Disney movies are some of the best memories of everyone’s childhood, no matter your age. These magical tales of princesses, dragons and animals are more popular today than ever, and kids all have their favourite Disney movie. From classic stories to more recent film sequels and the live-action Disney movies, we’ve put together a list of the most magical Disney costumes for kids, to inspire them to become their favourite character!



Kids and adults of all ages love Toy Story, and even the youngest children can share their love for these animated toy characters with the release of Toy Story 3 and 4. It’s a big world when you’re a toy, and Buzz, Woody, Jessie and the gang are always getting into sticky situations that they must untangle. Who’s your child’s favourite character? The fearless space ranger Buzz, rootin’-tootin’ cowboy Woody, or a character such as Ham the pig or Slinky the dog? Toy Story costumes are available for all the favourites!




Become everyone’s favourite whimsical and magical nanny, Mary Poppins, with a kid’s Marry Poppins outfit. She’s well spoken, charming, and a brilliant character to play that will bring out your little one’s acting skills! In the original movie, she arrives from the sky to solve the day-to-day problems of the Banks family in weird and wonderful ways, and returns to London again in the more recent Mary Poppins Returns film. Kids will love singing along to their favourite Mary Poppins songs while dressed up!




Do you want to build a snowman? It’s the song that was played consistently for almost a year, and kids of all ages continue to be a huge fan! Frozen is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time, captivating kids and adults with its icy wonderland story of a princess that runs away and becomes an Ice Queen and her sister sets off to find her, making lots of friends along the way. Dress as Elsa, Anna or even the bumbling Olaf the snowman with these fun and authentic kids’ Frozen costumes. Popularity will skyrocket again with the release of the Frozen 2 movie so be prepared with this great dress-up idea.



Venture down the rabbit hole and get lost in a world of Alice in Wonderland fancy dress. Costumes are based on Alice, Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit from this popular fairytale story, and it’s a theme that can be used for any occasion, from birthday parties to Halloween and World Book Day! Little girls are big fans of Alice or the Queen of Hearts, whilst the Mad Hatter is a top choice for boys. 



Belle is a normal village girl, living an unhappy life where she’s being pressured to marry the obnoxious Gaston. She then stumbles upon a mysterious castle in the forest. The story unfolds into a magical tale of singing furniture, an angry Beast and ultimately true love. The Beauty and the Beast is an age-old Disney movie that makes a great kids Disney costume idea for a brother and sister or boy- -and-girl friends. Dress up in Belle’s beautiful gold dress and an authentic Beast costume.



Mickey and Minnie are the most recognisable cartoon characters of all and Walt Disney’s original animated personalities. They’re the icons behind the Disney brand and feature in everything from cartoon series and movies to merchandise and fun-filled meet and greet events in the Disney theme parks! Little boys can wear those cute Mickey Mouse shorts with accompanying mouse ears, while little girls will be suited to a Minnie Mouse costume complete with her polka-dot dress and bow. These character costumes are firm favourites for visiting Disneyland!




Mike and Sully are the hilarious monster duo from Disney’s Monsters Inc movies. They’re fun and friendly monsters that quit their career in scaring children to provide power for their monster city, in favour of making them laugh instead! Become good old googly eye Mike Wazowsky with a bright green Mike costume, or tower above the other kids as the strong but gentle giant, Sully. Mike and Sully make a great children’s Disney costume idea for guy friends or brothers dressing up for Halloween or a trip to the Disney theme parks. Let out your loudest RAWRRRRR!!!




Moana is one of the most loved Disney movies of modern times, telling the tale of a Polynesian island teenager that sets sail for the faraway lands to save her people. She’s brave, skilled and a true leader for children to aspire to, plus they’ll love dressing up in her colourful islander dress! The songs from the movie are also excellent, and your girl can sing along to the soundtrack dressed in this brilliant Moana costume.




Snow White is one of the original Disney Princesses that loves to sing and wander through the forest with her Seven Dwarf companions. Known for her flowing yellow and blue dress, black hair with a red bow and skin as white as snow, she’s the ‘fairest of them all’, and now your little girl can be too! Snow White is a classic Disney fancy dress option with plenty of authentic outfits to choose from, for all ages and sizes. Dress as Snow White from the original animated movie or the go for the modern live-action movie look from Snow White and the Huntsman. 




