Prepare to save the universe dressed as your favourite superhero! Our superhero costume ideas guide covers all of the major comic book, movie, and cartoon superheroes we all know and love, from classics such as Batman to less obvious choices from recent superhero movies that no-one else will think of! Superheroes is one of the most popular dress-up ideas around and is great for both kids and adults, from nights out to birthday parties.




Iron Man is the superhero that started the Marvel movie craze that’s now so popular! Fans of all ages were inspired by the quirky humour of actor Robert Downing Junior and were impressed by the epic red and gold suit that Iron Man sports in the comics and movies. He’s the leader of the Avengers and a fun hero to become all around! Embrace one of the smartest men on planet earth and wear a shiny Iron Man costume to the party. Outfits are also available for the ladies!

ironman costume



Everyone recognises good old Hulk. The big green giant has incredible strength that intensifies as he becomes angrier, increasing in size and letting out a big green roar! Fancy showing off those guns at the party? Paint yourself bright green and rip your white vest or wear an all-in-one Hulk costume for a frightening superhero edge! The Incredible Hulk makes a great superhero dress-up idea for guys of all ages.




Spiderman was a normal high school kid that was bitten by a genetically modified spider, giving him super-Spidey powers and the ability to fight crime! From countless comic books to movies, TV and video games, Spiderman is one of the most recognised superheroes around and a top choice for little boys. Dressing in a Spiderman costume will make you fit in at a superhero fancy dress event every time, whether you’re a man, woman or child!




Captain America is the noble-hearted protector of the USA. He rose to the ranks of superhero fame during World War II as a genetically enhanced soldier and has fought in battles throughout the decades before joining the Avengers team to defeat Thanos. Fancy becoming the most loyal and heroic character? This is your man, and there are Captain America costumes for all ages, male or female. 

 captain america costumes



Wolverine is another superhero that is recognised by all and an original Marvel superhero. He’s featured in the animated TV series, X-men movies, and even a standalone film in which he’s played by Hugh Jackman, so we’re sure he needs no introduction! His unique ability is razor-like sharp claws that emerge from his knuckles, slicing through his foes in a flurry of strikes. Go for a Wolverine costume to become a comic-book classic!

 wolverine costume



Captain Marvel is a superhero that leagues above the rest! Her godly powers make her one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe and a character that any women or girl can aspire to. What’s really cool about the Captain is her shiny red, blue and gold costume featured in the standalone ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. Wear the bodysuit for yourself and swing by the party ready to turn some heads! 

 captain marvel costume



The king of the bow and arrow is without a doubt the talented, Hawkeye. He never misses a shot, and can definitely show Katniss Everdeen a thing or two. He strikes a good aim every time, and forms a close bond with his fellow Avenger, Black Widow during her final breaths in The Avengers, Endgame. 

boys hawkeye endgame costume


Led by their hilarious captain, Star-Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of space pirates that have teamed together to protect planet earth. Each of them has unique backgrounds and have come from all walks of life in the universe, meeting each other, becoming friends and forming a pact to defend earth. They are all highly skilled, from Groot’s unique ability to re-grow his branch limbs and Rocket Racoon’s high precision sharpshooter talents, and they’re a joint force to be reckoned with! Dressing as any of the Guardians makes a great standalone superhero costume idea, or they can be combined to create the ultimate superhero squad with friends. Adults and kids of all ages will love this idea! Will you become the ‘tree of few words’ Groot or paint yourself green as a sexy Gamora?

 girls nebula costume



As the brave defender of the Nation of Wakanda, Black Panther is a noble warrior that returned to his land to fulfil his duty as a king. He’s super-fast, influential, and wears a sleek black costume – what more could you want in a superhero? Look the part with the Black Panther outfit featured in Avengers: Endgame. Accompany Black Panther as Shuri, the mighty princess of Wakanda. Combined, they make a great superhero costume idea for couples!


black panther costume


Deadpool gets the award for the funniest superhero around. He’s brash and offensive, and the world is seemingly a joke to him, but he has a heart of gold and will stop at nothing to help his friends. Sound a little like you? A Deadpool costume is the way to go!

 deadpool costumes


Why dress as one of the Avengers or another ‘goody-two-shoes’ superhero when you can become one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe? Thanos can defeat all of the heroes with the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, and his intimidating purple appearance will make you stand out a superhero party. Click those fingers and order a Thanos costume.

