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Hello, and welcome to our guide on the best boys Halloween costume ideas for 2023. Let’s face it, it can be tough work trying to figure out your own costume for Halloween, let alone the many different costume options for your child…because they want them all! To make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled together a list of our favourite and most popular boys Halloween costume ideas for 2024.

If your boy is looking to transform into a little terror and give his classmates the fright of their lives, he could become Pennywise, the manipulative and frightening clown from the hit movie, IT. Alternatively, how about the multiple-eyed monster, better known as the See Monster? Our list also features many of the more traditional Halloween costumes such as wizards, werewolves, and zombies too. Check them all out below!


IT Pennywise the clown

We’re starting off our list of the best boys Halloween costume ideas with possibly the world’s most feared clown. From the hit movie IT, Pennywise plays the part of cunning and manipulative clown who goes unnoticed by adults. Fear not parents, as your child will only look like Pennywise, not have his powers! He makes a great character for kids to dress up as for Halloween. It’s safe to say, his classmates will be pretty freaked out when they see your child turn up as Pennywise!

Boys IT Pennywise Costume 


Whi imagined that the thin, tall and creepy man, known as Slenderman, would be such as huge online trend back in 2009? So much so that a movie was released in 2018 and was soon a huge hit with kids. He may not look as scary as a clown but looks can be quite deceiving! If your child is looking to become a hit sensation for Halloween, then he’ll love transforming into the Slenderman on October 31st. As it’s quite a scary movie, young kids may not have seen it, but if they like to scare and give their friends nightmares, then it’s the perfect choice.

 Kids Slenderman Morphsuit Costume

The boy who lived

Get ready to fight the Dark Lord and his death eaters, as you finally destroy all the horcruxes to finally defeat all evil as the living legend, Harry Potter! You have a difficult job on your hands, especially as the bad guys are much more experienced and powerful, but always remember, 'help it always given to Hogwarts, for those who deserve it.' 

kids harry potter robe kit


Circus Strongman

“It’s circus, the happy place.”

The next costume on our list of the best boys Halloween costume ideas is a very strong man indeed. If you want to opt for something a little less spooky for Halloween, then the circus is where it’s all at! We’re talking about the all-round family favourite, The Greatest Showman. Your little boy can transform into the mighty strongman and show all the other men how it’s done! Circus is a popular theme for Halloween and makes a great family themed fancy dress idea too. Dress dad as a Ringmaster and mum as trapeze talent Anne Wheeler.

Boys Strongman Costume

Chucky the doll

‘Hi, I’m Chucky…wanna play?’

It’s true what they say, boys well and truly love their toys, but what happens if one of their beloved toys are replaced with a terrifying doll with ginger hair? Chucky, from the movie Childs Play, is on a mission to kill of all his victims and transfer himself into human bodies. Whilst he’s yet another hair-raising character, your child will be set to be winning the prize for the most petrifying character around!

boys chucky costume

See Monster

As they always say, you never truly know what lies beneath the water. Whilst the See Monster doesn’t exactly belong in the sea, he has multiple pairs of eyes, so there’s no running away from him. Whilst he isn’t that pleasant on the eye, he makes a fantastic Halloween costume for little ones.  Many boys love monsters and this is the ultimate monster costume to get them excited!

Kids See Monster Costume 

Nightmare clown

Does your child continuously like to scare you on a daily basis, not just on Halloween? Does he like to give you nightmares? He’ll transform into the ‘oh so frightening’ clown that will guarantee to give you nightmares days on end. Parents, you may want to sleep with the light on, as your boy is going to be causing havoc this Halloween! This is one of the creepiest clown costumes you can find and is perfect for older kids.

Boys Nightmare Clown Halloween Costume

Alien Lord

Is your boy fascinated by the outer galaxy and loves all things to do with space? We can only wonder what life is out there, but for now, we’ll just enjoy watching E.T. This Alien Lord costume is the ultimate representation of other-worldly beings. Aliens are known for having large heads with wide eyes and unusual features and your child will stand out from the Halloween party crowd as soon as he walks in. It’s unusual, colourful and one of the best boys Halloween costume ideas for this year.

Boys Alien Lord Costume

The greatest wizard of all time

The most powerful and fearless wizard in the entire wizarding world is without out the legendary, Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series. He sure knows how to cast an epic spell, or two and is always willing to pull out his best tricks when Lord Voldemort is in sight. Wand at the ready and go and get the bad guys!


kids dumbledore costume


Mysterious Wizard

Another great boys Halloween costume on our list is inspired by films such as Harry Potter, Merlin, Fantastic Beasts and all of the other stories about dark or courageous wizards. If your child is looking to become the most powerful wizard of all time and knows all the spells like the back of their hand, then this is the costume for them!

