Alice on her adventures into Wonderland where things get curiouser and curiouser by the minute, encountering the maddest hatter in the land and a floating Cheshire cat with the largest grin ever to be seen.

Alice in Wonderland costumes are great for Disney themed parties, World Book Day, birthday parties and countless other occasions. Alice themed tea party anyone? If you’re looking for inspiration for Alice in Wonderland costumes, continue reading below, and dive deep into our rabbit hole of ideas.


A world of nonsense

We’re starting of our list of Alice in Wonderland costume ideas with no other than sweet Alice. She’s always had such a curious mind and loves to go out exploring, especially to places she knows she shouldn’t! On a bright and sunny day, she wanders off alongside the riverbank to escape from boredom where she encounters the white rabbit. Of course, Alice being Alice follows him straight down the hole into Wonderland.

On her way into Wonderland, she drinks potions to make her smaller, to be able to fit into tiny spaces. She also meets some eccentric characters along the way. Just remember: read the instructions on all food and drink clearly, otherwise, who knows what may happen...

Alice is the top costume ideas for adults and kids that see themselves as the main character in the story, and there’s countless different looks to choose from. Are you a traditional fairy-tale Alice or a sultrier, sexier version?

Alice in wonderland costumes

Tick, tok, tick, tok

Unfortunately, we’ll never know why the White Rabbit was always so late, and what he was late for.  The White Rabbit in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is one of the ‘sanest’ characters in the films. He’s unlike your ordinary pet rabbit, as he likes to dress smartly in a waistcoat and trousers, with his signature accessory, a pocket watch. The White Rabbit is the reason why Alice got into Wonderland in the first place, after following him down the rabbit hole, desperately trying to find out what he’s late for.

Looking for an Alice in Wonderland costume idea that’s perfect for World Book Day or a Disney party, then this rabbit is it! Just make sure you’re not late for a very important date. We all have an alarm clock on our phone…

white rabbit costumes alice in wonderland

Off with their heads!

Next up on our ultimate guide to Alice in Wonderland costumes is no other than the Queen of Hearts. The no-nonsense, heartless monarch loves to give out a death sentence or two, even if it’s for a minor issue. She shows little to no remorse and will have you off with your head in an instant. The Queen of Hearts has hundreds of cards working for her, along with gardeners, and of course, her trusty servant, the White Rabbit. If you fancy a spot of croquet, then you’ve already lost before the games have even begun, as there’s no winning when the queen’s around!

If you’re looking to become the fierce monarch of the story and rule the cards at your next Disney themed party, then look no further. Don’t forget to add a spot of white face paint and a spot of red lipstick, then you’re all set! The Queen of Hearts is an Alice in Wonderland fancy dress idea for those that have a rebellious side.

queen of hearts costumes alice in wonderland 

It’s time to play a game of cards

As a member of a deck of cards, you have the difficult task of acting as one of the Queen’s servants or guards. You’ll need to have a hawk eye and keep a watch on anything suspicious, reporting any nonsense to the queen immediately. Each of the cards in the fairy-tale have different roles; the spades are gardeners, clubs are soldiers, diamonds are courtier, and hearts are members of the royal family. The cards are incredibly loyal, and it’s no wonder, as they won’t be very good cards without a head! This is a creative Alice in Wonderland costume for those that fancy something a little different to the usual characters.

queen of hearts cards costumes alice in wonderland

You’re hopping mad!

Are you looking to become the next Johnny Depp in the latest, modern version of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland? The job description is quite simple: you need to be bonkers, eccentric and above all, mad. Does this sound like you? The Mad Hatter and his best friend, the March Hare, are known for throwing frequent tea parties in celebration of their ‘unbirthdays’, where there’s never such a thing as too much tea. He’s known for his cooky ways and his large hat, which defines his identity. The Mad Hatter is possibly the most outrageous character in Alice in Wonderland and he sure makes a great one to dress up as for World Book Day!

mad hatter costumes alice in wonderland

Innocent and sweet Alice, no more

The next costume on our list of Alice in Wonderland costume ideas isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sweet and pure Alice has turned bad, just in time for spook season. Introducing Zombie Alice… She was once so innocent, but as soon as entered the rabbit hole, she became possessed and is on a mission to destroy the Queen of Hearts once and for all. We’re not sure how she transformed into a zombie underground, but it’s likely to have been the potion, or the spot of food left on the table for her. Why not mix things up a bit this Halloween in this number? Alice in Wonderland doesn’t have to be the usual happy fairy-tale story…

alice in wonderland costumes

The hatter has turned to the dark side

Following suit on the Halloween theme, this Mad Hatter turns into Bad Hatter for one night. For one night only he’s out to change up the entire tea party game. Alice won’t know what to expect when she arrives and meets Bad Hatter for the first time. She must tread with caution, as he’s more evil than ever and you never know what’s inside the tea and cake! This Bad Hatter just needs a touch of makeup and blood and he’ll make the perfect character for that gothic fairy-tale occasion. Team up with Dark Alice as you become the devious duo that stopped the evil queen! It’s a great couples costume idea.

Adult bad hatter costume

Let’s hang upside down and smile

The final costume Alice in Wonderland costume idea is the famous Cheshire Cat, who’s known for his mischievous grin and for floating in mid-air. Whilst he acts as Alice’s guide throughout her adventures into wonderland, he also likes to cause some trouble and confuses the poor girl. He confuses her by sayings unhelpful things like, ‘if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.’ If you like cats, are a bit mischievous and can’t stop smiling, then this Cheshire Cat has your name written all over it. Get your little girl ready for World Book Day or a tea party with this classic and less popular character.

cheshire cat alice in wonderland costume

That wraps up our list of Alice in Wonderland costume ideas! As soon as you fancy an escape from reality, just find the White Rabbit and slide down that rabbit hole, where your new adventure will await. If you were inspired by the adult and kid’s Alice in Wonderland fancy dress ideas on our list, be sure to check out the full collection here. There are many different styles to choose from.

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