Another year over, another Christmas work-do to enjoy. But this year will be even better - because you’ll be ditching that horrid Christmas jumper to wear something a little fun and unique. Whether your Xmas party is on-site or at another venue, a Christmas costume will bring the festive spirit it needs. We understand three things: There’s no time to go home and get dressed, you want something easy to fling on , and you don’t want lots to carry. That’s why we’ve got some quick and easy unisex work Christmas party outfits for end-of-year parties.



Let Rudolph catch a break from all the night sky sleighing. This red-nosed reindeer is a snuggly zip-up onesie that’s easy to slip on and look festive from head to toe without effort. If you want to, it can be easily worn over your work clothes while keeping you extra warm during the winter evening. Lead the way with this one, and next year your colleagues will be ready to ride Santa’s sleigh in no time!



Ready to out-sparkle all the Christmas decorations in the building? It’s the biggest bauble anyone has ever seen -  a slip-on tunic that comes with a matching hat for added appeal. If you wear black to work, this will stand out perfectly over your work attire. Otherwise, you can make it the central focus by quickly removing your bottoms and top. Bring some starry shimmer to everyone’s Christmas as a bauble.




The most succulent part of a Crimbo meal, become a walking turkey at the Xmas party. Everyone appreciates a funny Christmas costume to raise the festive cheer, and nothing will be funnier than running from your mouth-watering colleagues. Such little effort is required for this inflatable turkey costume, that’ll be the best one there. Just put it over your head and let the pump do the work, you’ll be a human-sized turkey in no time.



Ho, ho, ho. Surprise your work friends disguised as the world’s jolly gift-giver in this famous red-and-white suit. Providing a quick transformation with a white beard, black belly, trousers, jacket, and matching hat, this Santa suit will be enough to fool them.



Brrrrrr-ing a chilled vibe to the Christmas work party with this Snowman costume. Christmas isn't the same without snow, and with you wearing this, the party won't have to rely on the weather to make it happen. All you need to do is just put this tunic over you and throw on a headpiece, scarf, and funny carrot nose.



Now that we've shown you the most easy and fun Christmas work party outfits, there's no excuse not to bring festive cheer to your end-of-year work celebration this year. Pick from one of the funny costumes above or have a look at some more Christmas costumes for more inspiration.

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