Boys Gothic Wizard Costume 

Dark wizard

Carrying on with the theme of wizards, we’re moving to the dark side. When we think of dark wizards, we think of the evil and most feared wizard of them all, Lord Voldemort. If you put a single step wrong, you’ll be cursed and evaporated! The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter inspire some of the most devious wizards around and this costume perfectly represents the theme.

Kids Dark Wizard Halloween Costume

Cursed werewolf

On the eve of a full moon, spooky things can happen in the forest. Werewolves may appear human by day, but by night they transform into hungry, angry animals…and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Does your child want to break free and unleash his frustration from all that homework? He’ll become a 4-legged creature on October 31st and there’s no going back! Awooooo!

Kids Cursed Werewolf Fancy Dress

Ghost Creeper

Halloween is all about looking your best, and by best, we mean as frightening as possible (especially for kids). We’re going back to one of the classics with this boys Halloween costume idea. Ghosts always make a great Halloween costume for children and they’re popular every year. It’s time to put your white bedsheets to one side in exchange for the Screaming Ghost. He’s a bigger, meaner version of the ghost character we all know and love. Check out that giant face!

kids cool ghoul costume

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is the bringer of death and soul sucker of the Underworld. He’s scary enough to make anyone sleep with one eye open at night! What makes him so frightening is his pale, long face and mysterious cloak. No-one knows who’s under the hood and any sight of Grim means death… Your boy will look as frightening as ever this October 31st. This is one of our favourite Grim Reaper costumes out there!

Boys Dark Grim Reaper Costume

Zombie bug

The next costume on our list of the best boys Halloween costume ideas is a true rebel. It’s the perfect costume for children who find it pretty hard to wake up in the mornings for school and loves to be a bit different.  Zombies don’t have to be the usual dull creatures of the undead this Halloween! This one rocks!

childrens deluxe bug zombie costume

Halloween vintage clown

Whilst Halloween is primarily a celebration for all things gruesome and awesome, why not do it in style and dress up for the occasion? Let’s take the conventional clown and transform him into a smarter, party-ready version. Your child can look as scary as he wants, depending on whether he wants to paint his face or not. This is a suave boys Halloween fancy dress idea for the older kids that don’t want to wear a mask.

Boys Vintage Halloween Costume 

Day of the Dead

If you’re wanting to treat your boy to a costume that’s still slightly scary, but a little more cultural, then you can surprise him with one of our Day of the Dead costumes. An event that’s celebrated not just in Mexico, but throughout the world, celebrates the lives that those who have passed away. It makes a perfect Halloween costume, whilst still sending chills down spines!

Boys Day of The Dead Suit Costume 

Ninja warrior

It’s time to lock your doors, windows, and lock them again, as there’s a ninja on the loose! Your boy will fully embrace the dedicated assassin life of a traditional Japanese ninja. Be afraid, be very afraid, as he lurks about the town to hunt down his enemies. Whilst this costume doesn’t have the physical scare factor, the deadly nature of this age-old warrior makes it great for Halloween. Books, video games, films and TV shows are all popular with kids, making this costume right on trend.

Kids Ninja Costume

Skull Knight

Will your child be the knight in shining armour at the party, and save all from harm? Well, usually knights are heroic savours and good guys, but not the Skull Knight. Inspired by medieval warriors and creatures of the undead, this intimidating boys Halloween costume idea will be loved by all his friends. Your child won’t need to worry about being attacked by a sword, as he’s completely bone-less!

childrens deluxe skeleton knight costume 

Star Wars

We’re almost at the end of our guide on the best boys Halloween costume ideas, and what better way to end than with the coolest boys costume themes of all! Rivalling superheroes for popularity with boys, Star Wars requires no introduction. Video games, toys, theme parks and more is based on the space franchise and the release of the latest Star Wars movies ensures that there’s an endless amount of characters to dress up as. Join the dark or light side of the force as characters from both the original and latest movies. This is a great idea for groups of friends or brothers. 😊

Childrens Star Wars Costumes


So that’s it, our complete list of the our favourite boys Halloween costume ideas for 2024. We hope you found some cool ideas and can now plan for the biggest fancy dress night of the year! If you weren’t able to find exactly what you were looking for, you can check out our full list of all boys Halloween costumes here. Be sure to send us your Halloween photos on social media – we’d love to see them!

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