We know your bride-tribe are on their toes to get naughty and wild! And since your bestie is tying the knot forever, her last night of freedom better be one hell of a partaaay. These 10 sexy hen do costumes will definitely let the world know that wedding bells are on their way.



Well, here’s a sure-fire way to look arresting! Screw chasing the case, one glimpse of you hotties workin’ it in a sexy police outfit will have all the bad boys turning themselves in. The only crime of the night will be those naked legs, tempting curves, and that on-show bust ready to flash a little more flesh at the drop of a baton. When your hen-squad patrol the city, there’ll be no questioning who runs the spot. Better get those handcuffs ready ladies - it’s the only way to keep everyone’s hands off you!




Ready to clean up your act? Not! Flirty French flair is for the domestic divas ready to shake it out ‘til the sun comes up. Oui, a French maid outfit is usually black and white, but there’s nothing plain and simple about it except it's maid to pleasure. Expect to hear “ooh la la'' when you raunchy servants turn up in lace, frills, and killer high heels. The biggest secret of a French maid is it doesn’t matter how much of a mess you make at the hen party. Just whip out that duster and clean it up!




Now you have the perfect excuse to raise those legs - in modesty, of course! Just kick off the Can-Can and get the crowd roaring as you tease with a seductive ruffled skirt that swings, lifts, and reveals! If you dancing queens are really looking to spice up the party, just get in line and show 'em how a real lady leads with those Moulin Rouge moves. Are you ready to look like a string of Sparkly Diamonds on the dance floor? Grab your sassy saloon girl costumes. It’s showtime, ladies!

 Saloon girl



An all-time favourite for hen parties, we can always trust a posse of naughty nurses to get the temperature rising. The sight of those legs in a revealing nurse dress is just the thing to have pulses racing. Gather your fever-relievers and turn heads in this white sexy nurse costume, soon to be the party’s most addictive remedy. Every guy’s fantasy, don’t be surprised when they all start fainting to get that off-the-job TLC. You wanna dress to kill? Just be prepared for that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!




For those wanting to get their paws dirty,  this all-in-one is sure to bring out the badass femme fatale in you! With a wet look and tight fit, the women’s black catsuit is provocative, all-the-rage, and downright seductive. Plus, the bride-gang will love an instant transformation with its easy slip-in and full coverage style. Be warned that the catsuit is known to be a fetish outfit, so not only is it never out of fashion, but admirers may try to lure you off the dance floor. Having said that, don't forget your whip ladies, you never know who you might need to discipline.




Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation! When your bride-troops march in the joint, there’ll be no messing around that’s for sure. A real show-stopper, a sexy army-print romper will definitely have the fellas standing up straight. It’s daring and bold, and an army girl costume is just what the ladies need to take full control of the party.  It’s the perfect occasion to bring out your inner Sasha Fierce, and have the guys down on their knees for once. So, get geared up and show no mercy.




Playful, Pleasurable, Provocative, Pulsating - You girlies will need to learn your Ps for Playboy School, and this hen costume demonstrates every P. If the bride-to-be is a naughty one, she’ll appreciate some practical lessons in this sexy thigh-skimming pink tartan dress that’ll get every Sir’s attention. A very sensual hen do outfit indeed, the schoolgirl costume is sure to trigger the rebellion in all of you, and your cheeky schoolgirl antics will have you racking up plenty D’s! Hurry and enjoy the playground before the wedding bells go off.




Ready to bounce those cottontails and have everyone hopping mad over you? One of the most cliche costumes in the world for female sexuality, this is a classic hen party outfit that’ll always make you feel sexy and attractive. When you honey bunnies come out to play in this raunchy suit, there’ll be many friends wanting to climb down the rabbit hole. It’s saucy and flirty, and you don't need D-cups to bring erotic allure with a sexy bunny costume. Just flick your hare all night while looking cute in this bunny outfit. Oh - and try not to munch on anybody’s carrots.




Round up the hen pals and unleash your inner vixen with a burlesque costume! What’s more exciting than bringing ‘40s pin-up and ‘20s Hollywood glamour to the hen night in this captivating showgirl outfit. Leaving little to the imagination, this one certainly draws the eye in at your waist and gives that bust an eye-popping boost. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to strip off at the end of your night's performance - unless you want to - but there’s nothing wrong with you hens sustaining the tease. Don’t forget to add the feathers, glitter, and the sparkles too!




It’s about time you ladies saved the world with some entertainment, and you bombshells needn’t do much except look the part. A group of superheroines is one fine recipe of confidence, sex appeal, and independence, every man’s ideal woman. A tight-fighting, busty romper playsuit that's all about what it exposes than what it covers is a super-duper hen do outfit that will have every neck breaking. Go on girls, we think a female superhero costume will give the hen night the action it needs!



Now that we’ve revealed the most unique sexiest hen do fancy dress outfits, we take it the bride-squad won’t be wearing any mundane customised t-shirts. With a sexy hen outfit, the bride-to-be can be the spotlight with our cute hen party accessories, such as our tiaras and pretty mini top hats, and the hens can throw on some hen party sashes too for extra pizazz. Give the lucky lady the night of her life and in the sexiest way possible. Let your girl squad stand out among all the other women and let the single ladies know what time it is!

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