Spice up your time at home by dressing up (or down) in stylishly sexy outfits based on uniformed professions, movie stars and other characters that ooze sex appeal. Find inspiration on the hottest sexy costume ideas that you can use in the bedroom and surprise your partner when they least expect it. Slide into a revealing outfit when they’re watching TV or get dressed up together for some steamy roleplay. You’ll get a little hot under the collar reading this blog post…



Take charge in the bedroom with your truncheon and handcuffs. No-one can resist a man or woman in uniform! Sexy police officer outfits are great for ladies that like to be dominant and make an arrest of their own. Choose from the short-skirted version of a traditional British officer or become an American traffic cop with mysterious aviator shades and a revealing uniform.




In times of need, a naughty nurse must be on hand to provide the precise treatment needed. Squeeze into a tight nurse outfit, grab your stethoscope and get ready to deliver some life-saving mouth-to-mouth. Nurse uniforms will always be a winner in the bedroom and there are lots to choose from!




Live out your fantasy of accidentally brushing up on the maid whilst she cleans or watching her bend over to sweep the floor. French maids have long been an icon of sexiness and there are lots of styles to choose from. Take it to the next level by putting on your best French accent and doing some roleplay.




For sexy costume ideas that are completely different to the usual uniforms, embrace your inner superhero and dress head to toe in spandex as Catwoman. This devious character from the Batman movies is sly, sophisticated and has a feline prowess that will have any man weak at the knees. Ask your partner to dress up as Batman for the ultimate comic fantasy.




Get inspired by Britney’s school girl style or the Play Mates of Hugh Hefner with a scandalously short school girl outfit. A ruler, black rimmed glasses, freckles and a sultry look will all add to your appearance. Who’s been a naughty girl? It’s a look that your partner will love and a top choice for bedroom roleplay.




Turn up the heat and get someone hot under the collar with an alluring firefighter outfit. Fire fighters are renowned for being hunky and sexy and this is a uniform that will be on and then off within a matter of minutes. Guys can go for the heroic open-jacket option to show of those guns, whilst the ladies might want to utilise their tallest boots and a fire jacket, with absolutely nothing underneath.




The whole premise of Burlesque is sex appeal, confidence and creativity, whilst producing a great show at the same time. Give yourself a 1920’s make-over and dress down into some sexy Burlesque attire. Combine it with your favourite lingerie and you have an irresistible outfit that’ll make their jaw drop. Practice a Burlesque routine to take this outfit idea to the next level.




There’s something seductive about traditional sailor’s outfits. Men and women look hot in seafaring white suits and the hat really helps perfect the look. Guys can dress up in a hunky French sailor suit, whilst the ladies will turn heads in a pin-up style sailor dress. Pretend your partner has returned from many months at sea and whisk them away into the bedroom all weekend. 




When you think of a man or woman in uniform; army, navy and air force military wear is usually top of the list of attractiveness. Embark on your own mission at home with your partner by dressing up as a commander and cadet, or maybe a pilot and navigator? Sexy military outfits have a variety of racy options for getting under the covers.




For a fantasy makeover that would give Jack Sparrow a shock, low-cut and short length ladies pirate outfits are the way to go. Don your cutlass and unleash your wild side as a seafaring scallywag, ready to march into the cabin (or bedroom) and take what’s yours. A creative sexy costume idea for bedroom roleplay that demands high energy.




Fairy-tale characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and Cinderella may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to getting dressed up for the bedroom, however scandalously sexy versions of these outfits exist. Picture Cinderella running to the ball and bending down to pick up her glass slipper in a short dress or Alice with knee high stockings. These sexy outfit ideas allow you go get creative in cosplay and create a bedroom fairytale that shows what happens after the princess meets her Prince Charming.




If you want a sexy costume idea for the bedroom that’s easy and affordable, re-invent ancient Greek history dressed as gods or goddesses of Athens. Become the goddess of love, Aphrodite and look like royalty in a white toga with golden jewels. Men can brave the look of Hercules or Zeus. What’s the best thing about Greek toga costumes? They’re easy to slip out of… The Greeks were known to get a little freaky from time to time.




This one’s for the guys and it’s one of the most iconic costumes from the big screen. Join the cast of The Full Monty to dress up and then dress down to your undies (and further), for a homemade strip show that’ll have your partner on the edge of their seat. Play the theme tune, turn up the volume and have fun unleashing your raunchy side. We recommend watching the movie for some inspiration first.



Watch out Pamela Anderson, it’s time for a new beach babe to steal the show! Since the days of Baywatch, lifeguards have long been associated with looking sexy in red. Revealing swimsuits and lots of cleavage will have your partner wanting mouth-to-mouth. Lifeguards is an alluring sexy outfit idea for both guys and girls. Get your beach-bod at the ready!



We hope we’ve inspired you with some sexy outfit ideas for the bedroom. Dressing up is a great way to up your bedroom game and you’ll explore a side of you that you didn’t know existed. Surprise your partner with something extra special or sit down and discuss your wildest fantasies together. Have fun 😉

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