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Hand’s up if you love any excuse to have your friends round for a beer, or two? The wait is almost over… It’s Guinness time all round on the 17th March, as we celebrate St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration that takes part every year on the 17th March, honouring the patron saint of Ireland. As we know it today, St Patrick’s Day is also a huge party, that’s not only just celebrated in Ireland, but in other parts of the world too. Everyone gets together on the streets, parade flout tour cities and everyone dresses up in green to have a great time.

If you’re heading out to the local pub on the 17th, hosting an epic St Paddy’s Day party at home, or are even flying out to Dublin for the festivities, you’re going to need to look the part. Check out some of our favourite St Patrick’s Day costumes below.


St Patrick's Day Costumes

Let’s have a pint

The first outfit on our list of St Patrick’s Day costume ideas is one for all lovers of the highly popular Irish beer brand. It’s a tasty and rich beer that’s not only loved by the Irish, beer enthusiasts worldwide! Drink it on its own with your friends on St Patricks Day, or have it with a civilised hearty meal of beef stew or a shepherd’s pie. The choice is yours!

adult pint of draught beer bottle costume

Traditional Leprechaun

When we think of Ireland we sometimes imagine the mythical character of Irish folklore; the Leprechaun. A Leprechaun is the male version of a fairy that is known for wearing a bright green suit, a top hat and an apron. If you want to get in the Irish spirit for the day, why not transform into this little man this March? You’ll be the talk of the town!

mens st patricks day irish leprechaun costume

Down it!

If you’re counting the calories this St Patrick’s Day, and don’t want to go overboard with the booze, why not opt for a lighter beer? (sorry, Guinness!). The question is, will your friends be able to keep up with you? This is a costume idea that boldly displays the vibrant green colour that we associate with St Paddy’s.

adult lightweight beer bottle costume

Pecs Dress

Beer isn’t just for the guys, it’s for women, too. So instead of dressing up as a beer bottle, that does nothing for your figure, why not exchange it for a mini dress to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? It may be a German brand of beer, but that doesn’t matter, as we all know how the Irish love their beer in general… Plus, it’s green!

adult female pecs beer dress

The Green Morphsuit

The next costume on our list of St Patrick Day costume ideas is one for those who like to make a statement. Whether you’re a ninja, a toy soldier from Toy Story, or fancy dressing for the part for St Patrick’s Day, a Morphsuit is an easy and comfortable outfit idea. Combine it with an accessory such as a hat and you have the perfect St Patrick’s Day costume.

adult green second skin suit costume

Captain Y-Fronts

When we think of superheroes, we imagine them being strong, powerful and serious. However, it’s a completely different story for Captain Y-Fronts. Occasions such as St Patricks Day are all about having a laugh, so why not find your inner superhero and dress the part? No-one will be able to take you seriously, but that’s ok! Proudly display those undies and green attire to the world…

 captain y fronts superhero costume

Religious Duo

Next up on our list of St Patrick’s Day costume ideas is slightly more serious than our other costumes, but seeing as St Patrick’s Day is a religious event, we had to add a religious costume in the mix. If you want to show others how proud you are of being Irish, or even if you’re not Irish, and fancy something that’ll stand out from the crowd, look no further.


religious vicar and nun costumes


Colour me in

What’s life without a dash of colour? Ignite your inner child spirit, grab yourself a colouring book and doodle away. Crayola crayons come in a variety of different colours, but you’ll need a bright green crayon this St Patrick’s Day. This is a great St Patrick’s Day outfit for a group of friends. Can you imagine a colouring box of green crayons parading through the bar? We can!

green crayon costumes


It’s me, Borat!

The last St Patrick’s Day costume idea on our list is for all the Borat fans out there. If you’re feeling a bit daring, or just like to show off,  bare some skin at your upcoming St Paddy’s Day party and show others what they’re competing with. It’s also a great costume choice for other occasions such as stag parties! Do you have what it takes?

mens green borat mankini costume


Leprechaun hat and beard

The first accessory on our list of St Patrick’s Day costume ideas is a traditional add-on that’s perfect for any Irish folk, or anyone who loves the mythical man with fairy-like features. It’s the perfect accessory to team up with your leprechaun outfit. Alternatively, wear it with plain clothes for a quick and easy St Paddy’s Day look.

adult leprechaun hat and beard

Beer hat

We all know that the Irish can drink, so why not join in with a head trophy of your own? Be sure to stay true to the occasion and choose a beer that’s Irish. It’ll be a challenge to see if you can really keep up with the Irish in your friend group. Bottoms up!

beer mug hats

Wave your flag

The next accessory is an obvious way to show other partygoers what occasion it is that you’re dressed up for. Flags are a great accessory to jazz up your outfit, so if you’re looking for something simple and understated, pick up an Irish flag or two. Wave it high and proud this March!

ireland hand flag accessory

Shamrock bag

Do you consider yourself being a true Irish lady? Stand by your roots and add a dainty accessory piece that symbolises St Patrick’s homeland. If you’re really lucky, you might even get more than you bargained for this St Patrick’s Day….

irish shamrock bag accessory

Irish hats galore

The final add-on accessory is one for those who want to stand out from the crowd. If you’re feeling jazzy and extra fancy, pop on a top hat. They go with any outfit and will instantly transform your look into a St Patrick’s Day icon.

green glitter mini top hat accessory


We’ve come to the end of our list of St Patrick’s Day costume ideas! We hope you managed to find some inspiration and ideas for this year. If you weren’t able to find something that caught your eye, check out our full range of costumes for this joyous occasion!

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