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It’s time to let the ghoul times roll with your friends and family on October 31st and show off your best costume. We’re talking about sassy, cool and sexy women’s Halloween costumes. Whether you’re looking for a Halloween classic and want to look like one of the sisters from Hocus Pocus, or the mischievous character from DC comics, Harley Quinn. Maybe you want as many beetles as you can as Beetlejuice. We’ve handpicked the some of the best women’s Halloween costumes for 2024 to help inspire you. Check them out below!


Day of the Dead Dress

We’re starting off our list with a lot of colour and a sprinkle of floral. Day of the Dead, otherwise known as Día de los Muertos is a celebration of our lost relatives and ancestors. It’s an event that’s widely celebrated in Mexico but is now popular worldwide as a Halloween theme. Strut your stuff and rattle some bones on the dance floor in this spooky Day of the dead dress. You’ll need a steady hand to paint your face though! It’s a women’s Halloween costume idea that’s getting increasingly popular every year!

Womens Day of The Dead Dress

Cruella de Vil

One of the most recognised villains on the Disney scene is the notoriously evil, Cruella de Vil. Alongside her two partners in crime and alliances, Horrace and Jasper, they work together to steal all the adorable little puppies. Is anyone after a new coat? She's so wicked, yet remains sassy and classy at the same time. What a wonderful character idea for Halloween! 

adult disney villains cruella costume


80s Bride

Do you want to re-live the best day of your life? Well, you might not be able to dress as a beautiful bride as you once did, but an 80s bride is the next best thing! If you’re a little bit on the rebellious side and have always wanted to break the rules, this costume speaks for itself! It may not be your traditionally spine-tingling scary costume for Halloween, but you can always add a little spook to your look with some bloody stains.

Womens 80s Bride Costume

The Mad Hatter

Who's the maddest character of them all? It's Mad Hatter of course. There isn't any as quite as eccentric and crazy as this iconic character from Alice in Wonderland. A true lover of tea parties and a great host, you'll always feel welcomed and will enjoy a tea and some delicious cake. Let's hope you don't send Alice back down that rabbit hole with your madness! 

womens classic mad hatter costume

Psycho Jester

Clowns have without a doubt taken the scary scene by storm and they are beyond popular for Halloween. Clowns are featured in horror movies such as Chucky: Child’s Play. There’s also Pennywise from the hit movie IT and DC Comics supervillain, The Joker. Looking cute and sexy was so yesterday anyway, so swap the bodycon for the jester and be on a mission to scare others to death! We can see why it made our list of the best women’s costumes for Halloween!

Womens Psycho Jester Costume

Sexy Halloween Vampire

Now we’re moving to the dark side. We’re talking about long sharp teeth and black capes. Yes, you guessed it – vampires! Vampires come in all different shapes and sizes, but they don’t always need to be the blood-sucking haunted creatures that they’re made out to be on TV. Transform yourself into a sexy vampire in red, but be sure to keep your game face on to let others know that you can’t be messed with!  

Deluxe Halloween Vampire Costume

A full Moon surprise

Night fall is upon us, the sky is turning darker and the moon is about to become full on Halloween eve. Be afraid, be very afraid as she wolf is going to shake up the town this October. Don't underestimate her sassiness and good looks, as she's just as tough, if not tougher than a werewolf! Claws at the ready, as it's pouncing season!


adult she wolf costume

Wednesday Addams

We’re throwing it back to the 90’s, where the creepy and slightly disturbing family who live and breathe darkness came to live. We’re talking about the Addams Family of course. Wednesday Addams is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia. Every classmate is scared of her (I mean, can we blame them?) and she is renowned for her pigtails. You can team up with your friends, who can also dress as Wednesday or even as her mum, Morticia. Give us your best blank stare…

Womens Wednesday Addams Costume


Morticia Addams

Mother of Wednesday, wife of Gomez and all-round queen of the vampires, is Morticia Addams. We always wonder how someone so spooky can look so sexy at the same time, as she glides across the room. Transform yourself into this suave and sophisticated character in this lacey black number. If you want to give others a fright, add some blood on the side of your lip… they’ll be sorry!

womens macabre mistress costume


Cousin Itt

Moving on to the last member of The Addams Family is the hairy, and oh so charming Cousin Itt. He may look a bit wild and kookie, but you sure don’t want to get on the wrong side of him! Turn into the furry character from The Addams Family. It makes a great disguise and the perfect costume for the start of the winter months. Gotta keep warm!

Deluxe Cousin Itt Costume


Harley Quinn

Hands up if you consider yourself a badass? If you’re into mischief and getting up to no good, then rocking up to the party in bright blue and red colours is the way go to! Harley Quinn is a sassy character from DC comics and loves to stir the pot. Villains are great characters to dress up as for Halloween, so team up with your partner as The Joker, or run the show solo. Either way, you’ll soon find a victim to manipulate!

