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Welcome to our fun and festive blog post, where you’ll find some of the best funny Christmas costume ideas you’ve ever seen. Do you consider yourself as a bit of a joker? Do you love to make your friends and family roll on the floor in hysterics? If the answer’s yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to say bye-bye to the traditional Christmas outfits, like Santa Claus and Santa’s Little Helpers, and say hello to more comical costumes. From inflatable turkeys to giant baubles and even a Rudolph mankini, we’ve got all the funny Christmas costumes under the sun. Read on for some hilarious and slightly crazy festive costume ideas. 😊


Penguin Costume

We’re starting off our list of funny Christmas costumes with possibly one of the cutest mammals around. They adore cold climates and love to slide on the ice. When we think of Christmas, we think of penguins, and there’s a reason for it! You better get practicing and mastering that penguin waddle. You’ll look flipping fantastic as a penguin…but be sure not to bring the freezing cold weather with you!

Adult Penguin Animal Costume 

Christmas Pudding Costume

Tis the season to eat Christmas pudding, fa la la la la, la la la la! After several helpings of Christmas dinner, it’s hard to bear the thought of eating anything else, but who can say no to a good Christmas pudding with custard? You’ll be rolling on the floor in the evening, so why not roll in style dressed as a Christmas pudding?

Adult Christmas pudding costume 

Inflatable Christmas Turkey Costume

Have you bought your turkey, ready for Christmas day? They’re succulent, they’re juicy, and pair great with some stuffing. Why not add a new spin on the shop-bought turkey and surprise everyone at your Christmas party or family dinner, dressed as a turkey on legs? Let’s hope they’re quick! If you escape, there won’t be any turkey for Christmas! This is a top funny Christmas costume idea for lunch with the family.

 Adult Inflatable Christmas Roast turkey costume

The Big Carrot

All of Santa’s reindeers are put hard to work on Christmas eve and they end up burning a lot of calories. As a treat for them, we encourage children to put down a carrot or two by the fireplace, for Santa to pass it on. Carrots also go great with a Christmas lunch, especially when they’re nice and sweet! Dress as this tasty reindeer treat and you’ll go down a storm at the local Christmas fair.

Adult the big carrot costume 

Super Reindeer Costume

Santa’s going to need an extra helping hand this year, as there’s more presents to be delivered on Christmas eve. Whilst Rudolph is extremely reliable and trustworthy, we’ve brought in back up this year, in the form of Super Reindeer. He’s faster than the speed of light when you feed him a carrot! He makes a great funny Christmas costume idea for those that want to impress the kids or make a grand entrance at the work party.

adult red nosed reindeer costume


Santa Piggyback Costume

The next funny Christmas costume on our list is absolutely hilarious and fun for the person wearing it, but for others as well. Ride on Santa this Christmas and see Christmas from his point of view. It’s not the most ideal costume for a sit-down meal, but perfect for a Christmas party. Ho, ho, ho!

Piggyback santa costume

Christmas Cracker Costume

Christmas crackers come in many variations and are a must to accompany Christmas dinner. We hope you’ve been hitting up the gym recently, as you’re going to need some strength to beat your opponent and win…. something pretty useless! Either way, you can dress up as a snazzy Christmas cracker this year!

adult Christmas cracker costume

Unisex Elf Costume

Where would Santa be without his little helpers? They can be a little bit on the naughty side, but they sure know how to wrap up presents beautifully! For those of you that are fans of the festive classic movie, Elf, you too can transform into the friendly character.

Unisex elf costumeSlade Noddy Holder Costume

‘Merry Christmas, everyone!’ Calling all you rockstars out there who loved the days where checked print flares and platforms were a thing. It’s time to grab the mic and electric guitar and play some tunes at your Christmas party. How good is your Brummie accent, by the way?

mens slade noddy holder costume


Christmas Bauble

No Christmas tree would be complete without a few decorations, would it? They give your green friend a bit of life and a touch of sparkle every year. Baubles come in many different shapes and sizes, so why not go in with a bang this festive season? You yourself will become the biggest bauble decoration the tree has ever seen!

adult bauble christmas costume 

Roast Turkey Costume

The real reason why turkey is the best food item on our plates at Christmas is because it’s so succulent and juicy. You can’t beat that thin later of crispy skin! It can be quite tough to master the perfect turkey, so why not play it safe for your family and just dress up as the moist little fellow? This funny Christmas costume will have everyone licking their lips as they wait for Christmas lunch.

adult roast turkey costume

Reindeer Novelty Mascot

What would Father Christmas do without his trusted companions? They guide his sleigh and without them, he wouldn’t be able to get from house to house in time for Christmas Day. One of the reindeers has gone on the run this year though (maybe to grab all those carrots, before the other reindeers eat them), so if you find this cheeky little reindeer, you best let Santa know.

adult cuddly reindeer costume


Penguin Hoopster Costume

Next on our list of funny Christmas costume ideas is our waddling friend who loves the cold. It’s time to p-p-p-p-p-pick up a penguin and take centre stage. We’ve never seen a hoopster penguin before, but this costume will surely bring barrels of laughs at the Christmas party.

adult penguin hoopster costume 

Santa Hat Costume

If there was only one Christmas accessory you had to pick, it would have to be a Santa’s hat. This time, it’s not just going over your head, it’s going over your whole body! You’ll have the jazziest outfit around… and will even make Santa Claus envious of your outfit!

adult giant santa hat costume

Christmas Mankini Costume

Listen up, gents! If you have the balls to wear this costume in the freezing cold, then hats off to you! Become a sexy Santa this festive season and reveal what's underneath your big and bulky Santa's outfit! This funny Christmas fancy dress idea is ideal for a festive night out on the town.

 red borat mankini thong swimsuit

Giant Christmas Tree Costume

The final outfit on our funny Christmas costume ideas list is a cracker! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree, would it? Whilst they can look spectacular with all the lights, baubles, tinsel and anything else you want to put on them, it can be quite time consuming to decorate. Why not become the Christmas tree this year and avoid the hassle?

adult inflatable christmas tree costume

We hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide for funny Christmas costume ideas. You’ll be guaranteed to have your friends and family on the floor with a stitch, or two! If you couldn’t find any costume to suit your needs, then head on over to our shop area for our full collection of funny Christmas fancy dress. Have a wonderful Christmas and make it one to remember!


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