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Whether you’ve got a themed party coming up, or a hen or stag do with your bessie mates, you no longer need to be stuck for ideas! We’ve assembled the best plus size costumes for any occasion. They’re great for a Disney themed party, superheroes party or if you simply want to dress as characters from your favourite TV shows for Halloween. Plus size costumes come are larger sizes of traditional fancy dress costumes and are very comfortable to wear. Check out our full collection of ideas below and get party-ready!


Womens plus size costume ideas

Mary Poppins

We all remember the lady who arrives from the sky with an umbrella. She does it with such grace! To all the mums out there, it’s pretty tough work looking after children and getting them to behave. Just when you think that you’ve tried everything, there’s always a solution and Mary Poppins has answers to everything! Mary Poppins is an all-round family favourite that has been around for many years. More recently, a new, modern version of Mary Poppins Returns came to our screens. It’s the perfect women’s plus size costume idea for Disney themed parties or World Book Day, so get dressed and slide down the banister, ready to make other’s lives much more fun!  

Womens Mary Poppins Plus Size Costume

Snow White

This is the tale of the oh so innocent and fair lady of the land. She’s renown for her beauty and porcelain skin. Her trusty pals, The Seven Dwarfs, are with her through every step of the way. Of course, not everything is so rosy in her life, like her cheeks. We all like a good fairy-tale ending and luckily for Snow White, she gets more than she bargains for with a kiss from her one true love! Transform yourself into the fairest of them all in our Snow White Plus Size Costume. It’s a great idea for Halloween, but just be careful of the evil queen!

Classic Snow White Costume (plus size)


Fortune Teller

Wouldn’t you want to find out if you were going to win the lottery in the future? Fortune Tellers are very mysterious and whilst some may be a bit sceptical, they can make your dreams come true. Give them your palm whilst they read your palm and present you with your future. Do you have a mystical themed party coming up, or maybe you fancy becoming Mystic Meg for the night? A Fortune Teller Costume is perfect for you!

Womens Fortune Teller Plus Size Costume 

1920s Flapper Girl

The 1920’s decade was a time full of class, elegance and a lot of jazz music. Ladies were dolled up to the max, head to toe. It was a decade where the wealthy could show off in true style in the evening, in their fabulous flapper dresses. Are you throwing a 1920s party, but don’t know which colour flapper dress to go for? Luckily they come in a variety of sizes, with plus size options available too! Of course, no flapper girl would be complete without their feather boa and bling. Tickle the hearts of the men out there with your feathers!

Sparkly 1920s Flapper Dress Costume (plus size) 


Captain Hook

Possibly one of the most famous pirates out there is Captain Hook, from Disney’s Peter Pan. He lost his left arm to a crocodile and is followed by a ticking noise wherever he goes. The hat he wears is way bigger than as his head and his long, red cape just about reaches the floor. Mr Hook is well suited and booted, ready to take on the boy who never wants to grow up! He makes a great plus size costume idea for any pirate themed party, or a Peter Pan bash with your friends and family.

Womens Captain Hook Plus Size Costume



Move over Batman and Robin, there’s a new girl in town! As strong, independent females, we don’t need a man to protect us, Supergirl can do that all on her own. Although she may look small, she’s sure strong and mighty and will put up a fight, if need be. Protect your friends on a superhero night out as this iconic DC Comics hero. Supergirl is a classic women’s plus size costume idea that will go down well any superhero themed event or Halloween. Every occasion needs a hero!

Supergirl Hero Costume (plus size)



Dark Red Riding Hood

We all remember the tale of the little innocent girl, Red Riding Hood, who gets into trouble whilst delivery food to her poorly grandma. Although it’s hard to imagine Red Riding Hood being anything but kind, we’ve put a spin on it and turned her into an evil girl. Perhaps she’s been possessed by the big bad wolf, or maybe she was sick and tired of being nice all the time? Either way, the wolf won’t dare mess with her again! This Dark Red Riding Hood costume is a great plus size costume idea for Halloween. Re-invent a classic dark with a little bit of darkness.

Dark Red Riding Costume



Princess Leia Costume

Star Wars is without a doubt, one of the greatest fantasy films of all time. It’s hugely popular amongst children, but also adults that grew up watching the original trilogy. Princess Leia was one of the Rebel Alliance's greatest leaders, fearless on the battlefield and dedicated to ending the tyranny of the Empire. Do you have a Star Wars themed party to attend, or are you dressing up for May 4th? Princess Leia is a plus size costume idea for the strong leaders out there! May the force be with you…Princess Leia Costume (plus size)



‘Na na na na na, Batgirl!’

‘See ya later Batman, I’m here to take care of things now!’ When we think of Batman, we usually associate them with male figures with big muscles, six packs and lots of bat gadgets. We mustn’t forget that superheroes come in all different sizes and girls do it just as good, if not better! Batgirl is a plus size costume idea that’s hot, sexy and ready for action. Are you looking to team up with your partner as Batman and Batgirl? Or do you want to turn up to a superhero themed party as a strong, independent woman? Either way, this Batgirl costume will be a winner.

Batgirl Sexy Hero Costume (plus size)


French Maid

Turn housework into something a bit more glamourous and inviting. Usually, you’d be scrubbing the dirty surfaces in your oldest clothes, but think about exchanging your old gear for something a bit more playful. Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom and surprise your other half one evening? Or maybe you have a fun hen do with your best girlfriends? A French Maid outfit is great for both occasions, but don’t forget to leave your feather duster behind.

