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Nothing says Halloween like a good scary movie, snuggling up on the sofa and peeking at the TV from behind a pillow. Step up your October 31st game and get involved yourself, dressing as your favourite (or most feared) movie character. We’ve selected some of the best Halloween movie costume ideas based on horror flicks old and new, to help you decide on a film inspired Halloween outfit for your party or night out. They range from gruesome and horrifying serial killers to fun comedy villains - the look you go for is completely up to you!



Based on the novel by Steven King, I.T is a supernatural horror movie that introduces one of the creepiest and most feared types of Halloween villains – clowns! Pennywise the clown terrorises the town of Derry, causing strange disappearances and leaving a haunting memory to everyone he encounters. With two I.T movies and a reputation as one of the best horror movies of the decade, dressing up as I.T’s Pennywise is the go-to creepy clown look this Halloween.



Mystery Inc!

Are you ready to solve that mystery (apart from Scooby and Shaggy of course!) Time to roll up your sleeves, grab your Velma magnifying glass and get to work, as there's a lot of bad things happening in town! Hop in the Mystery Inc van and put all your heads together to solve the mystery. It's a great costume idea for a group of friends for Halloween.


scooby doo costumes

The Addams Family

On a lighter note, the Addams Family movies tell the tales of the life of a terrifically unusual and creepy bunch of family members that live together in a haunted mansion. They embrace the funny side of being at one with the underworld and have had movies and TV series based on their stories, including a new animated film for 2019! Become furry friend Cousin Itt or one of the gothic relatives. It’s a fun movie Halloween costume idea for groups of friends and families!




If creepy dolls give you the goose-bumps (and they definitely give us the chills), Annabelle the doll will frighten the living daylights out of you. In the movie, a couple’s home is invaded by a devil worshipping group, in which they curse the baby’s nursery as they try to summon a demon. Blood falls onto a doll and turns it into the ultimate evil object and havoc ensues! The sequel ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ movie is released in 2019, making it a fitting movie Halloween costume to strike fear into your friends!

Adult Halloween Annabelle Costume

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger is a horror movie veteran that has had countless movies, games and TV series based on his character. He first featured in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie storyline as a mentally disturbed serial killer that murders victims in a dream world, which also kills them in real life. He’s also known for his trademark scarred face and ‘slasher’ claw that he uses to murder his victims. Don Freddy’s iconic appearance to frighten party guests.



Friday the 13th

Alongside Freddy Kreuger, Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th movie franchise is just as prolific as a character and the pair have even had a face-off in the Freddy vs Jason movie. In cahoots his just as devious wife, Jason is a serial killer throughout all of the movies, murdering his victims in twisted ways and bearing a trademark hockey mask to hide his identity. He also doesn’t seem to die! Dress up as Mr or Mrs Vorhees and their intimidating hockey outfit or combine both costumes and go to the party as a couple.


If you’re looking for a classic, cheap and easy movie Halloween costume this year, look no further than the ghost-face presence of serial killer, Scream. This villain of the night puts on a mask and slides into people’s homes with a sharp knife, causing horror in his wake. He’s also the face of the bad guy from the Scary Movie series! Funny or serious, this mass murderer outfit is perfectly suited to a Halloween party!

Adult Screamer Gown and Facepiece Costume


Harry Potter

One movie series that will never get old is the legendary, Harry Potter. It's an all-round family favourite and makes a great movie marathon for Halloween. Join Harry and his friends as they navigate difficult paths year on year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, learning new spells, overcoming obstacles and above all, getting those horcruxes. It's a great costume idea for families and groups of friends, just in time for spooky season. 



harry potter costumes


Dark Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland story has had many adaptations, including Disney’s animated fairy tale to wild and wacky live action remakes and darker side to the story. Embrace the dark Alice theme and dress as the Mad Hatter or Alice with a difference! The costumes are great for couples that want an edgy Halloween movie costume for a party.



Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a cult classic thriller movie, featuring a mysterious rabbit character that plays with the mind of troubled teenager, Donnie. Whilst the movie wasn’t initially a bit hit when it was released in 2001, it gradually gained traction and has grown a big fanbase for its unusual style and thrilling psychological storyline. Dress up as the monstrous rabbit from the film for a look that will creep everyone out.

Mens Rabbit Donnie Darko Costume 



Movie Halloween costumes don’t have to be scary. Beetlejuice is an example of an 80’s horror comedy that was the first of its kind, taking the horror theme and making it funny! Evolve into Mr Beetlejuice himself with a stand-out pinstripe suit, ghostly make-up and wacky hairstyle. It also makes a cool couple’s costume idea. Dress up with your partner and haunt your family members on the 31st October.




From the film, Child’s Play, Chucky, the possessed doll, has become a horror movie icon alongside many of the other serial killers, clowns and creepy villains. ‘Chucky’ is a doll in which the soul of a serial killer lives within, who terrorises different victims over the course of the different movies, recruiting accomplices and wreaking havoc along the way. There are many different storylines to the character and everyone will recognise who you are on Halloween night!



Teen Wolf

Howling werewolves are humans by day that are transformed into wolf-like beings under the moonlight. They go hand-in-hand with vampires, zombies, monsters and other creates of that night that make dressing up for Halloween so much fun! Transform into the werewolf character from popular TV series Teen Wolf, which is based on the original 1985 movie. It’s a remarkably cool Halloween costume that others won’t think of.

 Mens Teen Wolf Movie Costume

Zombieland / Shaun of the Dead

We’ve lost count at the amount of zombie movies there are! From comedy classic Shaun of the Dead to Zombieland, Silent Hill and the scariest Halloween movies of the century, zombies have played a vital part in terrifying audiences worldwide. The best thing about them is the mass variety of appearances. Will you be a zombie cheerleader or undead doctor? Or how about a pirate of the living dead?




Vampires are the leading character of horror stories and movies, from teen love story Twilight, to the action-packed Van Helsing, Blade and the original Dracula movie. Choose a vampire costume look that suits you this Halloween and you really can’t go wrong! It can be both a budget friendly fancy dress idea, or you can go all out with realistic make-up and a high-quality cloak. Seek out your victim and get your knife and fork at the ready – there’s some juicy blood humans’ trick or treating nearby!



The Ghostbusters

For groups of friends that want to rock up to the Halloween party dressed as one of the most memorable supernatural extinguishing squads in movie history, recruit your mates and suit everyone up in Ghostbusters outfits. With recent re-makes of the original movie, 2019 is a better time than ever to bring back these 80’s heroes. It’s a popular movie Halloween costume every year.



Frankenstein is an over-sized monster that was created as the result of an experiment that went wrong. He’s tremendously strong and his traditional look is green in colour with bolts through his neck and a square jawline. Frankenstein has always been a top Halloween choice for kids and adults and there are plenty of movies and TV shows based on his character, from cartoons and comedies to darker horror flicks. This character will need no introduction on Halloween!

frankenstein costumes


Zombie-walk down the Hollywood Hall of fame with us!

Now we’ve inspired you with some excellent Halloween movie costume ideas, all that’s left to do now is pick your favourite and hit town dressed in style. Will you go for the horror-tastic look or a quirky character from a lesser-known film? There are plenty of brilliant couple’s and group costume ideas on our list, so why not gather your friends, family or partner and make it a group affair?

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