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October 31st is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing… It’s time to dress up your little bundle of joy just in time for Halloween! Halloween by trade is known to be the spookiest time of the year, where everyone pulls out all the stops to look as scary as possible; but not for your little one. They’ll look far from scary with our Baby Halloween costume ideas! We’ve included traditional costumes like a blood-thirsty vampire and our 8-legged friend, the spider, to costumes that aren’t specifically just for Halloween, but can be worn all-year round, like the adorable puppy and kitten costume.

Check out the very best baby Halloween costumes below and transform your little one into a tasty Halloween treat this year!


Ghostly baby

We're starting off our list of the best baby Halloween costume ideas with one for the sweet baby girls out there. Move over Casper the friendly ghost, as there's a new ghost in town. She's cute, she's sweet and everyone will love her this Halloween. They'll definitely be no running away from your baby girl! 

ghost girl baby costume

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Next up is an absolute classic. It’s our 8-legged friend (or enemy), the spider. Spiders love to walk around freely inside our homes where it’s warm, but they aren’t always welcome. Instead of others frantically running away from spiders this Halloween, they’ll want to get closer… because who can resist a cute little baby spider? Take them trick o treating and they’ll no doubt come back with many sweets in hand.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume

I Love My Mummy

Do you remember the all-time classic film, The Mummy? It’s an oldie, but is never forgotten. Whilst your little won’t be taking on the exact role of Richard O’Connell, they’ll take to their own interpretation of The Mummy this Halloween. Long gone are the days of wrapping up in tissue paper or cotton wool! This cute little outfit is way more comfortable.

I Love My Mummy Costume

Witch and famous

When we think of the best witches around, we think of Sabrina The Teenage Witch and the three sisters from Hocus Pocus. Witches make a great character to dress up as for Halloween and they’re one of the most popular choices every single year. Your little girl may not be the exact definition of a true witch, but she’ll be able to learn how to conjure up a good spell or two, whilst still looking as cute as ever.

Witch and famous baby costume

Baby bat

When we think of one animal or creature that best represents Halloween, we imagine our upside-down hanging friend, the bat. They love dark, damp caves and spend their days hanging upside-down, flying around in circles inside their cosy bat caves. Your little one may still be learning how to hold their strength, but that won’t stop them from looking the part. They’ll be the king of all the Halloween bats this October! This baby Halloween costume idea is one of our personal favourites…

Baby Bat Costume

Captain of the seas

Ooarghh me hearties! It’s time for your baby to take to the Seven Seas with their treasure map, in search for that elusive golden chest. Pirates are greedy, they’re mean, and they will do anything to get their hands on all the treasure. There’ll be no messing around with your little one as ship captain! A pirate is a great baby Halloween costume idea when dressing up the rest of the family. Can you imagine the whole crew dressed up, led by the youngest in the family?

Baby Captain Stinker CostumePumpkin Patch

One of the coolest things to do in October, on the lead up to Halloween night itself, is to carve a pumpkin or two. It’s a great opportunity to show off your creative side and to win the best carved pumpkin prize! Forget about the prize, as your very own little baby pumpkin will win the contest hands down. Why carve a pumpkin? They can become one!

Pumpkin Patch Baby CostumeCount Cutie

Next up on our list of the best baby Halloween costumes is another All Hallows Eve classic. They despise bright, natural light, they’re extremely pale and love the taste of blood. Have you guessed it yet? Vampires are known for their fang-like pointy teeth and can be quite scary; but that’s not all vampires. Your baby will no doubt be the sweetest looking vampire around… that will love feasting on milk instead of blood. 😊

Baby Count Cutie CostumeFreaky Frankenstein

It’s time for your baby to nail that slow-motion walk straight into October, transforming into the freakiest science experiment of all time! They may not appear to be so scary, but others better watch out, this little one knows how to blow off some steam! Frankenstein is an often misunderstood Halloween character, so help your little one do him proud!

Baby Frankenstein Costume

Cute kitten

The next costume on our list of the best baby Halloween costumes is black cat, which has long been associated with all things that jump out in the night on October 31st. Cats are cute pets to have, and they love to laze around the house, but black cats that come out during October are completely different – so everyone better watch out. Your baby will become the meow of the town and everyone will want them as their pet.

Baby Cute Kitten Costume

Baby Dragon

When we think of dragons, we imagine the scary, fire-breathing creatures that devastate villages and scare all who cross their path. Your little one will be far from scary, as they don’t yet have the strength to breathe fire, but their cuteness will make up for it! It’s a cool costume for Halloween trick or treating with their other dragon friends.

Baby Dragon Costume

Devil Baby

It’s time for your innocent little one to take to the dark and evil side, for one night, and for one night only. Devils are cheeky, cunning and love to cause chaos. Whilst your baby is usually a sweet little angel, there’s no harm in switching things up a bit, especially for Halloween. Are they ready to unleash their fiery side?

Devil Baby Costume

Loveable Lion

Whether it’s Lion King or the Cowardly Lion from the classic film, The Wizard of Oz, Lions are lovely animals that have a kind heart, especially your little one. It may not be a traditional Halloween character to dress up as, but it’ll sure melt the hearts of others at the party, or the neighbours when they go trick or treating. Little ones love dressing up as animals and Halloween is no different!

Baby Loveable Lion Costume

Playful pup

Unlike cats, dog aren’t considered as being a typical animal to dress up as for Halloween, but who says there are any rules after all? It’s time for the black cat to move over and for your little one to say hello to this cute little pup. Halloween is what you make of it after all!

Baby Loveable Puppy Costume

Goofy Alligator

It’s time for your baby to open wide and show off their sharp, white teeth this Halloween! There’s no stopping your little one, but just be careful they don’t grab too tightly on someone’s finger! This goofy gator costume is a colourful and unusual baby Halloween costume idea for little ones that want to stand out from the crowd.

Baby Goofy Alligator costume

Cheeky Monkey

Monkeys are possibly the cutest animals around. They spend their time swinging between trees and hanging off branches with their friends and family, desperate to find a delicious banana. Dressing up as one isn’t just for animal themed parties, but for Halloween too. If your baby has a cheeky side to them, or just love bananas, this baby Halloween outfit is the way to go this October. It can be worn again throughout the year too.

Baby Cheeky Monkey Costume

Dinky Dino

The final costume on our list of the best baby Halloween costumes is our big-teethed friend from prehistoric times. Inspired by classics such as Jurassic Park and Ice Age, dinosaurs make great characters for little ones to transform into. Listen to them let out a loud roar as they receive plenty of trick or treat goodies!

Baby Dinky Dino Costume

We hope you found some inspiration for your baby’s first, second or third Halloween with our baby costume ideas. If you couldn’t find the perfect costume from our list, then be sure to check out the rest of our baby costumes here Costumes don’t necessarily have to be Halloween themed to look great! Happy trick or treating!



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