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Calling all those that love a festive party; it’s your time to shine and to let your hair down this Christmas! Whilst Christmas is a lot about the scrumptious homecooked food, lots of tasty and delicious treats and wonderful presents, we can’t forget about the parties! Whether you’ve got an upcoming Christmas work do, or are heading out to your favourite local bar or club with your friends, you’re going to need to look the part. To inspire you with snazzy outfit ideas that’ll stand out on your night out, we’ve assembled some of our favourite Christmas party costume ideas.

Are you a golden goddess of the dance floor or is a giant inflatable turkey more your style? Find Christmas party costumes for every occasion in this fun ideas guide.


Suited and Booted Santa

This Christmas party costume idea is for all the men out there who love to look sharp over silly. This year, why not ditch last year’s Santa costume in exchange for something more up market and suave, transforming yourself into the ultimate Santa boss. It’s a great look for any nights out or for your work Christmas do. Even your boss will be envious of you in this dapper outfit!

mens christmas green nordic opposuit



Disco God

The next costume on our list of Christmas party costumes is the king of rock n roll, the one and only…. Elvis! Whilst you won’t quite fit the bill as being a rock legend, you’ll certainly look the part. This costumes also doubles up as an 80’s style party outfit – you can use it time and time again for any occasion that calls for a stand-out look. It’s time for you to take centre stage and show off them disco fever moves to match your blingy-gold look! Your friends won’t miss you in this outfit…

adult disco man costume

Disco Queen

Following on from the theme of disco fever, we have the perfect costume idea for all you queens of the dance floor out there. Unleash your inner diva and become a real dancing queen like the Abba girls! There’s really no need for additional lighting at the party, as you’ll be shining bright like a diamond in this gold jumpsuit. Not only is it a festive look, but it’s so versatile and can be worn for almost any event or night out.

gold disco queens 

Miss Claus

The next costume on our list of Christmas party costume ideas is Father Christmas’ wing woman and partner of all the festivities, Mrs Claus. She might not be as round, or may not be able to eat as many Christmas puddings and mince pies as the big guy, but she sure knows how to dress well! Why not team up with your partner or work colleague as the ultimate Mr and Mrs Claus duo this Christmas?

 womens classic miss santa costume

Flapper Girls

If you like being glamourous, flirtatious and girly on your Christmas night out, you’re going to need the help of a certain sequined, bright and sparkly dress. You’ll look like you’ve gone back in time to the 1920s era and are headed straight to the red carpet when you don a classic flapper dress. Christmas is all about the glitz and glam after all, so hang up your old glad rags from last year and slip into something a bit more stylish this Christmas.

 1920s flapper girl costumes


Inflatable Gingerbread

This next costume is one for those who love to be a bit silly, especially over the festive period. Christmas is all about the barrel of laughs, food and fun, so why not take things up a notch this year and become the main gingerbread of the show? No-one will take you seriously this year, but that’s ok, as you’ll be the star baker and will provide endless amounts of Gingerbread Men to friends and family. Surprise your colleagues with this hilarious Christmas party costume!

 adult inflatable gingerbread man costume

Inflatable Tree

We’re continuing with the theme of inflatables and heading straight for the star of the show with this number. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a tall, beautifully decorated Christmas tree, even though they’re a lot of hassle putting up each year. You might not feel comfortable standing in the corner of the room all day long for the month of December, but you can definitely dress up as a tree for a few hours. Have fun pretending to be a casual Christmas tree and your work party!

Adult inflatable Christmas tree costume

70s Disco King

Christmas is the time of year where you go in search of your inner popstar and display some wicked dance moves that you never realised you had. No matter if you were born in the 70s or just love this wonderful decade, it’s a great look for the Christmas period. All you need now is a partner and a dance floor, and you’re ready to boogey the night away! This is an age-old Christmas party costume idea that 70’s kids will appreciate.

mens 70s era disco suit costume

Sequins Galore

If you’re looking for a cute little dress for your upcoming Christmas night out or party, you’ll want to opt for something unique that no-one else will wear. All girls love sequins, the more the better! Whether you love Rudolph, fancy becoming as cold as a snowflake, or are Santa’s favourite helper, these will make you feel extra special this festive season. They’re subtle dressy and a lot of fun to wear.

 Christmas sequin dresses

Christmas Cracker

We’re coming close to the end of our list of Christmas party costume ideas, but we can’t miss off this ‘cracker’ of a costume! Even though the gifts usually are a bit rubbish, crackers truly make Christmas dinners, so it’s important everyone at the table has a chance to at least win a party hat. Hopefully you won’t get pulled to pieces this year though. Let the battle commence…


adult christmas cracker costume

Oh Christmas Tree

If your friend or work colleague has already decided to dress up as Mrs Claus, then the next best thing is a Christmas tree! Yes, they’re a massive pain to put up, especially the thousands of lights, but it’s worth it for admiring all of your hard work for at least one month. Light up the dance floor at your upcoming party in this stunning Christmas tree dress.

womens tinsel christmas tree costume

The red man himself

The final costume on our list of 12 fun and festive Christmas costume is the one and only, Santa Claus. The big red man is back again for another year to bring all that love and festive cheer! Have you been good, or have you been bad? That's all for Santa to decide! It's a fun and fitting outfit idea to wear for an upcoming Christmas party. 

adult inflatable santa costume


We’ve come to the end of our list of Christmas party costume ideas for this year. We hope you enjoyed reading and managed to gain some fun and festive inspiration for your upcoming festive party. If you weren’t able to find something, be sure to check out the rest of our party costumes here

We wish you all a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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