 thanos costume




Who’s your favourite superhero? Hands down it would be Batman for the majority of guys out there! While he doesn’t have any super powers, he’s an intelligent billionaire with a shadowy alter-ego, fighting crime with his bare hands in Gotham City and bringing criminals to justice. Batman costumes come in all shapes and sizes, showcasing his unique look that appears different depending on the decade. Go for the classic comic-book cartoon appearance featured in the 1990s, the award-winning Dark Knight costume worn by Christian Bale or an alternative ‘armoured Batman’ outfit shown in the more recent Batman vs Superman movie. 


batman costume



Where would Batman be without his trusty sidekick Robin? He’s a big character in the comic books and animated TV series and doesn’t seem to have seen much screen time in recent movies, but he continues to be a superhero idea that everyone will stand by! Dress as Robin and accompany Batman as a cool couples costume idea for friends or brothers. You don’t have to be a guy to dress as Robin either. Ladies and little girls can be a female version of the classic sidekick. 

 robin costume



Feeling a little feisty and flirty for the party? Catwoman is an alluring feline character featured in the comics, Batman movies and her own standalone film, and a character made famous by Anne Hathaway! Ladies will love dressing up in a black skin-tight suit to slide into the party in style, while little girls can go for a cute Catwoman costume to represent this female superhero favourite.

catwoman costume




“Why so serious?” If you seriously don’t know who The Joker is, where have you been? He’s arguably Batman’s number one nemesis and has featured in countless comic books, TV series, movies, and even video games. As a truly skilled manipulator and evil genius, this disturbed Gotham villain is an excellent choice for Halloween. Go for the Heath Ledger Joker costume look from the Dark Knight movie or adopt an alternate facade featured in the Suicide Squad film. A top superhero villain choice for both adults and kids. 

the joker costume


Full of energy and seemingly cute at first, Harley Quinn has a crazy side that she could reveal at any moment. She’s a fun character to become for Halloween or a superhero party, and you’ll love her quirky and colourful costume. Be sure to accessorise with a mallet or baseball bat and go wild!

harley quinn costume


The Riddler is a big character in the DC Comics but hasn’t yet had his on-screen film fame. He wears a bright green suit with a hat and mask, leaving terror in his path and accompanying clues to show how twisted he is. Not many people will think of a Riddler costume, so it makes an excellent superhero costume idea. It’s also super-easy to wear!

the riddler costume


Deadshot is a deadly sniper that boasts one of the most accurate shots in the DC Universe, and he’s a sworn enemy of Batman. This character is popular in the comic books but also featured on-screen in the Suicide Squad movie, played by Will Smith. A Deadshot costume looks undeniably cool when combined with his ‘eye-shot’ mask.

adult deadshot costume


Is your build on a burlier scale? Show off those muscles and strike fear into the party guests by dressing in an authentic looking Bane costume. He’s Batman’s arch nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises movie and is not to be messed with! The Bane mask is a nice added touch for a look that would make Tom Hardy jealous.

bane costume 



If you were asked who the most powerful and well-known superhero of all time is, Superman would be near the top of your list, and even though he’s one of the most popular characters for fancy dress, those bold red and blue colours and proud ‘S’ on his chest makes him a great choice every time. Super Girl is the female version of Superman, and both heroes combined make the perfect couples dress-up idea. You can even invite the kids and make it a family affair, with children’s Superman outfits also available. Just stay away from any Kryptonite!

 superman and supergirl costume


If you’re a strong-willed and heroic woman or little girl that wants to embrace the superhero fancy dress theme, we’re confident there isn’t a better character than Wonder Woman! She’s an unstoppable ancient warrior from another planet that has been placed on earth for centuries as a protector, and there’s no denying her costume is awesome. Recreate the iconic Wonder Woman look with a comic style outfit or a shiny armoured suit based on the latest Wonder Woman movie. 

 wonderwoman costume


A standalone comic story that was made into a big hit movie in 2018 was Aquaman. It’s a tale of underwater heroism to defeat a power-hungry ruler and claim the throne for the rightful heir. Go for the impressive movie-look with this Aquaman costume. Don’t worry if you can’t pull off the awesome hair and beard of this Atlantis king; an Aquaman wig and beard will fit just fine.

 aquaman costume



Get struck by lightning and find yourself with the power of super-speed by dressing as The Flash. He’s the speediest superhero around that must use his powers to fight those using their superpowers for evil. With The Flash TV series being such a hit, he’s a character everyone will want to be this year!

 the flash costumes

We hope our complete superhero costume ideas guide has helped get you suited and booted for a fancy dress party that demands superpowers and the ability to save the day! The popularity of the superhero theme will give you plenty of opportunities to wear your outfit again and again, from Halloween to your birthday party, and even on the way to work (Superman does it).

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