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Isn’t it every child’s dream to save the world from ending, defeating the bad guys and being known as a world-famous superhero? Your child may be in awe of Batman’s bravery and skills, or already spent hours on end in their room trying to blast web from their hand, just like Spiderman. From the kids superhero fancy dress classics to new heroes from Marvel movies, we’ve assembled a wide array of kids superhero costume ideas to choose from. Check them out below and surprise your little one with an epic costume they can be proud of! Let’s go and get them baddies, once and for all!



The first star on our list of kids superhero costume ideas is none the other than Batman. Batman has grown massively in popularity over the years, especially since the release of the latest film, The Batman, featuring Robert Pattinson as the man himself. Your child too can work alongside Batman, or even go solo if they fancy the challenge, fighting crime in Gotham City and showing the mischievous Joker who’s boss. It’s a great costume idea for any party, not just a superhero theme!

kids batman costumes 


Where would Batman be without his trusty sidekick, and best friend, Robin? He might not be as powerful as Batman, but his cunning mind and ferocious combat skills makes him the perfect crime-fighting partner. Whilst he doesn’t have much screen time in many of the modern movies, he’s an important figure in the comic books. If your child has a best friend and they fancy going to the party as the ultimate duo, then Robin is the way to go!  

kids Robin costumes


‘You are much stronger than you think you are.’

Has your child always wanted to be one of the world’s most recognised superheroes? Originally appearing in American comic books by DC Comics, Superman has grown to be one of the greatest comic and film characters out there. He’s known for his skin-tight blue costume, his red cape, and of course, the ‘S’ logo that sits proudly on his chest. Everyone recognises Superman and there’s no better kids superhero costume choice for little ones that want to be the centre of attention.

Kids superman costumes


It’s time to take a break from the male superheroes, as it’s all about the girls now! We all know Superman for his strength and powerful demeanour, but what about Supergirl? She’s equally as powerful and stands tall and proud wearing her signature ‘S’ logo on the front of her dress. As Superman’s cousin in the comic books, she’s a perfect choice for your little girl for any superhero themed party, or World Book Day. She could even team up with her friend as the most well-known superhero duo of all time, Supergirl and Superman!

kids supergirl costume


Here’s another top kids superhero costume idea for your girl... If she likes to remain mysterious, with the same dark allure of Batman and covered head to toe in a bat-like disguise, Batgirl is the way to go. This feminine version of the classic Batman hero is perfect for girls that want to re-create their on-screen hero look. Alongside Batman, she fights for what’s right and does all she can to save Gotham City from being destroyed. Your child will love playing the role of this legendary superhero on World Book Day!

kids batgirl costumes

Black Widow

One of the most important Avengers and with her own standalone movie, Black Widow is a rebellious trained assassin. She escaped her old, controlled life and now deals with her history as a spy. Everyone loved the 2021 film featuring Scarlett Johansson and she has since become a popular costume choice for girls! Your child will need to be level-headed and stealthy to take on this role… will she be up for the task?

childrens black widow costume


Like Batman and Superman, Spiderman is up there as being one of the most recognised superheroes in the world. Known for his spider-like abilities, he’s extremely agile and is able to stick and climb on walls using his spider hands! Spiderman has grown even more in popularity since the release of the latest film with Tom Holland, in Spiderman: No way home. If your child is constantly on the move and can’t keep still, then he’d make a fantastic Spiderman! This is a kids superhero costume idea that will never get old!

kids spiderman costumes


Next up on our ultimate kids superhero costume ideas list is a hero from the standalone 2018 film by Warner Brothers, Aquaman. It’s a story about a half man, half Atlantean, who takes us on his journey to retrieve the famous trident of Atlan, in the hope to save the water world. If your child is a fan of sea creatures and everything ‘under the sea’, then he’ll be the perfect fit for the role. Aquaman is a children’s superhero costume idea that’s a little different to the rest, so they’ll stand out from the crowd.

kids aquaman costume

The Flash

Usually, there’s no coming back if you’ve been struck by lightning, but for Barry, it’s a different story. He uses his new-found power of superspeed to fight crime and stop the bad guys! From Barry to The Flash, he’s got a new bright red and yellow outfit and is ready for some action! The Flash is a fitting superhero for your child, especially if he’s fast on his feet…

childrens the flash sustainable costume

PJ Masks

Not all superheroes costume ideas for kids are based on comics and movies! PJ Masks is an animated children’s TV series that has become extremely popular. It features a heroic trio who go on missions to solve mysteries and defeat villains, transforming into superheroes during the night. They are relatable superheroes, especially for younger children that aspire to become their on-screen friends. Help your little ones suit up as Amaya, Connor and Greg for an adventure into their world.

kids pj mask costumes

The Incredibles

The Incredibles are possibly the friendliest family around. They work together, play hard together and support one and other. However, it all goes wrong once Mr Incredible is captured. Your child will take on the role of either Violet or Dash, as they work closely with Mrs Incredible to save him! Not only is The Incredibles a cool kids superhero costume idea, it’s great for families too! Join the children by dressing up as Mr and Mr Incredible.

kids the incredibles cosutmes

Captain America

Next up on our list of kids superhero costume ideas is the noble, valiant, Captain America. After spending time in the army as a loyal US soldier, he then joined team Avengers to defeat the evil Thanos. He’s a great figure for your child to transform into, showing them the true value of support and loyalty! Plus, he has the best superhero accessory of all – his ‘Vibranium Shield’.

kids Captain America costume

The Incredible Hulk

The next superhero doesn’t need much introduction. He’s big, he’s strong and not to mention, very green! The Incredible Hulk beholds enormous strength, which increases as he get angrier (so don’t push his buttons!). Being one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, he needs to eat a lot of food to ensure his muscles stay strong and lean! Whilst it might not be the best idea for your child to paint himself green, he’d make a cracking Hulk dressed in a costume, giving the illusion that his skin is actually green. Who’s ready for a ‘Hulk smash’?

 boys hulk avengers endgame costume


Being one of the original Avengers must make you pretty special. Thor is just that and so much more! He’s a unique character that everyone fell in love with in the film, which Chris Hemsworth as thunder god himself. Your child can transform into the Thor, as he stands strong and proud with his Mjolnir hammer. With more Thor movies on the horizon, this character will be a popular children’s superhero fancy dress idea for years to come.

 kids thor endgame costume

Guardians of the Galaxy

Not one but superhero but a group of mighty heroes, the last idea on our list are the space-faring Guardians of the Galaxy. They’re made up of a group of space pirates who are led by the comical captain, Star-Lord. Whilst each and every one of them are unique in their own right, they come together and form a wonderful bond, as they work together to help defend planet earth. If your child wants to team up with their friends from school, they can form the mighty gang, as Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, or Rocket Racoon.

kids guardians of the galaxy costumes
We’ve made it through to the end of our guide to the best kids superhero costume ideas! We hope you found some dressing up inspiration for your kids. ‘Superheroes’ is a theme that can be applied to any occasion, from a birthday party, World Book Day, Halloween, or simply dressing up and having fun at home. These characters never get old! If you weren’t able to find the perfect superhero transformation for them, be sure to check out the rest of our kids superhero costumes here for more ideas.


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