Poor old Cinders was left cleaning up after her ugly stepsisters, being treated badly and living life alone…then she was transformed into a princess with a Pumpkin carriage fit for royalty and a beautiful blue dress. Girls can become the belle of the ball with an elegant Cinderella costume, bearing that authentic ‘Cinderellie’ look. Head to the fancy dress party with your fellow Disney Princesses or meet your Prince Charming. Just don’t forget your glass slipper!




Join Peter Pan and the gang and fly to Neverland, where children never grow old, and Captain Hook roams the seas with his clumsy pirate crew. The Peter Pan movie is an endless adventure that all kids know and the characters are well represented in the Disney theme parks. There are also plenty of characters to choose from for both boys and girls. Sprinkle some pixie dust in a Tinkerbell costume, soar into the skies as Peter Pan or dress as the gallant Captain Hook to become everyone’s favourite Disney villain.




For aspiring Disney princesses that love to sing, the beautiful Ariel from The Little Mermaid is an excellent choice. Her ‘Under the Sea’ songs are famous worldwide and dressing as a mermaid really allows your little one to use their imagination. She has ‘oozits and whats-its’ galore and now your child can too with a selection of Ariel – The Little Mermaid costumes. She’s a good choice for an under-the-sea party or performance at school. 




Mulan is one of the most underrated Disney movies and characters. This fierce and courageous female warrior lives in a time of civil unrest in ancient China, where clashing factions must be united for peace. She has a pure heart and is skilled with a spear – a powerful idol for your little girl to become. A Mulan costume includes her colourful Oriental dress and a tiara, making it a pretty and unique idea for a fancy dress party, that other kids might not think of. Stand out as Disney’s most heroic female!




Does your little one have a habit of getting lost? Make them stand out from the crowd dressed as the cutest clownfish in the ocean, Nemo. In the movie, he gets lost in the big blue ocean, and his dad and friends go on a vast adventure to find him, running into lots of trouble and meeting cool characters along the way. Relive the movie with a cute Nemo outfit for boys, or a tutu dress version of the costume for little girls. Dressing up with brothers and sisters or friends? Invite forgetful Dory to the party and dress in a pretty blue Dory dress.




Dumbo is back on the big screen again in 2019 with Disney’s live-action version of the original movie. He’s a talented circus elephant that has the unique skill of being able to fly! Everyone is familiar with the rising star story of this magical elephant, and a cute Dumbo costume is sure to be a hit! Dress your child up in a Dumbo onesie with big floppy ears and his colourful circus neckerchief. It’s a great costume for a party or for playing at home or in the garden!



Little ones find puppies adorable! What better way to celebrate our doggie friends than dressing up as a dalmatian from the 101 Dalmatians movie? It’s one of the most well-known animated animal films, and it features one of the most devious Disney villains around – Cruella De Vil. It also makes a brilliant idea for a nursey or school class! Dress all of the kids as dalmatian dogs for a fun theme they’re sure to love. Does your little girl have an attitude? Transform her into Cruella De Vil and have a good laugh watching her get into character.





Winnie the Pooh is one of the most treasured Disney tales for younger children and toddlers. Pooh Bear and the gang of Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore are featured in movies, a TV series and storybooks, making it a great costume idea for World Book Day! Choose from all the main Winnie the Pooh characters, including Tigger costumes, Piglet Costumes and good old Winnie. The outfits are both adorable and authentic to their on-screen appearance! 




Brave tells the story of a courageous Scottish princess, Merida, who defies age-old tradition and angers the kingdom. She then finds herself in trouble after being cursed by a witch and must battle courageously to lift the spell. Princess Merida is a brave, bold and a skilled archer, defeating her enemies and showcasing brilliance! Kids can become Princess Merida with a royal princess dress, which is available in multiple styles shown in the movie! 



We hope we’ve helped you and your little one to choose the perfect kids Disney costume for their party! All that’s left to do now is to dress up, put on the accompanying movie soundtrack and dance around the house singing along. Disney costumes are available for adults too, so why not dress up and get involved yourself? It makes a ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ family dress-up theme.

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