From the British Isles right across the Arabian Sea, we have plenty of imitations and reinvented Around the World Costumes. Our collection includes the most popular nationalities for fancy dress. Whether it’s an around the world theme party or a cultural celebration, there is no better way to indulge in a foreign way of life dressed like a native. Discover how you can bring any city to your hometown with these top around the world costumes for men and women.




Why not try out the Jarabe Tapatío dance in this easy-wear, colourful poncho? While the traditional Mexican outfit is the Charro, the poncho is a long-standing Mexican symbol that is simple yet stylish. Not a word of Spanish can impress your mates like doing a little hop and kick with a swaying fringe hemline and hard-to-miss multicoloured stripes. Complete your Mexicano style with a Mexican Sombrero Hat and bushy moustache and add these Water Pistol Cowboy Guns to fire-up the atmosphere.



If you desire to be the oh-so-sexy señorita of the party, then this gorgeous dress will be causing some Mexican Standoffs! You’ll be capturing eyes in every corner as this ankle-long skirt adorned with pretty lace and Mexican flag ribbon stripes elegantly swing around your legs, no matter if you’re strutting by or doing the Flor de Piña dance. With how hot you’ll be looking, cool off with a pretty Red Lace Fan and spice up your hair with a red rose for extra appeal.





Expect the world-famous Bip The Clown to spring to mind when everyone sees your white painted face, black beret hat, and French-style Breton shirt - or shall we say - marinière. We hope you’re ready for a night full of action because nobody will be expecting a single word from you except silly faces dressed as a French mime artist. If you’re looking for a stereotypical Parisian look, then this French fancy dress costume is the crème de la crème of styles.



Bring the Moulin Rouge to the party while showing everyone how much you Can-Can move in this sexy saloon girl dress. Embracing the French cabaret scene, its frills, ruffles, layers, and asymmetric skirt will have you looking like the belle of the ball. Let a glamorous feather boa hang gracefully around your neck and fling on a pair of elegant long black gloves and a cute mini top hat for show. Get the party wild as you ruffle your dress between a series of kicks, splits and cartwheels!




What better way to keep your heart pumping all night as you hunt down anyone you find...foxy? It’s the most recognisable and best British fancy dress outfit for any costume party. The bright red coat, known as Pinks, were worn by hunt staff and officials, so you’ll stand out and look real high-ranking in this retro uniform. The tall boots and cap will get you set for the ride, but a riding crop will prepare you for the thrill of the chase. If there’s one thing that’ll keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, it’s a fox hunter costume.



Now, this vintage look will bring some etiquette to the occasion while looking like the ‘jammiest bits of jam’. How else could you look like the quintessential British lady in this long, narrow skirt, cue high neckline, nipped-waist silhouette jacket, and formal boater-style hat? And of course, Mary Poppins is an iconic British character, so this Victorian-style costume will be noticed for all its Britishness as you resemble the stunning Julie Andrews in the hit 1960s movie. Show off Britain’s retro fashion heritage in this sophisticated British outfit. Go on then - cheerio!




Take the only chance to be praised as half-man, half-god in this ancient Egyptian-inspired costume, worn by Africa’s most elite. Don’t be surprised when everybody salutes you as King Tutankhuman, the most recognisable pharaoh in the modern world. It’s the black-and-gold Nemes headdress, ankh necklace print, shendyt-style skirt, and shiny metallic gold that brings the BCE royal look. Master this Egyptian fancy dress outfit by turning your own eye into the worshipped eye of Horus with some long-lasting black face paint.



Have the guests all hail as you stride in the party looking like the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Everyone will recognise you as Egypt’s most famous BCE queen and royal member, alongside Tutankhuman in this Cleopatra costume. Renowned for her iconic hairstyle, look the spit of this queen with our pretty Cleopatra Wig to enhance your power and fame among the other Egyptian-dressed ladies in an instant. We hope you’re prepared to embrace a noble presence in this Egyptian outfit because even the male pharaohs won’t be able to resist bowing before your feet.




Looking like a filthy rich sheikh couldn’t get any easier in this Arabian-style checkered headscarf and long white robe. You’ll feel as cool as you look in this bright and airy loose-fitting garment, perfect for feeling fresh during those hot and fiery Arabian Nights. Attach an Arab Beard to your chin and slip on a pair of dark shades and everybody will be smelling the wealth of you from afar. Bring the Arabian climate to the party in this traditional Arab costume - everyone will get sweaty and flustered just by looking at you.



Keep your beauty a mystery beneath this modest and flowing dark religious costume.  With a separate headpiece, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing beautiful Arabian-style makeup and head jewellery to glam up your Arabian outfit. Think dramatic eye makeup with bold eyelashes and dazzling glitter to intensify this dark style. While you enjoy the fascinating belly dancers and snake charmers, blend in with the Arabian scene in this traditional Arabian costume.




Ready-for-war and Grecian hunk are the only two perceptions you’ll get wearing this eye-popping spartan costume. Inspired by the 300 movie, this Greek outfit provides a heroic look, so you’ll have an invincible air about you. With your chest exposed and your bottom-half wrapped in this kilt-like skirt, you’ll be the one worth fighting for, so let’s hope there are no female gladiators around. Strap up in a pair of Roman sandals and fetch your sword and shield just in case an enemy draws their weapon on the dance floor.



As you’ll look gorgeous in this sexy Medusa Costume, there’s no need to worry about turning faces to stone when the party gaze upon you - and trust us, they will! Be recognised as the evil Grecian creature from Greek mythology as you flaunt this stunning snake headpiece - symbolic of Medusa’s infamous snakes for hair and guaranteed to make you stand out among all. In this costume, you’ll be portraying this monster at her finest, much like the seductive, femme fatale Medusa depicted across the screens. This Greek outfit is a fun way to bring Grecian myths, culture, and a little Gothic horror to your themed party, and to make one hell of an entrance.



Every country has its own fascinating identity encapsulated in fashion styles and iconic garments recognised worldwide. There’s no doubt you want an amazing around the world costume that speaks the language for you and makes you look like a true native, and the costumes we’ve recommended achieve this perfectly. From Arabian Nights, National days, Eurovision or themed events, pick from any of the popular costumes above. If you need more inspiration, take a tour around our full Around The World collection to be the best-dressed guest.

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