French Maid Outfit (plus size)


Mens plus size costume ideas

Robin Hood

The tale of Robin Hood is one that we are all familiar with. He is driven into Sherwood Forest, where he assembles a band of outlaws to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Robin Hood is a kind and generous man who does all he can to support the less fortunate. He doesn’t need to worry about his enemies, as he’s always armed with his trusty bow and arrow! If you have an upcoming fairy-tale themed party or medieval party, then Robin Hood is the perfect plus size costume idea.

Plus Size Robin Hood Costume



The strong, muscular hero of ancient Greece, Hercules, is a famous character who appears in the Disney classic, Hercules. He’s also popular in Greek mythology and was known as a fierce warrior; one of the best in fact. Along with his trusty sidekick, Philocetes, he learns how to use his strength to defeat the evil creatures. Hercules is incredibly powerful and whilst he encounters some hurdles along the way, he not only defeats Hades, but he finds his one true love. Do you have a Disney themed party coming up, or even a Greek themed night, and you’re struggling for ideas? Then grab Hercules as your plus size costume idea and show off those guns!

Hercules Costume (plus size)

Bavarian Man

Oktoberfest is the ultimate celebration of everything beer! It started in Germany but is now celebrated worldwide. Friends and families get together and dress up traditional Bavarian costumes whilst they get merry with some tasty beer. If you also want to get into the spirit and take part, you can dress up as a realistic Bavarian Man. It’s a great men’s plus size costume idea for guys that are attending Oktoberfest, but can also be used for a night out and Stag Do. Get practising your dance moves and get prepare for a lot of beer, ‘brost’!

Bavarian Man (plus size) costume


Caribbean Pirate

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have your very own pirate ship? You’d order your shipmates to scrub the floors and for those who didn’t work hard enough, they’d certainly walk the plank. Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most recognised pirate films around, featuring stars like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Have you ever thought of yourself as the next Johnny Depp (minus the dreadlocks)? This plus size pirate costume will give you the look of a seafaring scallywag from the film, or just a cool pirate appearance in general. All parties demand a stylish-looking pirate!  

Mens Cutthroat Pirate Plus Size 


The Ghostbusters

Have you ever visited a haunted house and thought you saw a ghost? Or was it just a shadow on the wall? Ghosts are very misunderstood creatures and whilst many people are afraid of them, they can’t be any more afraid of those in the classic Ghosbusters film! Equipped with all the gear, a jumpsuit for added protection and a team of scaredy cats, they are on the hunt to exterminate the world of the supernatural! Perfect for Halloween, The Ghostbusters is a men’s plus size costume idea that you can team up with friends to create the full ghost-busting squad. 

Mens Ghostbuster Costume (plus size)


Super Mario

We all remember the small Italian man with the big black moustache on our screens back in the 90s. No-one needed anything else but a Nintendo to keep them entertained for hours on end. Mario’s quest to save the Princess Peach, along with his best made Luigi, was great fun for the whole family. You too can transform yourself into the little man at your next games themed party or Comic-Con. Do you have a best mate who always has your back? Then you can team up with him as Luigi!

Mens Super Mario Costume (plus size)


Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones was an animated series in the 90s that portrayed the life of Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma, and his best mate Barney, back in The Stone Age. All of their belongings, furniture and even their car was made out of stone. We can’t forget about their trusted pet, Dino, who seems to cause havoc wherever he goes! Transform into the main man himself, Fred Flintstone, with this quirky men’s plus size costume idea. Say ‘Yabba Dabba Doo’ and rock up to the party on four giant stone wheels. 

Mens deluxe fred flintstone costume (plus size)

When we think of superheroes, we instantly imagine Batman. He’s strong, courageous and wants to help his people in Gotham City. Unlike other superheroes, Batman doesn’t have any superpowers. He solely relies on his fighting skills and intellect to help defeat the villains of Gotham. Have you ever considered yourself as a strong man and fancy becoming Batman for a night? Head to your next superhero themed party as the handsome but powerful Bruce Banner. This plus size Batman costume will conceal your identify on a dark Halloween night.

Muscle Chest Batman Costume (plus size) 


Julius Caesar

Command authority as one of the most infamous rulers of all time, through his aggressive expansion strategy through Europe. He was a powerful ruler of the Roman army but was soon betrayed and lost control his empire…Don’t let that happen to you! Keep those Roman scholars and generals in check by standing proudly at the front of the party. Ask your servants to serve you grapes and live a life of Roman luxury. Julius Caesar is an affordable men’s plus size costume idea for many occasions!  

Caesar (plus size) costume


The Catholic Pope

Stand proudly at the balcony of your Vatican home and address the people! The Pope is the ultimate men’s plus size costume idea if you’re looking for a religious figure. Dress as him for a play, live performance or another high quality production, or don the regal robes of The Pope for a party. It can have both a humorous and serious affect depending on the occasion! Have fun getting into character as the head of the Catholic church. 

The pope costume (plus size)


So that concludes our list of the best plus size costumes for men and women. If you can’t find anything to suit you, you can browse the rest of our plus size costumes here 😊 Dressing up shouldn’t be limited to your size and the ever-growing collection of plus size costumes means there are now more characters to choose from than ever!

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