To all you quiz masters out there that are looking for the perfect quiz to complete with family and friends, we have you covered.

Download our ultimate TV & movie pub quiz here.

It includes 30 questions in total across 3 different rounds and covers everything from Oscar awards to trivia, from some of the best films and TV shows. It's challenging, but not too difficult. It's recommended for adults.

Round 1: Movie Trivia

Round 2: TV Show Trivia

Round 3: Actors and Actresses



  • Nominate a quiz master
  • Download our TV & Movie quiz and either print it out or have a copy ready on your phone or laptop
  • In order, ask the questions on the quiz sheet, giving contestants 1-minute to answer (or as long as you like!).
  • Contestants should write down answers onto a sheet of paper.
  • At the end of each round, collect the answer sheets or have them send them to you virtually to check.
  • The person or team that answers the most questions correctly wins! (All answers are included at the bottom of the quiz sheet)

You can play our TV and movie quiz in person or virtually via a video call and can adapt it to suit your group.

Have fun finding the next Steven Spielberg in the family!

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