Womens Harley Quinn Costume


Ladies Bloody Bride

For those of you who fancy re-living your wedding day and want to head out to your next Halloween party with your husband, then our bloody bride costume idea is where it’s at. Based on the classic 1976 horror film, The Bride, you can re-create a similar look. Just gather some of your bridesmaids and a haunted vicar, then you’re all set!

Ladies Bloody Bride Costume

Skeleton Halloween dress

So, you’ve been waiting all year long to dress up in a cool women’s outfit for Halloween and show off those dance moves that you’ve been working on. The time has come to rattle some bones on October 31st. Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary all the time. Every woman loves a little black dress and even though it may not be in the style of an LBD, it still shows off your curves in all the right places.

womens simple skeleton costume

Slinky Pet

You may be thinking, ‘how is a cute little sausage dog fitting’ for the spookiest day of the year? Some people just like to dress up as characters from their all-time favourite movies, and it so happens that their favourite animal is a sausage dog! Slinky is the cutest dog around. What’s even cuter is that you can team up with your sister, bro, friend or partner. It’s a couples costume with a difference and will give everyone a good laugh! And who knows when you shout ‘woof’ it may even scare people? This is a women’s Halloween fancy dress ideas that perfect for a duo.

Slinky Pet Costume


Voodoo Magic

Are you into freaky voodoo? Maybe you’ve always wanted to bring your dolls to life? You’ll need to keep an eye on your toys once they become possessed, as even the sweetest dolls, like Barbie can completely change. Become the master of voodoo and manipulate all of your friends as a creepy Voodoo Priestess. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can bring along your trusty snake companion.

Ladies Voodoo Magic Costume


Clueless Cher and Dionne

Are you sick and tired of wearing the same mundane school uniform? Fed up with tucking in your shirt and doing up your tie? Two of the most popular girls of the 90’s favourite, Clueless, know exactly how to fashion. They’re all about the checked prints! Strut your stuff as the most talked about girls, where others will have you saying ‘ugh, as if’ all night long. These girls don’t do things solo, so grab your best friend and dress up as the 90’s chicks, Cher and Dionne.

Cher and Dionne Costumes


Zombie Cheerleader

Cheerleading takes a lot of guts, as you’ll be thrown around all over the place. You’ll need to be good at black flips and front flips. If gymnastics isn’t your thing but you fancy pretending on Halloween, you can turn into a zombie cheerleader…The good news is that you won’t feel a thing if you do fall to the ground! Perfect the zombie cheerleader sway after a getting a little tipsy.

Zombie Cheerleader Costume


Tattooed Lady

Are you terrified of getting a tattoo, but have always wondered what it’d be like to have one, two, three or maybe more? Don’t worry, as you can swap the needle for our Tattooed Lady costume, where your arms and legs will be completely covered with tattoos. Not only will you look like you’ve just stepped out of a tattoo parlour, but also from a scene of The Greatest Showman movie!

Womens Tattooed Lady Costume


Wicked Witches

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble. Witches are without a doubt one of the most popular characters to dress up as for Halloween; they’re wicked, they’re cunning and absolutely love to cast spells on others! If you don’t fancy transforming into a conventional hag, then our witch costumes will sure give others something to think about. Team up with your friends and have others saying ‘witch witch is witch!’ It’s a women’s Halloween costume idea that doesn’t get old.

Witch costume ideas for Hallloween


Dark Alice in Wonderland

We all remember the tale of the sweet, innocent girl who met some very peculiar friends during her visit to Wonderland. Take a 360 degree turn to the dark side on Halloween to become Alice’s evil twin, dark Alice. She’s not even scared of the Queen of Hearts, as she can do worse things to her than chop off her head! It makes the perfect women’s Halloween costume for a fantasy party – and you can team up with friends too, as other dark characters from the Disney classic. 

Adult Dark Alice Halloween Costume



We all know what happens when you repeat a certain three words, but be careful, as it could cause more havoc than good! Beetlejuice is the slightly disgusting, yet intriguing character from the Halloween classic movie from the 80’s. He’s known for his black and white outfits and his unbrushed hair. You can take on the messy, unkept look and become the more presentable female version of Beetlejuice this Halloween! It’s a women’s Halloween costume idea that everyone will recognise, and it’s sexy too! 

Womens Sexy Beetlejuice Costume


Chucky Chick

We were born and raised to think that all dolls were cute. We enjoyed spending all day doing up their hair and dressing them up in nice clothes. Unfortunately, not all dolls are as good as gold, especially when toys like Chucky are in town. From the original film, Childs Play, Chucky plays a serial killer doll who’s out for revenge. Everyone will be running away from you on All Hallows Eve!

Womens Chucky Costume


So there you have it, our list of the best women’s Halloween costumes for 2024! We hope you found some inspiration for October 31st and if you couldn’t find what you’re looking for in the list above, be sure to check out the rest of our women’s Halloween costumes in our store here

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