Gone are the days when dressing up is just for the older kids. Adults, toddlers and now babies can get involved! Transform your little one into an adorable bundle of joy with our baby fancy dress costume ideas. They’re based on everything from cute animals to professions, characters and mythical creatures. Pick out the perfect baby costume for a special party or get ready for a seasonal event such as Halloween, Easter or Christmas. Check out our favourites below. 😊



Dress your little one up as the king of the jungle with a cute lion baby costume. We all love Simba and Nala of the Lion King and you can hold your baby in the air just like Rafiki does at the start of the movie. It’s warm and cosy too! The lion’s mane wraps around their little head and acts as a cushion.


Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are Disney costume favourites that all children adore. The story of Christopher Robin and his woodland friends has been passed down by generations and now it’s your child’s turn to join the gang. Pooh Bear and Tigger outfits come in a variety of adorable styles for babies, and there’s options for older kids too.



Do you have a cheeky little one that likes to dress up? Let them unleash a big roar in this friendly looking baby dinosaur costume. It has a bobbing tail at the back and cute footprints underneath the feet. Our favourite thing about it is that cheeky smile of the baby inside, peering out from the dinosaur’s mouth. 



The Lil Piggy costume is a contender for one of our favourite baby fancy dress ideas. Babies are cute and chubby in their early years of life and a piglet costume fits their cheeky personality perfectly. The outfit has pointy years, a little snout and is a shiny pink colour. A brilliant outfit idea for baby girls!



The Dinky Dragon baby costume is no doubt one of the most stand-out ideas on our list. Dress up your little boy or girl as a mythical creature shown in their storybooks and TV shows, giving them wings to fly, a long tail and big sharp teeth. This of course, is a happy dragon. A comfortable dragon Onesie that can be used for Halloween, a birthday party or simply looking cool at home.



Reserved for children on the mischievous side, a Cheeky Lil Monkey outfit will make your child look extra adorable as they giggle during playtime. Even when they’re being naughty it’ll be difficult to be cross at them when you see how cute they are. 😊 The baby monkey outfit is a full-body Onesie, with a hole for their face and big monkey ears.



For all the water babies out there, that enjoy bath time and going for a parent and baby swim, this tiny turtle outfit is a baby fancy dress idea that’ll be right up their street. It’s bright green in colour with a supportive shell on the back and big friendly eyes. It’s amusing watching them crawl on the floor looking just like a baby turtle!



Say hello to Mr or Mrs Penguin! A penguin always looks smart in its black and white suit and your girl or boy will look extra cute in this baby penguin costume. The overlapping flipper arms and big penguin feet are really what makes this outfit come alive! It comes complete with an attached top hat and bow tie.



Perfect for Easter-time, a bunny baby outfit will go down a treat with the whole family. Bunny rabbits have always been associated with being cute and fluffy and this masterpiece of a costume looks extra snuggly. Pop-out ears, a pink bow tie and big rabbit feet give this outfit an appearance that would look adorable on a little girl.




Some babies like to play and eat; others would much rather join mummy or daddy at work to help bring home the bacon. The Business Baby costume transforms your little one into a smart businessman ready to take on the world of banking. It’s great for a 1920’s or ‘Gangsters and Dolls’ themed party or joining the parents at work for the day.



A top pick for Halloween, this baby bat Onesie gives your little one a spooky makeover into one of the smartest cave bats we’ve ever seen. Dress them up for a family Halloween event or joining the rest of the kids for a night of trick or treating. You can’t leave the baby out, especially when they look this cute! We especially love the purple bat wings and glowing orange embellishments.



Another Halloween favourite is this Cute Little Pumpkin outfit. Accompanying your child to a trick or treat evening out when they’re dressed in this is sure to bring lots of candy treats! The costume includes a nice little hat and leaf-design foot inserts to really show off that pump-tastic look. Sit them alongside some carved pumpkins to capture the perfect photo.



If you’re looking for a baby costume idea on a grand scale, dive deep under the sea and pick out this fantastic Lil Lobster fancy dress outfit. It’s bold, brilliant and will be at the spotlight of any birthday party. Why not dress the rest of the family as mermaids, fish, sharks and other underwater creatures? Your little lobster will be the star of the show though. 😉



Puppies are man’s best friend and kids of all ages adore them, even young babies! Present them this adorable floppy-eared puppy outfit and they’ll be overjoyed at becoming their favourite pet. Paw-print feet, huge floppy ears and a cool stitch design make this baby costume idea a winner every time.



When Christmas comes round, all parents need a helping hand wrapping presents and writing lists to Santa. That’s where your little helper can come in! This cute Santa’s Little Helper outfit gives any baby a festive makeover, just in time for the big red man arriving down the chimney. Surprise the whole family with a bundle of cuteness on Christmas day or dress your little one up for a festive party.



Now we’ve inspired you with some of the cutest baby fancy dress costume ideas, pick out your favourite and give your child a fun transformation. Kids love dressing up and the adults will appreciate the costume as much as the baby once they see how cute they are. Baby fancy dress costumes make great gifts for the children of family and friends too.

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