Excited to party with your favourite person? What better way to blow the roof off in a fun couples costume. Whether you’re a pair of silly lovebirds or loyal besties, a themed outfit will have heads turning and can reveal something special about your relationship. We’ve rounded up a list of 7 fascinating couples costume ideas perfect for all occasions - from festivals to Halloween and 80s parties.

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Think you’re a hot couple? Bring the scorching Californian beach vibes from the hit ‘80s TV show to the summer festivals. Vibrant and sexy, a Baywatch outfit is an excuse to flaunt those legs, flex those muscles, and get onlookers walking by in slow motion! You lovebirds will be the cause of envy looking inseparable in matching attire, so no need to sweat about rescuing each other out the pool of girls and boys wanting to swoop you in! Enjoy making a splash in this '80s couples costume and get other baes watching.



Yabba Dabba Doo! If it’s the lady with the brains in the relationship, Fred and Wilma are just for you. Give the party a comical ‘60s throwback as everyone's favourite animated Stone Age couple. You and your other half will look like you’ve jumped straight out of the TV screen dressed as iconic cartoon characters. The Flintstones are known to dance the Twist - or shall we say the ‘Twitch’ - so all will have a ball watching you party Bedrock style. Be brave, escape the cave and have a good old rave in a funny couples costume!




Fancy a bit of high school romance? We know you Grease-lovers wanted to join the T-Birds and Pink Ladies. They were cool, fun, and sexy - so rekindle Danny and Sandy’s love dressed like these ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll rebels. T-Bird, own that cocky attitude for that bad-boy leather jacket. Pink Lady, ditch that sweet girl persona and turn into a fierce and provocative diva. A party has yet to see a happy couple dancing and singing to each other, and the DJ might just play Summer Nights for you. Slick that pompadour, bounce those curls, and do the classic hand jive in this stylish movie couples costume.



Party animals, get ready to load your guns and dance the Charleston! For the glitz and glam girl and the smooth, bad and flashy fellow, there’s something about the Jazz Age that is irresistible to all. Be the fanciest love bugs at the 1920s costume party in a dazzling flapper dress and dapper gangster pinstripe suit - everything high-profile about the roaring twenties. It’s the decade everyone wanted to be a part of, evoking the days of Al Capone, Zelda Sayre, Josephine Baker, and The Great Gatsby. Look suave and stylish, swing those legs, and Lindy Hop the night away.




It’s about time you both fought side by side to show everyone what you’re made of. No matter how dark and mysterious you’ll look, this superhero couples costume will not go unnoticed with its sexy yet badass style from head to toe. Batman, the scariest superhero of all, will have a Halloween party terrified of your shadows. Whether you want to destroy the villains of Gotham City or just let the world know what a super couple you are, this masked and all-black appearance won't tell them any different. Strike double the fear this fright night as the strongest and most feared couple.




Way to go! It looks like the Mario Bros are out of town and sent their girlfriends on a mission. Super Mario is the face of the gaming world, and for that, an all-time favourite for '80s and '90s couples costumes. You could be siblings or partners in crime - Mario and Luigi’s signature jumpsuits are legit second to none to show you have each other’s back. These red and green heroes are famous for being loyal to the end, no matter the challenge or situation. If you’re the eldest one and not afraid to run headfirst into a dance floor battle, the red jumpsuit is for you. Save Princess Peach later, and enjoy having fun Mario Party style.



For the friends that enjoy being silly billies, bring one of Britain’s most iconic food commercials to life in this funny couples costume. We're not sure what you think, but there’s something quite amusing about dishing a mate like they’re a piece of meat. As you’ll both be fighting over who will look like the edible snack in this couples costume, we think the fish finger should be for the one with... a memory like a fish! If it’s the best on the Captain’s table, then it will be the best anywhere else. We can’t hear you? Aye aye, captain!




Now that you’ve found the best couples fancy-dress costumes for various occasions, we guess you and your companion are ready to flaunt what you’re all about. A couples costume makes every party experience more exciting and is an easy way to snatch the limelight. We know you’re spoilt for choice, so we recommend picking the costume that best suits your personalities or characterises your relationship. Get in the party spirit and choose one of the couple's outfits above, or you can explore the entire collection of adult costumes here.

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