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Welcome to our carnival fancy dress guide! For those of you that are looking for an excuse to dress up in the most outrageous outfits, without anyone even batting an eyelid, then there’s only one word for you… carnival! Carnival is hugely celebrated throughout Europe, taking place during the months of February and March. There are also wider carnivals celebrated across the planet, from New Orleans to Rio.

Are you ready to dress up for this fabulous annual occasion? Become a 1920s flapper girl as you dazzle the crowd with your elegance, or take to the centre stage as the female version of Zac Efron as a Ring Mistress. Keep reading for our top 20 carnival fancy dress costumes. Let’s go!


Caution: Slippery when wet

We’re kicking off the first costume on our list with a slightly slippery one. We don’t want any accidents happening during carnival (in more than one sense), so it’s always good to have warning signs on the floor to avoid any mishaps. Oops! This funny carnival costume idea with go down a storm with party go-ers!

Wet floor sign costumeLife’s a circus

Are you obsessed with the film featuring the one and only Zac Efron, ‘The Greatest Showman?’ Well, you can become the sex bomb himself. But don’t worry, you won’t be walking any tight ropes any time soon, as you watch other performers high up in the sky. Don’t be getting any jelly-legs now! Check out this female version of The Greatest Showman ring leader.

Womens Ring Mistress Costume 

Red light, green light

There’s no wonder as to why these costumes are on our list of ultimate carnival ideas. The Netflix hit sensation; Squid Game has made millions of viewers around the world hooked on this thrilling series. Players better watch out, otherwise we all know what happens when you fail…’player 38, eliminated.’ This is right on trend for carnival!

Mexican sensation

Sizzle up a Mexican storm as you shake what your momma gave you at carnival – yes, we’re talking about those maracas! Add a bit of culture from afar this Carnival season and maybe bring along another side to you…

Mens Mexican Mariachi Costume

Flapper girls

There’s nothing more classy and glamorous than a 1920s flapper girl. They’re full of sass and know how to dazzle all the men – twenties style. Why not head into the carnival party with an authentic twist and show them how a real flapper girl dances?

Flapper girls


80s diva

The next costume on our carnival fancy dress ideas guide is the 80’s diva queen. She loves to accessorise her basic outfit with all the colours of the rainbow. There’s no such thing as too much colour, so go wild, it’s carnival after all! The 1980’s was a decade of dance, so bring it back this carnival.

Womens I love the 80s dress

Down it!

Not that people need reminding to have a drink during carnival, but it’s always good to give them a real-life memo, just in case. Have a pint with your chums and say ‘cheers’, especially for those who are giving up alcohol for lent…

Adult pint of draught beer 

Howdy partner

It’s time to grab a partner, pop on your cowboy boots and say ‘yee-haa’ as you’re stepping back in time as the one and only, Dolly Parton. The only thing you’re missing is a horse, then you’re all set! This male interpretation of the famous country singer will have fellow carnival goers in stitches of laughter.

Mens queen of country costume 

Nintendo heroes

For all you 80’s and 90’s kids out there, you’ll all remember the legendary games you used to play for hours on end. We’re talking about the one and only Italian stallion, Super Mario. He’s a true hero and does all he can to save Princess Peach. Just watch out for those final bosses! This is a classic carnival costume idea that everyone will recognise in an instant. It’s also great for groups!

Super mario costume



Colour me in

Who knows the name of the world’s most recognisable crayon brand? We all loved a good colour-in as a kid and now is your chance to do it again. Crayons blend perfectly and have such a range of different colours. Gather your friends this Carnival and create your own rainbow together!

crayon costumes

Pesky pigeon

Pigeons are a lovers of leftovers and never seem to be frightened of you; they’re also in every single town and city! Everyone that attends Carnival this year better be prepared to have their food stolen off you as you transform into an oversized pigeon. Quick, practice your best bird impression!

Adult Pigeon Animal Costume 

Pure princess

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ She’s pure, innocent and caring …which is exactly why the Evil Queen wants to destroy her. Just make sure you don’t accept anything from strangers, especially not a shiny, red apple. Snow White is another carnival fancy dress classic that’s popular every year.

Womens Classic Snow White Costume

Space cadets

Have you ever wondered what life is out there? You might not be able to make it into space just quite yet, but you can always pretend. Team up with your trusty partner and feel the force of gravity pushing you down. Astronauts are a big costume choice for any festival, especially carnival.

Astronaut costumes


Hand sanitizer

The next costume on our carnival fancy dress ideas guide is no other than the saviour of 2020 and 2021… the hand sanitizer. Wash away all those nasty germs and have clean hands again. Just for heaven’s sake, please don’t put your hands in your mouth!

unisex funny hand sanitizer costume


All the way to the floor

If you’re looking to add a couple of years to your age, just for carnival, then look no further. Head straight to the lingo competition and you’ll be able to win it boobs down, without even having to try. You’ll have others rolling on the floor laughing this party season.

Adult groping granny costume

You can not pass

To ensure that everyone’s on their best behaviour during Carnival, you’ll need to make sure that they are following the rules. Mark down your spot so that no one crosses the line. They might even get a little fright, as they’ve never seen a talking cone before. Carnival has plenty of street parties, making this the perfect costume for the occasion.

mens road cone costume 

“I want to break free”

Sing to your hearts content whilst you rock up to carnival looking like a hot mess. Freddie Mercury will always remain an absolute legend, and whilst he’ll be hard to beat, you can still try. Just be sure not to flex too hard as you might end up really, breaking free.

mens freddie mercury break free costume 

Jump around

It might seem a bit random dressing as the slimy green creature found in ponds, but anything goes at Carnival. Leap into carnival preferably without any stickiness or slime, and remember, other people at Carnival are not food, so put your tongue away! This is a random carnival fancy dress that your friends will love.

adult frog costume

Stop Morphin’ around

We’re almost at the end of our list of our favourite fancy dress costumes for carnival, but not without a couple more cool ideas. Morphsuits or ‘Second Skins’ are a top carnival costume at every single event. They’re colourful (check), easy (check) and wacky (check). Just be sure to wear a tight pair of underpants…

morphsuit costumes

To the dark side

We’re heading to a dark, dark place for our last costume. She’s powerful, she’s strong and oh so cunning, so you better watch out. If anyone gets up to any nonsense at Carnival, she’ll be the first to zap you out. You’ve been warned. Fairy-tale princesses was so ‘last year’s Carnival’ anyway…

womens dark sorceress costume 

So, that’s it for another year! We hope you enjoyed reading through our top 20 carnival costume ideas. If you weren’t able to find a costume, then be sure to check out our full range of carnival fancy dress here, for 100’s more ideas. 

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