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Halloween is the best day for dressing up in the whole year, so why not get all of your friends involved? Themed group Halloween costumes are the best way to party the night away in town or rock up to a Halloween party in style! Corporate events, family house parties and a night in your favourite bars all call for spooky attire. Our group Halloween costume ideas include movies, TV shows, festival themes and horror classics, all of which have enough characters to form a Halloween squad.


The Addams Family

For families that want the perfectly suited Halloween group costume, there’s no family scarier than The Addams Family. This comedy classic is a movie and TV series that has lived on for decades and its selection of characters presents a great opportunity to impress. Dress dad as Gomez or Uncle Fester, mum as Morticia and the kids as Cousin ITT and Wednesday. It’s not just for families either! Adult costumes are available for many of the characters so you can transform your whole friend group.


Game of Thrones heroes and villains

2019 was the year that we saw the final season of Game of Thrones. Whatever your feelings are towards the ending of the show, there’s no denying that it continues to be one of the best TV programmes ever created, with gripping storylines, interesting characters and epic battles! Recreate your own ending to Game of Thrones by dressing as your favourite character. Become fierce King of the North Jon Snow, go for the scary look dressed as a Whitewalker or unleash hell as the fiery Mother of Dragons.


Day of the Dead Posse

Awaken from the dead and parade into the party dressed in style. A Day of the Dead group theme is one of the spookiest yet coolest group Halloween ideas around and it’s right on trend this year. Day of the Dead fancy dress is inspired by the Mexico City festival that happens in November every year, celebrating the lives of deceased ancestors in a parade of dancing, floats and parties. Sugar skulls and cartoon-esque face painting is the trademark for this look, so be sure to practice your make-up skills.


Zombie Squad

Create your own version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, re-enact Shaun of the Dead or run around as the unbelievably fast Zombies from the Walking Dead TV series. Zombies always have a big part to play at Halloween and with the sheer amount of different zombie outfits available, it makes a great group Halloween fancy dress idea. Choose from zombie cheerleaders, prom queens, policemen, basketball player and many more styles, then perfect your undead make-up and you’ll be party-ready!



Not necessarily a scary group Halloween costume idea but a fun one nonetheless, there’s always an occasion to dress as a superhero and nothing looks better than a whole entourage of heroes storming into the party. With the release of the Avengers: Endgame movie earlier this year and countless other superhero stories, movies and games, this year has never been a better time to save the day and fight crime dressed as your favourite caped crusader. Choose from classic Marvel superheroes such as Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Panther or Shuri, or go for DC powerhouses Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This idea is the best for huge group sizes!


Disney Villains

Every Disney movie has a villain and some of them are more notorious and devious than others. This is a group Halloween costume idea that both kids and adults will be a fan of and it can be applied to any type of Halloween event you’re attending. Unleash your best acting skills and become Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook, Maleficent, the Queen of Hearts or any of the other evil bad guys from Disney movies. This one works best with a group of girl and guy friends.


Heroes of Agrabah – Aladdin

Disney’s Aladdin is back on the big screen with a live-action re-make of the original film. It’s a musical tale of royalty, poverty and charm as Aladdin tries to catch the eye of the princess with the help of his hilarious genie and pet monkey. Don the bold and beautiful colours of Arabia and attend the Halloween party as a trio of Aladdin characters. Will you go for the realistic costumes from the latest movie or the classic look of the original animated film?



For groups of four, Ghostbusters is the way to go! These 80’s superstars of ghost and ghoul fighting make an iconic group costume idea every Halloween and 2019 won’t be any different! Don the 80’s look of the original squad or go for the modern Ghostbusters outfits from the recent movie. There are even costumes for the bad guys! Transform two of your buddies into the oversized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer, then the rest of the gang as ghost-busting experts. Cue theme tune… 


Halloween Hotties

You don’t have to dress up in a big goofy costume or wear a mask for Halloween! If you’re heading to a Halloween party or have a big night out planned, look stylish and sexy whilst keeping with the theme by wearing a Halloween themed dress. All you need is some smoky or spooky make-up and you have yourself a great costume. Choose from a selection of Halloween sequin dresses, including skulls, spiderwebs and vampire fangs.


Orange is the New Black Convicts

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black is a hit TV drama, telling the stories of a group of female inmates in a high security American prison. Their distinct orange convict uniforms are recognisable a mile off and will sure make you stand out! Grab your girlfriends, pick out an orange jumpsuit and accessorise with handcuffs. It’s a cheap and easy but effective group Halloween costume. There’s no need to limit it to girls either. Put your own twist on the TV show and invite the guys along. There are orange convict suits for men too!


Serial Killer Crew

Infamous Halloween movie serial killers such as Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Pennywise and Jigsaw may be terrifying in their own standalone movies, but what would happen if they all came together? Would they combine forces or face-off against each other? There’s only one way to find out! Suit up your friends in Halloween serial killer costumes from the best scary movies and leave a wake of fear at the party. It’s an idea that’s pretty rare to pull off well and suits perfectly with the Halloween theme.


Gotham City Villains

Embrace the dark side of the world of superheroes by becoming your favourite Gotham city villain. Gotham is the gritty world of crime and misfortune featured in the Batman comic universe, where his foes can be both crazy, twisted and criminal masterminds. This makes them a firm choice for Halloween! Become the cunning Heath Ledger Joker, the alluring jungle temptress, Poison Ivy, or the crazy but brilliant Harley Quinn. There’s plenty of Gotham villain costumes, so your whole group of friends can dress as someone unique.


Sinister Circus Performers

Come on down to the big top tent and get ready to creep out your mates. Sinister Circus is a theme we love! Circus clowns, mysterious harlequins, ringmasters and jesters are all part of the action. You can either create the fun and fabulous showbiz vibe of The Greatest Showman movie, or opt for a darker atmosphere and bring out the evil inside you and your friends – just make sure you all stick to the same style!


Alice in Wonderland characters

Re-live the magical fairy-tale of Alice in Wonderland and get lost in a rabbit hole of shenanigans. Alice is the star of the show and suits a girl with an urge for adventure. The Mad Hatter is a wacky character for anyone to portray and the Queen of Hearts is the top choice for those with a serious attitude! Choose from the traditional Disney movie costumes or give the theme thrilling twist with Dark Alice in Wonderland outfits.


Traditional Bavarians

October isn’t just about Halloween. It’s also the month of the legendary Oktoberfest in Germany! The event has now spread worldwide, bringing with it plenty of beer, hearty German food and guaranteed good times. Mix your Halloween celebration with Bavaria and dress your entire gang in authentic Lederhosen outfits. It’s unusual, simple and a barrel of laughs for Halloween night at the bar. Plus, you can re-purpose your costumes and attend an Oktoberfest event. Munich anyone?


Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

Represent the Jamaican National Winter Olympics team with your buddies by dressing as the original squad from the classic 90’s movie, Cool Runnings. These Morphsuits are easy to wear and boast the vibrant green, black and yellow colours of the Jamaican flag, along with a bobsledding helmet. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not craft your own bobsled out of cardboard and run around the bar? It’s one of the funniest Halloween group costume ideas for groups of four friends!


Assemble your Halloween squad and ride your broomsticks to the party!

Now you have plenty of group Halloween costume inspiration, head on over to our shop and pick out an outfit for each of your crew. Group Halloween fancy dress is great for both families and groups of friends or colleagues and you’ll have plenty of fun in your spooky squad! Want to explore our other Halloween costumes? Check them out here!

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