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Hello and welcome to our ultimate guide on the best kids Halloween costumes of 2023. If there’s one time of the year that kids love the most (besides their Birthday and Christmas) then it’s Halloween! They get to spook, creep and gather as many sweet treats as possible, and then boast to their friends at school. It’s also a great excuse for them to stay up a little later and give mum and dad a bit of grief (sorry to all you parents out there!)

Whether you’re little one is wants to dress up as the iconic clown, Pennywise from the hit movie, IT, a blood-sucking vampire or vampiress, or even as classic Halloween characters like witches and wizards, they’re sure to find ideas in our list. We’ve put together a list of the best kids Halloween costumes below to help inspire them. Pull up a chair, grab some Halloween treats and get ready to plan your night of trick or treating.



We’re starting off our list of the best kids Halloween costumes with one of the most infamous clowns of all time. Straight from our screens, Pennywise plays the cunning and manipulative clown from the hit movie, IT. He’s nothing but trouble and has the power to go unnoticed by adults – so you better watch out! Clowns are so fitting for Halloween, and we have both the girl and boy version of Pennywise, so they can both scare away their victims this year. You may need to sleep with one eye open this October 31st

Pennywise Clown

Spider Queen

If you ask anybody what they're most fearful of, it's likely they'll mention the creepy and hairy, eight-legged creature that makes a special appearance on Halloween night. They love the cold and dark nights, spinning cobwebs with their friends and family, ready to trap intruders in their webs forever. This is the perfect option for girls who want to look scary for Halloween, whilst still looking girly at the same time. 

childrens spiderella costume

See Monster

Feast your eyes on this children’s Halloween costume idea! Has your child ever wanted to look dress as a monster for Halloween? It’s quite a pattern with young children, especially boys, to dress up as freakishly awesome characters. Our See Monster costume speaks for itself! No one will be able to run away from your child, as they’ll have more than 10 pairs of eyes and will be able to spot them from a mile away! Halloween is meant to be scary after all.

Kids See Monster Costume

Scary Skeletons

Another Halloween classic is the boney and deadly skeleton. They might not be as terrifying as clowns, ghosts and vampires, but they're a classic for Halloween. If you ever come face to face with a skeleton, you might think you can escape, but don't be fooled, as they may be slow, but their powers are incredibly strong!

skeleton costumes

Slender Man

It’s time to move over draculas and vampires, as not all Halloween characters need to show their true identity. Sometimes scary isn’t always about blood, gores and guts…it’s about being mysterious and undercover. The Slender Man first started off as a meme and went on to become a hit movie. He’s feared not only by kids, but adults too. Anyone will jump out of their own skin when they see your boy dressed as this spooky character.

Kids Slenderman Morphsuit Costume 


Another one of our best kids Halloween costume ideas has to be the classic, Vampire and Vampiress. Halloween is the one night of the year where these blood-sucking characters can come out to play. They love the red stuff and are always looking for their next human to snack or animal on! Let’s just hope they maintain their composure and leave some leftovers for their other vampire and vampiress pals. Vampire diaries and Twilight made vampires popular and it’s a great dress-up idea year-after-year.

Vampire Kids Costumes


Ghost Busters

What better time to bust them ghost downs than Halloween? The ghosts are causing havoc on the city and are getting up to a lot of mischief, but worry not citizens, as we have help in hand! Ghostbusters is an all-round family favourite movie first released in the 80s, and have since then made more modern movies of this classic Halloween watch. 

ghostbusters costumes


‘It’s me, Chucky, let’s play!’

You may well remember the times where you bought a cute, innocent doll for your child to play with, or maybe even Barbie or Ken. It’s time to turn up the scare factor this Halloween, where your little boy or girl will transform into the most feared doll of all time, Chucky. He’s anything but sweet, and terrorises all that hurt him. Call all the other parents to warn their kids, as your precious little one is out for revenge!

Kids Chucky Costumes


Witches and wizards

The next kids Halloween costume idea on our list is another classic, witches and wizards. Witches in particular are probably the most popular character of all for girls. When we think of these two characters, we immediately think of the all-round family favourite film, Harry Potter. Full of talented witches and wizards and some very dark and untrustworthy ones too, your kids will be practicing their favourite spells and whoever’s unlucky will fall under their spell! Let’s just hope they don’t end up blowing anyone up, or even worse, cursing any irreversible spells! Witch and wizard costumes come in all shapes and sizes, from cackling, dark and crazy to good witches and heroic sorcerers.


Witches and Wizards


Space-faring Aliens

Out in the world of the unknown lives very mysterious creatures that people only ever wonder about. Aliens are intriguing beings, mainly because of curiosity, and whether in fact there is life on other planets. Your child can transform into an alien for Halloween and practice their slow walk and unearthly voice. No-one really knows what aliens look like, but if they look anything like these cool costumes, planet Earth is in for a surprise!

