Star Wars is quite possibly the greatest movie franchise of all time! Loved by kids and adults of all ages and having been refreshed with the latest Disney Star Wars movies, the tale continues in a galaxy far far away…and now you can become part of it!

Browse our top 16 Star Wars costume ideas below and suit up for a Star Wars fancy dress party or cosplay event. The only question left is…what side of the force will you choose?




All hail Lord Vader! Darth Vader is the instantly recognisable commander of the Dark Side of the Force. Once known as Anakin Skywalker before he risked everything to save Padme and was turned to the dark side by the emperor, he’ll stop at nothing to unleash the fury of the Galactic Empire. He wears a black space-suit with a helmet and wields a red Lightsaber in battle, and now you can do the same! Darth Vader costumes are available for men, women and kids of all ages! 


The glorified foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire that can’t seem to shoot straight, Stormtroopers are the loyal soldiers of Darth Vader, and they have different variants throughout the movies, from Clone Troopers to Death Trooper commanders. The original white Stormtrooper appearance from episodes 4, 5 and 6 will always be our favourite, and they’re some of the coolest costumes around! Go for the original look for men or wear a female-design Stormtrooper outfit and march into battle!



Stormtrooper outfits are cool, but the enhanced silver Stormtrooper outfit of Captain Phasma takes it to the next level! Featured in the Star Wars Force Awakens movie as commander of the First Order, the captain looks exactly like a Stormtrooper but with shiny silver armour, a cape and alternate helmet. Marching into the party dressed as Phasma is sure to impress and it makes a good group costume. Dress as Captain Phasma and ask your friends to accompany you as standard Stormtrooper soldiers – ideal for a Stag-do.



What is it with the good guys turning to the dark side? Kylo Ren was the main bad guy in Disney’s first Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. As soon as Han Solo that bad, his sole purpose is to wipe out the Jedi and their planets so the dark side can prevail. As far as costumes go, there’s no denying he looks pretty bad-ass, dressed in long black robes with a deep hood and intimidating mask. Go for the adult’s or kid’s Kylo Ren costume and accessorise with his dual light-beam Lightsaber to perfect the look.



Fancy becoming a Star Wars character that no-one else will think of? Recreate the ferocious look of Darth Maul from Star Wars Episodes 1, 2 and 3. This well-trained Sith Lord is known for wielding a double-edged red Lightsaber and having a black and red face with horns. Don his jet-black robes and menacing appearance with a Darth Maul costume and mask. And you can’t forget his powerful dual red-crystal Lightsaber.



Bobba Fett is the space-faring bounty hunter that has been featured in movies across the series, famously freezing Han Solo in carbonite stone and causing the Jedi all sorts of trouble. He wears a full spacesuit of body armour and has a distinguished helmet, but his key battle tactic is to fly through the air with his jetpack and launch wrist rockets. Bobba Fett is a classic costume choice for guys of all ages!



Jabba the Hutt is the slimy space monster featured in episodes 4, 5 and 6. As a kingpin of underground crime in the Star Wars world, Jabba is ruthless and doesn’t allow second chances, so everyone that owes him soon faces a horrible fate. In the movies, he makes Princess Leia his slave and takes Han Solo prisoner. Looking for a hilarious fancy dress costume for the party? Dress in an inflatable Jabba the Hutt costume and arrive with your partner dressed as Leia by your side.




Rey is a tough scavenger struggling to get by on the planet of Jakku when her life takes a different turn, and she finds herself fighting against the First Order and in search of lost legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker. She featured in the 2015 Disney Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie and is now one of the most popular female characters in the galaxy. Girls and women of all ages can transform into Rey with her sand-coloured robes and battle staff.



K-2SO is one of the funniest characters in the Rogue One Star Wars movie. With a dry sense of humour, this disobedient imperial droid was re-programmed by the rebels to assist pilot Andor. This robotic character is a firm favourite from the latest Disney Star Wars movies, and both kids and adults will like to transform into this quirky robot. K-2SO costumes feature the droid’s carbon armour-like plating and authentic face mask. Stand out as a less typical character at Comic-con!



The Jedi are the main characters in most of the Star Wars movies, possessing powers of the light side of the force to defend the galaxy and defeat the emperor. While their outfits are different in the movies, they traditionally wear cream trousers, a shirt and a brown Jedi robe. Who’s your favourite Jedi? Obi-Wan? Luke Skywalker? Anakin? No matter the Jedi you want to become, you can unleash the force with a Jedi robe and accessories. All you need to decide on is the colour of your Lightsaber! Jedi’s are a quick and cost-effective solution for a Star Wars fancy dress party and suit both adults and kids!



Yoda is the Jedi master and counsel lead for the Jedi. Infinitely intelligent and able to see the future, Yoda is the sensei to Jedi’s come and gone and a powerful leader for the light side of the force. Not only that, he’s less than three-foot-tall and has Lightsaber fighting skills that rival the strongest opponents! He’s super-fast, funny and a character loved by all, and now you can become him! While kid’s Yoda costumes are the best as they suit his short height, adults can also be a taller Yoda too, and the mask will give you that authentic Yoda smirk. “Ooo, well dressed you are”.



Princess Leia was played by Carrie Fischer in the original Star Wars movies and has gone down in movie history. She’s a strong-minded and courageous leader of the rebel forces and works alongside Luke Skywalker and Han Solo to bring peace to the galaxy. Her outfit of choice is pretty and white, changing ever so slightly throughout the movies. Women and girls of all ages can become the princess with one of the many Princess Leia costumes. Will you go for a skin-tight space suit or the traditional flowing outfit with a hood?



Good old Chewy is a Star Wars character that we all love. Right-hand man to Han Solo and a powerful, hairy Wookie, Chewbacca is a mercenary of little words but he has a big heart. Dress as the big hairy Wookie with a kid’s or adult’s Chewbacca costume and mask – all you need is a giant crossbow! Chewbacca costumes can be both budget or authentic movie-style, and the character is a definite hit at any party or cosplay event!



Take to the skies and into outer space as the Rebel Alliance’s number one X-wing pilot, Po. He’s a character that no-one else will think of dressing as for the party and this bright orange space suit complete with helmet looks movie-authentic! X-wing pilots are the main space fighting force for the Rebels throughout the movie series, and it makes a great Star Wars group costume idea. Assemble your friends and dress as a group of X-wing pilots with Luke Skywalker at the lead!




For female Star Wars fans that want to become the beautiful Queen Padme Amidala, this costume is sure to catch your eye. This courageous leader served as Queen and then a Senator during episodes 1, 2 and 3 and fell in love with Anakin Skywalker before facing an unfortunate fate because of her lover. The costume features Padme in her sleek and sexy space jumpsuit, ready to fight the empire. Hitting the party with your partner? Why not dress as Anakin and Padme for a cool couples’ idea?



Decided on a Star Wars costume? Get all of your friends involved and hit the party or night out dressed as a group! Star Wars has plenty of group ideas within the theme and can be done on any budget. It’s also a good choice for a cosplay event such as Comic-con! For more Star Wars fancy dress inspiration, view the full collection in our shop area here.

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