Alien Costumes


Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a Halloween theme that’s popular amongst adults, but also for family parties. Dress the whole family as a Sugar-Skull crew of the living dead! To celebrate those who’ve passed away, Day of the Dead is a colourful and vibrant celebration in Mexico, that takes place every year. So, if your kids are wanting to learn more about other cultures (and look skullicious at the same time) then Day of the Dead costumes are the way to go.

Day of the dead costumes


Clowning around

Move over circus clowns, as there's a new type of evil that's about to enter the spooky world this Halloween. Clowns are great characters to dress up as for October 31st, and are always popular amongst the younger kids. If they want a simple costume ideas that's fun, creative and above all, scary, clowns are the right choice for them!

kids clown costumes

Velociraptor Dinosaur

If your child is a Jurassic Park fanatic, then they’re sure going to love this velociraptor costume. It makes a fantastic kid’s costume for Halloween, especially when they go trick or treating. Have you ever seen a dinosaur wandering your local streets? He isn’t one for sharing his treats that he picks up along the way, as he has a massive appetite!

Kids Velociraptor Blue


Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! We all know what happens when we repeat those three words. He’s the scary, oh so hairy and slightly eccentric ghost that helps a family gain back their beloved family home. He’s known for his black and white pinstriped suit and rotten teeth. He also makes a great character for your kids to dress up as for Halloween. The question is, will they be able to scare off others and get their house back too?

Child Beetlejuice Girl Costume

Disney characters

When we first think of Halloween, we think of dressing as some freakishly scary characters and all of the spooky character classics. But it’s not always the case, especially if you have young children, who may be frightened of certain characters. Disney characters are loved by all ages and whilst they can be worn for other occasions, they make the perfect kids costume for Halloween too. Turn your little girl into the devilish lady who hates Dalmatians, or if your child likes to consider himself a superhero, then he can save the day as Mr Incredible!

disney costumes

Star wars characters

Is your child a Star Wars fanatic? Do they aspire to rise against the empire once and for all and save Princess Leia along the way? Star Wars is a favourite amongst all and especially for Halloween. They can even team up with their friends – but who will join the Jedi, and who will fight for Darth Vader?

Kids Star Wars Costumes


The next kids Halloween costume idea on our list is perfect in its own right for this time of the year. It’s time to get down on our knees and scrub the decks squeaky clean, before you’re made to walk the plank. Pirates are the seafaring scoundrels from story books, cartoons and notably, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Pirate costume come in all shapes and sizes for Halloween and there’s plenty of options for your boy or girl. It’s all about the accessories too! So stock up on cutlass swords, eye patch and bandanas to complete the scallywag look.

Kids Pirate Costumes

Wandering Werewolves

We can never really fully trust humans, especially on the eve of a full moon. You may think someone is kind, innocent and well, normal, but everything can change in an instant as they transform into a werewolf. No matter what you say to them, they’re out to attack, so it’s time to lock your doors at night on October 31st! If your child is looking to unleash their wild side on Halloween, you can treat them to a cool werewolf costume. They’re slightly less terrifying than the real thing.

Kids Werewolf Costumes

Shining twin

Even if your Halloween outfit doesn’t consist of a scary mask and some outrageous makeup, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to cause hearts to race on Halloween. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make you sleep with the light on at night. Transform your little girl into one of the creepy Grady sisters from the horror movie, The Shining. She can even team up with her friend from school or sister, and together, they can be The Shining twin sisters. Cause double the terror!

‘Danny, come and play with us!’

Kids Shining Twin Costume

Grim Reaper

Another one of our best kids Halloween costumes every year is the Grim Reaper. It’s a classic character to dress up as for Halloween and one that may be slightly too scary for young kids, but the older ones will love it. As the bringer of death and sucker of souls, they’ll be able terrorise their friends and go unnoticed under their mask.  

Kids Howling Ghost Halloween Costume

Toxic Cheerleader

‘5,6,7,8 go team!’

Has your girl ever wanted to join the school cheerleading team? If she didn’t make it and wants to seek revenge on those who took her place, then now is her chance. It’s time to say hello to the toxic cheerleader. She may not be alive, but she still has the moves and can out-dance her teammates! 

girls toxic cheerleader halloween costume

Scary Scarecrow

The final costume on our list of the best kids Halloween costumes is the guy who protects your fruits, vegetables and flowers from getting destroyed. They may be made from straw, but scarecrows are exactly what they say in their name – scary! Especially this one! So parents, if you’re having no luck in saving your beloved produce, then you can get your child to dress up as a sinister scarecrow this Halloween.

kids wizard of oz scarecrow costume

So there you have it, our list of the best kids Halloween costumes of 2023. We hope you found some inspiration for your children this Halloween and found something they’ll adore. If not, then why not have a browse at our other kids costumes here? 😊

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